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Коды (cheats) к игре » Pirates of the Polygon Sea

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Коды (cheats) к игре Pirates of the Polygon Sea

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Коды (cheats) к игре Pirates of the Polygon Sea

Cheat Codes:
Getting More Resources:
1.Building resource gatherers on your island.
This is a very sustainable way of making gold. If you look at your island you will
notice different icons representing different resources. You can place buildings
that gather resources on these. For example, the icon showing a pile of black dust
is a gunpowder icon. You can place a Gunpowder Manufacturer here, which produces a
small amount of gunpowder and places it in your town storage. You can also upgrade
your Gunpowder Manufacturer to produce more gunpowder. You can also place more than
one of each resource gatherer if there’s more than one of the same icon.

2.Colonising islands.
This is another great way of getting resources. In your travels around the Mythic
Isles, you may encounter deserted islands. If you sail a bit closer to them, an icon
will show depicting a resource. These islands act similarly to resource gatherers
you place on your island. They cost 3,000 gold, 6 workers, 20 wood, 20 stone and 20
gunpowder to colonise. There are roughly 15 deserted islands dotted around the map,
meaning if you want to colonise them all you will need the following:

45,000 gold
90 workers
300 wood
300 stone
300 gunpowder

This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind you don’t have to carry all of these
resources on your ship, they can be in your town storage. Also, you don’t need to
colonise every island at once, you can take your time and colonise what you can afford.

This way is much less sustainable and reliable than the other two, but it can help
you if you need a small amount of money in a short amount of time. This is also a
very simple way, as you only need to turn on your pirate sails and sink some ships.
Target "Treasure Fleet" ships over other boats, as they give you cargo and also
roughly 1k gold. It’s a better idea to do this near your own island as you can quickly
sell any cargo you pick up before more ships attack you.
After your piracy spree, there are three ways to get rid of that pesky bounty.

* Keep going until you die. This is better when you have a lower level ship as they
cost virtually nothing to replace. Keep in mind you drop any cargo you have on you
when you die, which is another good reason to do this near your own island as it’s
easier to retrieve when you respawn.
* Keep running until your bounty disappears. This one takes longer depending on your
bounty. Just keep sailing away from your enemies and don’t attack anyone. Your bounty
only goes up if you damage an enemy, meaning if you don’t attack anyone for a while
your bounty will go away. Remember there can’t be any enemies onscreen when you try
to change your sails.
* Using the Shipwright. This one seems to be a bug and it may be patched in the future,
but for now it works. If you have a Shipwright and own more than one ship, simply
change to another ship and then back again. For some reason, this completely removes
your bounty and allows you to keep all of your cargo.

Miscellaneous Tips:
* Always keep your Fort upgraded and build plenty of Warehouses to keep all of your
* Fort upgrades also up your maximum building limit with a peak of 32 buildings. This
is helpful with building enough houses to upgrade buildings and colonised islands.
* Upgrading resource gatherers and islands is important as it adds to the number of
resources you generate.
* Try to sink as little as possible with higher level ships as they cost a ton of money
to replace, with top tier ships costing 16,000 gold. This can hit your wallet pretty
hard and you should run from any enemies you’re having trouble with.
* Remember, even if you die, you can always retrieve the barrel of cargo you dropped
wherever you died, so you can at least salvage that.

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