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Коды (cheats) к игре » Fifa 11

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Коды (cheats) к игре Fifa 11

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Коды (cheats) к игре Fifa 11

Cheat Codes:
Also known as: "FIFA Soccer 11"

Raising income in Manager mode:
Hello there people. For those playing manager mode and who wants more cash.
Install this:

Then Go into /FIFA 11/Game/Career.ini

Find these lines:

I set mine to:

Also set the ticket sales in game to medium. Gives me about 10 million pounds
per home game.

I tried 999.99 and it crashed me in a cup match, but it gave me 20 million
pounds for a few matches. 99.99 gives about 1-2 million pounds for me.

Enjoy! Originally posted by "KlosterKatten"

When playing , to get the ball go near the player who is having the ball and Press
"S" the opposite player may fall and you get the ball. you can also Press "S" when
the ball is coming to you. Press "S" when the ball is in the air but not too far
from you. You hit like a cycle kick. Press "S" with the arrow key to hit the ball
in the direction you want.

All Achievements+Serect Achievement:
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Aerial Threat (10 points) : Score a header with a player with the Aerial Threat Speciality.
Against the Odds (10 points) : Win a Head to Head Ranked Match using a weaker team.
All My Own Work (10 points) : Win a Match with Manual Controls (auto-switching must be set
to 'Manual').
Always Friendly (10 points) : Cross for a Friend to score.
Anything in Particular? (5 points): Visit the FIFA 11 Store.
Around the World (25 points) : Play a match with a team from every league.
Back of the Net (5 points) : Score 5 goals in one Arena kick-about.
Club Glory (25 points) : Win the Cup as part of an online Pro Club.
Crosser (10 points) : Create a goal with a cross with a player with the Crossing
Distance Shooter (10 points) : Score from outside the box with a player with the Distance
Shooter Speciality.
Eat My Goal (5 points) : Upload a Video to EA SPORTS Football World.
Established Keeper (50 points) : Play a season as a Goalkeeper in Career Mode.
Experimental (15 points) : Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches with different
First Time Out (10 points) : Win an online Friends League match.
Folklore (25 points) : Become a Legend as a player in Career Mode.
Founding Member (25 points) : Include a Creation Centre Team in a Kick-Off match.
Good Form (20 points) : Play 5 consecutive Head to Head Ranked Matches without losing.
Home & Away (50 points) : Play & win in every Stadium.
Home Maker (5 points) : Change the Home Stadium of any team.
Hundred & Counting (100 points) : Play 100 Head to Head Ranked Matches.
In for the Win (10 points) : Take a Head to Head Ranked Match to extra time with a weaker
In the Game (5 points) : Create a Virtual Pro.
It's in the Blood! (25 points) : Go from being a Player to the Manager (or Player Manager) in
Career Mode.
Look at me! (25 points) : Download your Game Face from EA SPORTS Football World.
Mastermind (10 points) : Have a substitute score a goal in Career Mode.
New Choons (10 points) : Import your own sounds into the game using the Custom Music &
Chants feature.
Once in a lifetime (10 points) : Score as the Goalkeeper in any match.
One Club Man (50 points) : Play 50 matches for the same online Pro Club.
One to Remember (5 points) : Save a highlight to the Replay Theatre.
Perfect Keeping (15 points) : Play as the Goalkeeper in a Kick-Off match & finish with 100%
Saving Accuracy.
Picture Perfect (5 points) : Upload a Screenshot to EA SPORTS Football World.
Playmaker (10 points) : Create a goal with a player with the Playmaker Speciality.
Poacher (10 points) : Score from inside the box with a player with the Poacher
Record Holder (25 points) : Get your name on any Career Mode Leaderboard.
Rising Talent (25 points) : Complete 100 Accomplishments with your Virtual Pro.
Safe Hands (10 points) : Play any match as the Goalkeeper with no Assistance.
Team Training (10 points) : Play a Practice Match with your online Pro Club.
Training Time (5 points) : Work on your skills in any Arena Practice Mode.
Virtual Debut (25 points) : Play an online Pro Club or Pro Ranked match with your
Virtual Pro.
Virtual Football (25 points) : Play a Pro Clubs match as a team of 10 or more.
Virtual Legend (100 points) : Play 500 matches with your Virtual Pro.
Warming the Gloves (10 points) : Make 10 saves in 1 Arena kick-about.
Woodwork & In! (10 points) : Score off the post or cross bar in a match.
Good Week! (15 points) : Get yourself selected in the Team of the Week in Career Mode.
Great Month! (25 points) : Win the Manager of the Month award in Career Mode.

Secret Achievement:
Additionally, there is one secret achievement:
FIFA for Life (100 points): Spend 50 hours on the pitch.

Infinite money in Career mode & Easy arena accomplishments:
-==Infinite money in Career mode==-
* Select a team in Career mode. Purchase a player who is listed for loan. Sign the player,
then go to "Budget Allocation", and set the "Transfer Funds" to "Wage Budget" ratio 0:100.
This makes the money for transfer funds 0%. Go to "Sell Players", and terminate the loan of
the player you just signed. You should have more than $2 billion. Go to "Budget Allocation",
and change your wages funds percentage as desired (40:60 is recommended).

* During a transfer period, loan any player. Once he has signed, go into your budget allocation,
and put the entire budget into wages. Then, release the player instantly. Go back into your
budget allocation, and put the allocation level to 50:50. You should now have over 2 billion
for transfers and 46 million for wages.

-==Easy arena accomplishments==-
As a player, kick the ball away. Then, switch to the goalkeeper, and run as far away as
possible from the goal while the AI controls your player and runs to the ball. Switch back
to your Virtual Pro player, and shoot from a distance to get the accomplishment for shooting
from a distance of 32 yards. If you juggle the ball and volley, you will also get another
accomplishment. This trick also helps to get other accomplishments.

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