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Коды (cheats) к игре » Pokemon Deluge

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Коды (cheats) к игре Pokemon Deluge

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Коды (cheats) к игре Pokemon Deluge

Cheat Codes:
Update by: blitzboy01
Strongest Attacks:
These are the strongest attacks for each pokemon type.

Unlockable How
Bug Type - Megahorn
Dark Type - Sucker Punch, Crunch, Dark Pulse
Dragon Type - Roar of Time
Electric Type - Thunder, Volt Tackle, Zap Cannon
Fight Type - Focus Punch
Fire Type - Blast Burn, Eruption
Flying Type - Sky Attack
Ghost Type - Shadow Force
Ice Type - Blizzard, Sheer Cold
Normal Type - Explosion, Giga Impact
Poison Type - Gunk Shot
Psychic Type - Psycho Boost
Rock Type - Head Smash, Rock Wreecker
Steel Type - Doom Desire
Water Type - Hydro Cannon, Water Spout.
Grass Type - Frenzy Plant

Look if you want a misprit:
First, go to map 2. Then, walk up to the left part on left stairs.
Go strait down under 2 steps of the grass.Then you will find a misprit!

Easy level up/Money:
-=This is how it works=-
1) Have 1 pokemon that is lvl 80-100 like Registeel
2) the rest are weak level 1-50
3) Battle Gary(or other strong gym/elites)
4) when in battle let the lowest atk first to strongest pokemon atks last like
1st-5th lvl 1-50 6th and last attacker lvl 80-100
5) When you win the exp would be 1200-4000ex p(instant level up)

And the money would be 3000-6000 there you have it!

Money +++:
Battle all gym Finsh all
By the first time use turtig
level it to 25 then fight low gyms
then when it turn to level 100
change skill to Frenzy Plant quadratic

tame Metallic rock pokemon
like mEtallic geodude
same level the skill
change skill to rOck wrecker]
level the turtwig anf geodude to level 100
then fight all gym
You will be powerful Enough to defeat them
if you can't that mean your a weakling

Pokemon in wrong terrains:
Ok so say you want to get something like magbay or something but for some stupid
reason you dont wana switch maps. all you do is goto the dropdown menu for maps
find the one that has the poke you want (in this case map10) left click press open
in new tab move about three steps on that map then go back to the other tab and move
presto you can now temerarily catch fire pokes in the ocean. (after you catch a poke
it will switch back to map that pokes saposed to be on) ps. it is only temperary if
you switch maps you will have to do it over again. p.s.s it is a litl ehard to move
because there will be invisible walls and things but still.

catch 4 water pokemon and 1 rock pokemon and 1electric pokemon then battle brock at
the gym then use you water type pokemon then you will win all rock gyms if not your
weak!! thank you for reading this.

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