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Коды (cheats) к игре » Feudalism 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Feudalism 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Feudalism 2

Don't Be A Hero:
The first one in is the first one dead. If you are low on health potions don't
risk being in the middle of a swarm of enemies, stay to the outside and take
them out one at a time.

Magical Weapons:
Unlike the original, enemies no longer drop magic weapons; instead you can forge
your very own with runes you find in your journey. A magic weapon can really
save your day so forge as often as you can afford!

If u have enough money to buy a weapon of your choice buy like five or six then
go to the upgrade place and instead of buying one level at a time go up to ten
and buy it it may take some money but its very helpful.

Hey! The code that you press right when you do a new character is false! I found
a working cheat! IT WORKS! You go in a forge an put only a rune in the emlpacement.
then you go back and leave it return to the forge and the remaining
number of runes is doubled! If you're at 800 runes, when you'll come back, it will
be only 160. Don't panic! It's just because the last 0 is hidden.

WARNING!: You must have 3 runes of the same type because it double the REMAINING
number of runes. so if you have only 2, it will double only 1 and if you have 1,
you'll just lose it! mayby it's just a bug so don't kill yourself to make it run.

Capture the 6 capitals and challenge the town champion then after you challenge
you go to any village it will be yours soon.

Killing a horse is hard so make sure u dual wield with skills and have 2 wepons
that do at least 130 damage like the skull sword and use skills like the 1st dual
wield skill and use it on the horsemen to kill them. Hope this helps!

Any weapon on horse:
First where equip a weapon that u can use on a horse like a bow or somthing than
buy a horse. than its as simple as swiching to any weapon you want when your
already on it.

Somehow lastnight i was playing feudalism 2, and i started a new game and customized
my own character. so i was from the forest lands and on my first file i took that over
(im not sure if that matters) and once i started it on easy i had ALL of the items
from my last file. but i didnt have the stats, so i trained and train for a while to
get strong enough to take over somewhere (though i only needed to sell my stuff) so i
got my 4 primary stats up to 100 and then sold everything( besides the wolverine spiky
crossbow + 10, infernal armour and helmet, my wolverine eclipse + 10 and my wolverine
holy reincarnation + 10...i like wolf runes)so i got about 2 or 3 million and then
bought about 800 potions (not that i needed that many) so i just kept on training and
took over everything just today...then i started a new game from far east empire and
then i didnt have any items or anything...i started off fresh this confused.

Feudalism 1/2 - "Make easy gold and experience":
After you start new game hire a lot of soldiers after that take the quest defeat rogues
make sure you'll get more than 8000 gold.When you are lvl 5 and above go to the next
city that is weak. ENJOY PLAYING!

Level your item to Level 10:
You go to the city hall save. Go to Forge Level up 1.You go to the city hall save again.
Go to Forge Level up 1. so on and so on. If it fails die somehow since you saved before
leveling it up your item will be back Then continue to Save and to level up.

Level Up:
You can go up to level 20 in about an hour after that get the best weapon you can and get
lots of troops and fight a champion with army do this heaps of time and you will level up
really quick.

How to level faster:
Ok so your on the game, make sure your on the right one so that you can customize your player!
Make him or her a desert person (very important)!!! Next give yourself a name... Duh. Now go
to he weapons bar to choose which weapons you'll have special moves for... get the following-
katar (best weapons in the game), dual weilding (its good), and some kinda range (i chose bow).
Go to your passive skills area (this will be the last place you put points). Get meditation and
kung fu secrets, and for the rest of em, doesn't really matter. Now go to your auras section
(FIRST place you spend points). By the way, you'll be soloing every city- I did, and it. Was
easier and quicker than with troops. Get Holy Tribunal, Balance of Power, and Healing(the

Start the game. Save it. Get a quest that pays for 5000 (rogues). Btw never do delivery quests!
Go to marketplace and buy the Jur, and the armor. Then go to upgrade your stats at the bottom
right of your screen. Spend your one Skill Point on Holy Tribunal (NOT an attack). Now on the
same screen on the right, spend your Stat Points as follows: 50 strength, 50 dex, 30 spirit,
100 katar. Go equip the stuff. Now do the quest. Do quests there until ur lvl 3.
Then take quests from mahdia.
After that no more quests- conquer cities....Thanks!

Best troops:
Best troops in the game is "ghost shogun", his average atk is about 400-500 and with his only'll bounce up to 10,000+ damage in one hit.

PS* he is in barrack of capital of far east empire.
PS#2* to defeat the army and capture that town isn't that easy. The enemy will have automatic
heal from the shogun so .. kill him first (he'll be the one with highest damage and fast
walking) PS#3* HE COST 100,000 GOLD.

Easy way to kill and win:
Well its simple you just strat of by making a person from the far east and get staff to about
50 then str con and dex to about 50 each then get whatever else u want up. then u get some
ablites pick staff then anthing u want then when the game strats u buy a staff and sell ur
other weps then buy a boat from the habour then get an army and when u get to a high level
get ur dex and con to 100 (get dex first tho) then star to work ur way by capturing small
towns hten move on to bigger towns but always keep a staff. this is what i did i won in
about 3 hours lol :)

Any weapon on a horse:
Equip a weapon that you can use on a horse, such as a bow. Then, buy a horse. You can now
just switch to any weapon desired when you are on the horse.

Get Loads of Money, Fast:
OK. Make sure you have the version which can costumize characters.
If u have a really strong guy with lots of weapons/runes/armor etc, commit a suicide by
challenging the town champion of a city/town/village.

* Then, go to the main menu.
* Start a new game.
* Then customize your character.
* Then when you start the game, you will have all the weapons that you had in the past
game which you died in.
* By the way, your stats will be 1 and Hit chances will be 0.
* Add it as much as you want.
* Then sell all the weapons you have (although i kept one of each)

Note: This only works for the Costumize character and nothing else.

Clone Selling Weapons For More Money:
Go to a shop with 2 or more of the same weapon. make sure the: dont ask amount button is unticked
drag your items to sell then tick the box and sell the weapon from your inventory and clik sell on
the box on your screen then your got double the money.

Easy kill:
First make a custom character and choose your special moves for: jur katars, regular katars,
and TwoHanded swords. Then choose your aura skills as: balance of force, venom cloud, and unholy
breath. Choose which ever passive skills wanted. Start in the South desert and go to Mosul. Go
to the marketplace and get like 10 assassain jurs. Go to the forge and level one up to level ten.
Level up a few levels then go to your skills and put all the points on spirit. Put all the special
on the jur katars, regular katars, and two handed sword special moves. Get enough levels on each
special move to get the third one, then level each third special move to 5 and then your pretty
much invinsible (don't need troops).

Easy way to beat game:
Customize your character pick the South Desert. Get the Special moves as Katar, Two-handed sword,
and staff. Go get a assassin katar. Level up and get the meteor strike. Then build you army to
take casearea (or just buy it from them) and get dragon head. Then build up the moves to smashing
jump. Then you take the small cities and build up your army. Then take the big cities.

Best onehanded weapon:
Go to ra-gorod fight the town champion and you will get czars axes. HINT(add runes to them for
max damage use two dffrent runes for each on.

How to defeat shogun ghosts:
Get the great hero from Ra-gorod and get alot of them

The easy way to win:
Trust me im a pro i beat this game a bunch of times and im onley 12 so if i can do it so can
you first start off at the great trade empire use all youre money on troops take over whatever
you can in the great trade empire ONLEY! When you have good enough troops take over ceasaria
get the best warriors and alot of them then go to take over Ra-gorod and get the great hero and
alot of them then take out the remaning forest lands take out the rest of the empires in this
order black hordes,south desert,holy cross and then the far east empire the far east empire
will be the hardest because of the shogun ghosts always take the head city first so you can
see how easy the smaller citys fall. If you took the time to read this reply on the cite tell
me if it worked it should if it doesnt you did somthing wrong.

First of all, add plenty of Strength and buy greek fire. greek fire in cessares,is like a
modern grenade that eaisly kill can ethier buy 2 of probaly the greatest weapon
in Feudalism 2, dragon head in palmerya, a 2 handed sword or Holy Reincarnation of Thantos+10.
and buy a horse. the horse can be the best side armor.

Easy way 2 beat the game:
This way is sooo easy you will get bored after a while. Train your charecter until you can
buy Grek fire and train your throwing skill and get a horse. You ill be invinsible Greek
fire will hunt down any opponent infront of you and kill them. It also damages multiple
enemies at the same time. once you get this weapon the game is yours.

Whatever you do, Make your first aura "Banshee Cry" and level that up before anything else.
Don't get any units because at that point, they're a waste of time. For every battle, first
hide behind an object (important for avoiding arrows and bombs.) Use Banshee Cry. You will
kill every enemy in about 5 - 15 seconds, get all the weapons they drop, and get experience
for it. This hint is great for anyone finding it hard to start off Feudalism 2. It works.

Best aura skill:
If you are playing with a custom character, always add the "Unholy breath" aura to your aura
skills. It is, by my opinion, the most valuable of all aura skills, since it is very useful
when fighting against extremely powerful foes, like shogun ghosts. Activate "Unholy breath"
at the very start of the encounter and the some of the shoguns (or any other soldiers for
that matter) will become "mad" or "charmed": they will start attacking their own teammates
with their powerful "guiliotine blade", trimming their own numbers and losing all spirit
points, making it a lot easier for you to win the battle. Enjoy watching guys kill their
friends. By the way, "Unholy breath" requires 30 SP per second, so make sure your spirit
skill is leveled up, especialy if you are wearing armor that lowers your SP.

After conquering east empire:
Okay, after you conquered the east empire, do not hire anything else but Shogun Ghosts.
Then, you don't have to fight or ever die, but each costs 100,000 gold, a lot for noobs,
even though they are expensive, you can save lots of gold since they are so good, (but
they can still die!!!)

Easy way to take far east capital:
This is really helpful in the game first upgrande your kanta skill to the last one than take
the city izumo than buy black samuri fill the first and second row with them than buy tons of
secret elites it the reserve troops the secret elites have 431 hp so they wont die easy and
the black samuri have the most powerful attack in the game (this works only with seig) also
get alot of hp potions and use venom cloud.

Start in the south desert with a customizable character and beat the first champion. Gain your
dexterity to level 99 and use spiky crossbow. get strong units from the far east empire and
NEVER USE ARMOUR you will die fast because ninja cant hit you with special attack.

Fighting the Far-East Empire:
When you are at the Far East Empire you have probably been all around the rest of the world
so you probably have the best armor and weapons. Most important tips.... 1: save before you
get there and after you capture each city and/or town SAVE AGAIN, 2: Before you get to the
higher citys you should take of all your armor..... i know it sounds crazy but the Far-East
Empire's elite warrior uses a special attack with their Katana that does damage according to
your armour level so one hit with your best armour on and you will be down to about 100 health
and then a normal attack will kill you so take of all your armor and fight from long range.

Best troops:
The best troops really are stalkers from the desert not shogun ghosts from Nagoya, they hit
400 500 but if you have 10 you can kill anythig. Put custimize and make a ninja that can
atack with katana, katar and crossbow.

95%combo K0:
This works with only spear, mace or dual weapons. With mace, use number one special attack to
stun the enemy(requires upgraded to 5 - special move), then use second and third. Same with
dual weapons and spear.

Best start of character:
so, your startin feudalism-this is an easy way to win-first make a customizable character
have aura skill: 1. unholy breath 2. healing 3. balance of force then get special moves:
1. crossbow 2. bow 3. can have your own passive skills.

start in trade republic get a dark soul from caesarea
then get your dexterity to 94 and wield dark soul-you will have 164 points left-spend 100 on
dagger skill, then get constitution to 33 and spend your skill point on unholy breath, then
ask for quest get a rogue quest that pays 2000gp, do the quest and keep doing quests that pay
1000 to 2000 gp that require you killing rogues till u get 140 free points spend 134 on
constitution to get it to 100 then go to grobben in the order of holy cross and buy the
infernal armour (infernal armour is best armour on game if your not fighting shoguns) then get
spirit and bow to 100 and buy skills in this order: aura, dagger, bow, then crossbow if you
want to use one ( i think they are crap because they dont fire quickly plus bows 2nd special
does 3 hits )

thanks for reading hope you can win feudalism 2 with this 'top' tip
p.s. take your armour off and use a bow when fighting far east cities.

Make a custom player.when you level 5+ get a greek fire wepon for a secondary and dragon head
for primary.get 100 spirit (or this wont work) and get 2 poison runes. you need to put the
dragon head in at forge (anywhere) put your poison rune in with it.put it at ten and enchant
it it will work 90% of the time...good luck,own noobs,and have fun!!ps... another good game
is sudden attack or runescape

you are all wimpy!:
you are all wimps! especially WILL geek! nerd! losers! just keep fighting until you own your
own land (far east empire is totally not for begginers because their hero can kill you in one
stab with 4000 damage or more or less) then start travelling to other land keep fighting do not
stop after a lot of minutes check your inventory look for occult rune forge your weapon to level
10 (forge to level 4 then save then continue forging if our weapon breaks load the file dumbass!)
then enchant it with the rune. wanna fight my "+10 eclipse of thanatos" (i am still level 27 i
got 3 occult rune when i use guilotine blade on far east empire toughest hero it got him 20000
damage or more) or maybe "+10 dark snake of thanatos" and "+10 white ghost of thanatos"(one
throw of my shuriken order of the holy cross's hero got 1000 or more or less)

Easy to kill a strong enemy:
GO to caesarea and go to marketplace then buy greek-fire it will cost 5300 and needs 82 strength.
now go to inventry and place the greek fire on the slot . now use it on the battle ,fire flames
will come . For this u need throwing skills for more effective throwing.

the best wepon in feudalism 2:
the best wepon in the feudalism 2 is greek fire that in caesarea fill up your strenth in 95
(costom chatracters only!!!) an dex. is 50 and con is 35 and specially spirit 28 and add the
trowing weapon 35 and attack Iona in black horde and then add them all one hundred and the two
handed weapon is dragon's head and the armor is inorder of holy cross

Best character stats and weapons:
The best character in the game is a custom character with katana, katar, and throwing special
skills. Your aura skills need to be Balance of Force, Banshee Yell, and Sacrifice.

Use the Assassin's Might katar for everything, and use the "Meteor Strike" when surrounded by
many enemy soldiers. Be sure to buy lots of potions and use them often. Use the katana and the
special move "Guillotine Blade" only when attacking the king of Nagoya.

Fun way to win!:
Ok first be the Great Trade Republic then just Build a HUGE army and capture a few towns and get
even more troops and just keep continuing until you win! Also, just let your troops do all the
work and run from battle.

Win the game. guaranteed:
1. Choose custom character
2. get a "throwing" skill.
3. Make your strength to 82
4. nothing else really matters but try to make it balanced (not lopsided
5. go to Ceasarea, buy GREEK FIRE
6. get the throwing ability to "quick throwing" (ability 2)
7. Enjoy.

Easy complete:
get a custoom character and make dex (pick the weight aura)(or strength but dex os quicker)
to 100 and spend remaining points on con get the best crossbo from trade capital and do
quests (rouges only) or get best katana or 2h (2h needs str and get this is u want a horse
but katana if you dont) then do rouge quests untill your con is 100 and enough money to buy
full infernal armour (dosnt take long)then if you want make more money and buy more troops
then u can but you dont need them, capture the smalest vilage you can (you can do this alone)
and spend the earnings on any troops from now on only spend points on mana and buy some potions
then get the next best villlage and do the same et... iv tried this loads of times and it never

Best weapons:
Go to Caesarea and buy greek fire pot [make sure you have strength up to 85]then go to Tilfis
and buy sun flame make sure you have 2 wolverine runes to add extra damage also make sure you
have throwing up to 60 [at least] then enjoy!

Flame Magic:
To get Flame Magic , first you must have Special Abilities of Throwing Weapon Skill and
Spear Skill at the beginning of the New Game. Before that , you must find the Thanatos rune
[Rare Rune] and other rune [Anything]. After that , go to Nara-[East of the map , crossing
water] and buy Greek of Fire then try to Forge it until level 10 and enchant with the Thanatos
Rune. Buy a Clover-Spike Spear [I forgot the city of it] and forge it to level 10 and put any
rune you like to enchant it. And before you can get Flame Magic , you must upgrade all the
Special Skill until max level. Equip The Greek of Fire and Clover-Spike Spear. Then you will
able to use Flame Magic.

When using a Magic:

Greek of Fire of Thanatos - Take Second Throwing Skill that can throw really fast and it can
done about 500-1000 Damage on 4x4 tiles on the battlefield. It was really powerfull and the
melee enemy will not be able to reach you.

Clover-Spike Spear - Take the last Spear Skill which can do Flame Spear that can cause about
700-1100 Damage on 4x3 tiles on the Battlefield. This is really useful when you fighting with
a Group of Archer which sitting in a group then when you use this Skill all of it can died.

2 best ways of winning game:
First create your own character then choose south desert nation do quests kill rogues get
higher level then buy armor in caesera and buy weapon in ragorod earn money buy much
crossbowsoldiers in aden then conqueer the world good luck.

Recommended weapons:
Go to Caesarea and buy Greek Fire Pots. Make sure you have a Strength up to 85. Go to Tilfis
and buy Sun Flame. Make sure you have two Wolverine Runes to add extra damage. Also, make
sure you have Throwing up to at least 60.

The easiest way to win:
The most absolute way to win is to create your own custom character. He can be from any nation,
but I recommend the Far East Empire. The special moves should be for the Katana. Also pick a
special move for a ranged weapon, crossbow is recommended since it is one of the most powerful
range weapons. The third special move can be whichever you like. For the passive skills, you can
put whichever you like. For the Aurora skills, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to put the skills as
Banshee Cry. for the other two, any self healing skills are best, like Healing and Devotion.

The aurora skill Banshee Cry is the key to success, because it can take out all of the enemies at
once. But be careful, because it CAN and WILL kill you if you are not prepared with enough healing

How to beat the Order of The Holy Cross:
Ok this really simple first you need to to be a Far East person customized or not
(I prefer customized though). Buy like 30 apprentices (if not able to fight some rouges).
Fight a whole bunch of rouges and buy a boat. Go to the Capital buy the Eclipse katana and
white ghost suriken thing and the armour I know it cost alot but that's why you buy one at a
time(after fighting rouges for quest of course). After that do a whole bunch of quest. Level
up your dexterity or wuteva needed 4 the katana suriken and armour and equip it.BUY TONS OF
LARGE POTIONS!Sail all the way to the order of the holy cross fight the capital boom you have.
Ps. You should upgrade ur eclipse all the way if you have katana upgrade thing

If you want to forge a weapon, go to the forge room, and SAVE after every forge, if you fail,
LOAD and forge to a higher or a lower level! I know this is kind of a cheap way of doing it,
but if you want to keep your rune's and weapons, do it this way!

Easy beaty:
First start out with the Republic and use costumization characters, select for the 3 weapons:
Katana, dual weapon & crossbow. Than on the bottom put in the republic healin sign, than the
2 law weighing thingy and the East empire sign. Do 3 quests, purchase atleast 30 caravan guards,
20 bowmen and 5 crossbow. Than increase your strength to 99 and constitution to 99, dual weapons
to 75. Than keep attackin the star levels, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9? Than after you capture caeserea,
buy atleast 45 golden riders than attack the capital of the cross, after you captured it,
buy serafin and dark shooter. Its very easy!!!!:) Enchant eclipse with bloody rune!!!

Cheap but strong army:
Don't waste gold on shogun ghost. Just use demolisher and put it at the first and second
line(u buy at caisarea). At battle, make your demolisher hold their position.
Then u wait until the enemy get on the demolisher range. They'll shoot by their own like
catapult. After the first wave defeated, slowly let your army forward until they get at
the middle of arena don't make move them anymore. But becareful of enemy ranged army.
U can put some cavaliers on the first line to distract the enemy. I use this trick and
I almost conquer all city.

Best charactor:
Email :

the best charactor in feudalism 2 is to become a ninja/shogun[both are almost same].
you have to do is take custumize character.then change the weapon skills to katana,shuriken
and staff if you want.then change passive skills to meditation and far east war arts mastery.
aura you can take the self heal[i dont know the name properly],sign of east empire and banshee
cry.then start the game.using the skill points make strength to 30,dexterity to 39,constitution
to 30 and spirit to 30.for weapon mastery,make katana to 100.then ask for a quest[5000/6000/7000].
if you have enough money buy some potions.after completing the quest you will level up.then
go on increasing the DEX each time you level up and some points for shuriken.then make DEX to
100,katanato 100,shuriken to 100 and spirit to 60-80.then skills, you have to make katana-5,5,5
and shuriken-5,5,5.then go to nagoya[capital of east empire].there buy the black shogun armor,
mask and eclipse and that shuriken found in that city.then equip them.then go on capturing
cities of east empire.the city of nagoya is a bit first you have to capture izumo.
take that black samurai.then capture nagoya.for that you have to be a powerful ninja.then take
3-5 shogun ghost and that golden armored shogun[my fav].then capture other cities.enjoy the game.

Most Powerful Weapon:
if you want to get the most powerful weapon, first make sure you're not at war with far east.
Then go to the capital (Nagoya) and buy white ghosts. Then go to forge and save and keep refining
them. save every time you do that and attach a rune to it. I used the blood rune.
(e.g. Bloody White Ghosts.) I did this and defeated an army of horsemen with no troops!

How to win without trying:
you need to get a custom hero with katana and crossbow skills then buy the best katana
(in the far east capital) and the best crossbow (great trade republic capital) then level up
the katana powers. The meteor power for the katana kills large groups or just use the crossbow
(fully forged) and let your infantry take the damage while you kill the enemy from afar.

This is Definately the best stuff, ive checked.

ARMOR- infernal armor/infernal helmet- buy from grobben requires 100 CON

WEAPONS- holy reincarnation of poison +10 - u buy it from ra gorod and enchant with
poison rune.requires 99 STRENGTH.

THROW- greek fire of thanatos +10 - buy from caesarea enchant with occuluss rune.
(i spelt occuluss wrong cause i cant remember how u spell it but its something similar)

Quick XP/gold:
Go to any city hall and ask for a quest. keep asking for a new quest until you find a
rogue-killing quest that gives a lot of cash. it makes your army small, but when you win,
you get a lot of money and XP(because rogue-killing quests that give a lot of cash have a
lot of enemies)

Defeating the Order of The Holy Cross:
Play as a Far East customized character. Purchase about thirty apprentices if you are not
able to fight rogues. Fight a many rogues and purchase a boat. Go to the capital. Purchase
the Eclipse Katana, White Ghost shuriken, and the armor. Then, do quests and level up dexterity
and whatever else is needed for the items you purchase. Equip the items and purchase lots of
large potions. Sail to the Order Of The Holy Cross and fight the capital. Note: Upgrade your
Eclipse fully if you have the katana upgrade.

Ultimate army hint:
you get the best weapons and armor you can for the far east but make sure you have heal army
and far east weapons boost for the army then get a very high aura rating and activate the army
healing and the far east weapons boost while having the ghost shoguns in your army for damn
near unbeatable army i captured all the capitols for the countries with 24 ghost shoguns and
the above auras.

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