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Коды (cheats) к игре » Remothered: Tormented Fathers

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Коды (cheats) к игре Remothered: Tormented Fathers

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Коды (cheats) к игре Remothered: Tormented Fathers

Cheat Codes:
Spoiler-Free Walkthrough:
Written by Van Fanel

Basic game walkthrough for the current Early Access version of the game.

You will most likely miss some collectibles if you don't explore on your
own, this guide is just to make your quest a little easier when it comes
to finding the items you need to progress.

Once the game begins proper inside the mansion you can explore a little,
gather some items while you can.
Get to the second floor and follow the music at the end of the hallway
to the bedroom.
After a cutscene you will have to hide and watch Mr. Felton for a while,
before leaving enter the bathroom, grab a key and inspect the bathtub.
There is a mirror very close in the hallway.
Go to the entrance on the first floor if you can.
Use key to access the clock hallway.
Explore the kitchen, get the plunger, the oven handle is a little high on
a shelf, use the chair next to it.
Get the film reel from the oven, you will have to do a QTE.
Go to the dining room, there is a document on the table, examine it.
A chandelier will fall alerting Mr. Felton, inspect the chandelier to get
the cable.
Go back to the bathroom and unclog the bathtub, get to the basement, use
the cable on the grate, go back up next to the bedroom and activate the
lift, then the lights will go off.
Go near the entrance and turn the lights back on.
Get to the basement and grab the clock key.
Back on the clock hallway use the clock key on the pendulum clock to open
the compartment on the bottom, after a QTE pick the battery.
Go to the library, use the film reel and the battery on the projector, a
cutscene will play.
Avoid the Nun and try to reach the fireplace near the end of the second floor
corridor until a brief scene plays, then get back, you'll need to gain access
to the attic.
Back to exploring the bedroom, a cutscene will play and items will drop from
the shelves, pick up the umbrella.
Use the umbrella to reach the attic.
Everything is pretty straightfowrard in the attic, a cutscene will play and
you will be with Celeste at the hall, grab the batteries next to her chair
and escape, the door at her right leads to the clock hallway, there is a
mirror nearby, you can save before taking the batteries.
Go to the basement and use the batteries on the staircase panel, grab the
oil can.
Get to the second floor and inspect the fireplace, use the oil can on the
cart, inspect the wall and then the statue.
Turn on your light if necessary, after checking the room you will notice a
weird sound, re-check the drawers until you can inspect them further, you'll
get a record player.
After a cutscene you will have to smash all mirrors, there are infinite
bricks near the hole on the wall.
Once all mirrors are shattered and the "danger" has gone you'll be able to
examine the closet.
The end... for now.

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