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Коды (cheats) к игре » Powder Game

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Коды (cheats) к игре Powder Game

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Коды (cheats) к игре Powder Game

Cheat Codes:
Hit the [CTRL] + [F5] to get the console open then type "LSC" in the console,
it will change the color of the laser try numbers from 1-9.

Tons of particles under drag:
1.Make a small clone and clone the particle you want to have alot under drag.
2.Now put Drag under the left and right clicks.
3.Left Click some drag, then move it away, and quickly right click.
You should have gotten more particles under drag.
4.Now release right click, and all particles should stay under drag if you
continue to hold left click. Right click particles not under drag again,
and they should be under drag.

* Repeat this process until you have desired amount.

Ultra Laser:
1. Get a Wheel.
2. Use Fan to make Wheel spin continuously.
3. Once Wheel spins, add Laser in any dierection.

Note: (After the Laser is shot in the dierection you want it, you cannot change
it unless you erease all of the Laser spinning in the Wheel.)

Glitch - Drag Trick:
Submittred by: TinX

1. Drag ICE.
2. Nothing happens, right?
3. Add MAGMA.
4. WATER will follow your drag field.
(the area where you attempted to drag the ice.)

Defective square:
First turn PEN into LINE, click on METEL and make PEN-S 1, make a square and
shoot LASER diagonally for 30 to 40 seconds. (should last 35 seconds)

Player Weapon:
1.Put anything from the list below on the Player and His head will turn that
color of the substance then press down (or S for 2 player)and he will shoot
that substance out of his eyes.

List:Powder, Water, Fire, Seed, Ant, Bomb, Gunpowder, Fan, Stone, Superball,
Fireworks, Oil, Virus, Gas, Soapy.

SUPERCOOL BUT WARNING: If you want the player to shoot Lazers from his eyes,
Only shoot his head with lazers or he will die, You will know he can shoot if
his head turns bright Red.

Nitro explosion:
Nitro can be explode either by draging the nitro or setting it on fire.

Superball mania:
Every player should know this by now. Make your player recruit Superball. Now
press down. It should make a line. You have 2 options.

1.Press down and hold.
2.Press down for 3 seconds.

If you chose 2, just watch what the Superball does.

Receive what you did before:
If you worked on something before, you can get a code on top of the game box.
Press GET and copy/paste on to your (where ever you can save it). The next time
you come back, you insert your code, press SET, and continue what you have been
working on.

Floating superballs:
Although, I do not know how to make this happen but it some how-randomly-had
the outcome of floating superballs. I'm not sure if it will work but it should
be the mixture of water and superballs. You need a lot of dots so I suggest a
L size would be great! Superballs needs to be out of whack while being in water.

Jet pack player:
This tip will see you flying around the game, liteally!

Simply place a player into the game, and place some nitro on his head. It should turn
green. Now, using the arrows, fire the nitro (down arrow). your player suddenly shoots
around the game with a jet of fire.

It takes a while to master, but once you have it sussed, you have a jet pack player.

But don't hit the walls too hard, or go back on yourself into the jet stream, because
your player will dis-integrate!

Extra elements:
It's real simple 1st element is Wood/Tree first put powder on the ground then add
seed and then ant and in seconds ull see growing wood 2nd is snow just make some
ice (a ball of ice is good) then add fan(or win or air) to it and ull se snow and
finaly saltwater just mix water and salt(water before salt) and u have salt water
(hint drag it around for something interesting.

Smoking gun:
First make a gun out of "block" with a large barrel and a hole that pen size 2 can
go threw. Then make a large base chamber to put the nitro and gas in. when you do
this put clone/gas in the chamber and clone/nitro. last put clone/oil (small) in
the barrel and put clone/fire works (small)also. ignite the base chamber and what
something cool happen. if i dont work right away add more nitro.

Power with out powder:
To get the power for the player with out puting any thing on his head right click
the power you want then make the player he should have it.

Superball crazyness:
Make your player recuit superball and press down and hold and at the same time click
outside of the box then you can let go and click back into and move around with him
moving you can also do this with any other minerial thing.

Firework Frenzy:
If you Right-click on an element (excluding FAN, ICE, CLONE, C-4, TORCH, METAL, and VINE)
and then Left-click on FIREWORKS, then element that you Right-clicked will pour out from
the fireworks. In this way you can make a colour-coded firework show or make a LASER
lightshow which is really fun.

Weird air:
1.make a small box out of block (anywhere on screen) the place outside the box put lots of gas and fire do this about three times
3.the air outside the box will turn green and the air inside the box will turn blue.4.put a
player in the box
5.make a hole in the box and watch what happens

Floating Water:
If you pour some water at the bottom of the screen and then use drag and drag the water
some where it will float!!!

Bird trap:
Set the bg to toon so you can see the glass (or a non explosive solid its for the fireworks)
meatal works to... set up some dashes in the center of the screen horizontaly (from left to
right) right click fire and left click fireworks set up pen on line for this. above the metal
about 1 inch load the screen with it so it stacks up about 1 inch on the meatal. wait will
the leftovers fall to the bottom then clean that up but leave whats on the metal. then left
click box and drop as many as you can in the corner if you can. drag them all into the corner
so they look like one box.(pen size 2 is best) then release some birds not to amny just a few
taps will due. then make sure pen is on free. drag the boxes below a gap in the metal. then
right click so it releases some fire. the boxes will launch like rockes and catch the fireworks
on fire. the fireworks will make fire when they explode which will trigger the rest. the birds
populatin will drop. ther may be a few left. [ note: when you use firewoks whatever was right
clicked it will burst into. so right click what you wnat befor you left click the fireworks ]

Quick tips to help:
Glass can be seen in toon. glass is acid proof. use wheel and put a little clone under it
and ice on a blade and it will make snow. set up a block cannon cylinder and put some fan
in the direction of the mouth ans put the snow in and it will blow out. make a shap without
any uneven edges out of glass stop the game and put some vine under it then switch out of
toon and star it will make the shape. bird eats seed. seed grown when put on powder. vine
grows up anything that touches it...even nitro and oil.(yes i mean make a bomb) for those
of you who know this sorry for wasting your time this is for those who do not know this

Easy gun:
Draw a triangle from the side of the wall out of block and fill it with gas then set it on
fire. Fill it with acid 1 quater up and when ready put some fighters below and put a hole
in it and wach the fun happen !!

this will make an awesome volcano ok make to big walls that almost touch.Then put vine inside
the volcano everywere then put quit a bit of magma in their and hit the start button and you
have a volcano!

Acid or magma atributes:
If u want to get acid or magma simply left click on an element then right click on player
and walla u can have any possible atribute (be careful with acid and magma u can easily
kill yourself i did many times.

How to get sand:
Ok to get sand is heaps easy!
1. Go on to BG-Toon mode
2. Drag a long line of glass
3. click drag
4. drag, drag across the glass(But DON'T LET GO!)
5. The glass will explode and a yellow substance which should come out yellow
6. Keep draging across the gray stuff at the bottom
7. When you've done that you should have yellow sand
8. Enjoy!

Make one lazer player and one virus player and face them at each other and make them shoot
at the same time for cool effect.

Neon Lighting:
Create a vertical line of glass about an inch from the left border. In the space between
the glass and border, fill it up with a bit of acid. Now make a horizontal line of metal
from the middle of the screen so that it touches the glass. Put thunder into the right end
of the metal. It should travel toward the glass, and upon hitting the glass, it should
produce neon lighting. In order to continuously produce this lighting, place a clone on
top of the metal that produces thunder.

Wooden floor:
First make trees but be sure to put lots of powder underneath put virus on the trees you
just made if it dosent work try making the virus that touches the trees fall on to the

Lazer light show:
first you put clone in a circle at the middle of the screen then click on lazer and shoot it
at any angle at clone and watch what happens!!!!

dot refill:
first you BG-Track dot M and when you waste some dots then just wait & look at the dots

First do STOP.
Then do the wheel in the middle of the game.
Do Laser up the left the wheel
And fan right the wheel.

Now coming a nice trick !

Cleaning Water:
If you erase al the block when you start out and put water it will never dissapear.
But if add as much as you want and add fan in the center it will not come back!!

Ball Tower:
First turn it to stop.Next click on ball at the same place on the screen for
about 30 seconds and then turn it to start and see what happans!!!

Torch, Metal, C-4,Ice and Vine Base!:
How to make any of those you have to pick any of them on the screen.Next add ant
to any of them and just like wood which u make by adding powder and seed and adding ant,
it will start to grow!!!

Stretchy legs:
First fill a quarter of your page fan(use line to help).Next add water be sure you
did not use all of your dots when u did fan.Next add a player and when you
touch the water and fan at the same time u should see your leg stretching!

put a Liquid a Player Can Touch in (water) + a Player + hold Up/W = Player Walks
On Liquid (water).

Cool Gas Trick:
Build 2 boxes connected out of block and fill both of them with gas. Now light the gas
in 1 box and the other box of gas sets alight too.

Laser light show:
Place a clone in a circle in the middle of the screen. Click on the laser and shoot
it at any angle at the clone.

Laser wheeler:
Begin by doing Stop. Place the wheel in the middle. Place the laser up the left side
of the wheel and fan the right side.

Out of control fire:
First make clone and add thunder.Now be sure its non.Ok then hold nitro under the
thunder(be sure to hold it)!Then a blast of fire should come out BUT HOLD IT!

Fire or magma player:
Put the player in water till just blow his head. Then add the fire or magma.
delete the water and stuff after this.
Note: the player is not invincible to fire or magma.

Editors ludacrise:
ad every single explosive(oil,nitro,gas,gunpowder,and c-4 in a,this only works
if you use magma.put MAGMA on top of the box and slowly erase the box top

Glass with thunder in it:
1) You make a straight line of metal.
2) Press Thunder and make thunder on the metal. (so there is some yellow thunder things
in the metal)
3) Then take glass and put some glass on the metal. (so the glass touch the metal with
thunder spinning in it)
4) There you go yellow glass with tunder in it.

Put 1 line of glass in free en beneath that 1 line metal . With some space in between
another line off metal en connect the to metals. In the space put clone with tunder.
The glass will glow yellow and doesn't melt etc.

1. press stop and select ball
2. take it to the top of the game and press for for about 30 sec
3. then press start and a tower of balls will happen
4. after that get a player or fighter run into the wall and see what happens.

First make two box es and put gas and fire in them do this three times then put players
or fighters in it and earase a litel big so all the gas come out.

BG-Aura spectrum:
1.Turn on BG-aura
2.Add any amount of any element, preferably smaller amounts.
3.(optional) Erase most of the wall to make the process go faster by decreasing ripples
in the air, possibly leaving some wall if an element needs to sit on it (SIDE-LOOP
could be used instead.)
4.Turn the pen size to 0 and click "AIR"
5.Quickly click somewhere in the box to disturb the air as slightly as possible.
6.Wait for the frame rate to drop dramatically... You may want to put the speed to 8x to
wait for the fps drop. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO AFFECT THE AIR.
7.When the fps decreases dramatically, put the speed back to 1x.
8.You should start to see random, large pixels forming in the mist of the element you have.
The pixels will create more mist, which will reveal more and more pixels. Eventually the
screen will be mostly filled with the color of these pixels.

Fun Fact: Mist that is purely one color on the RGB scale will create pixels that aren't
white, where as other colors produce white pixels.

Laser light show:
Put pen size on 9 then get virus and put a bit on the bottom of the screen and fire
laser at it. it will fire lasers maniacally and randomly.

Wierd glass:
Put it on BG - toon then put pen size 9 on and draw a line at the bottom of the screen
then draw a spot of fan (pen size 9) in the middle of the screen finally get virus and
put it on the glass. See what happens. Makes all sorts of patterns.

Ice ball glitch:
Put the pen size on nine and put two lines of water on the bottom and then get an ice
ball and put it about a centimeter to the bottom in the water and the ball should go
right through the game.

1.Put the game on stop.
2.Make a volcano out of block (the top must be open).
3.Put as much explosives as possible in the volcano (atleast 1/4th of the volcano needs
to be magma)
4.Press start and the volcano will errupt.
(The volcano lookes the best on BG blur or BG shade)

Save your doccument:
(This lookes very hard to follow but it's not)

1.Above the box there is a line.
2.Click on it and tipe a name for your (Powder Game) doccument.
3.Click on get and you will see a codein the line.
4.Select it and on your keybord you press Ctrl + C.
5.Open a word doccument and on your keyboard you press Ctrl + V.
6.Now you will see the code that you first saw in the line above the box.
7.Save your doccument wich contains the code.
8.Wen you want to open your doccument in the Powder Game you go to the Powder
Game and also open your word doccument wich contains the code.
9.Copy the code by selecting it and pressing Ctrl + V.
10.Now you click on the line above the Powder Game-box and you press Ctrl + V.
11.Now you click on set and you get your saved (Powder Game) doccument.

Tip:Do this to all your (Powder Game) doccuments you find nice so then you wont
lose them.

Wheel of Elements:
First put a wheel. Next put your element that floats like metal, torch, or ice
on the wheel. Finnaly put wind on the fan.See whats happan.This is also a clue
of making a floating Earth!

Background Glitch!:
You like blue,red,or yellow,any background then read this!First cover the place
with block everywhere!Next add the color you want like red then add magama.
Turn it into shade.Finally reset,it should work if not then tell me.

Turn into slow motion!:
First click stop.Next put water on the top of the screen.Next keep on clicking
enter (not too fast).You will see that time slow down!

Cover the screen with block next erase a hole. Then fill it up with the element
that belongs to the hole then add the ball needed.

Water Ball - Powder
Fire Ball - Magma
Seed Ball - Seed
Gunpowder Ball - Gunpowder
Ice Ball - Ice

Air cannon:
To make this happen you need to make Block size-1. Then you gat them to look
like this: you get 2 lines of block with 3 spaces across. Then you get a small
block along each of the insides one space across. Once done, you put some fan
facing inside the cannon pointing to the wall where the cannon is connected.
Then you put a ball of c-4 filled with nitro. When the cannon fires, it will
cause the ball to explode. Enjoy!

Saltball riding on laser:
Tip: Salt is Laser proof.

Make some Salt Balls (left-click ball, right-click salt) and make Laser (
best with Pen Line). They will ride on the laser!

Optical Illusion: Lots of balls:
It's best to use Pen S 1 and Pen Line. Use Grid 4. Make a square with a plus (+) sign.
The grid will help. Place balls inside the four small squares, and there will be LOTS
of balls. Now let's stop! Not so much of them. It's just an OPTICAL ILLUSION.

Player Weapon (More secure):
Right-click Powder, Water, Fire, Seed, Gunpowder, SuperBall, Fireworks, Oil, Stone,
Magma, Virus, Nitro, Ant, Gas, Soapy, Thunder, Bomb, Laser, Acid, Salt or Bird and
left click player. Place it anywhere. Press down arrow (or S for second player) and
he will shoot that.

If you shoot Fire, Magma, Nitro*, Thunder* or Acid you may die if you aren't careful

*Only if shot into fire or explosives.

Some helpful hints:
You can make an awesome nature park. Make benches out of block, put a pond with a metal
bridge, and grow trees. Add seed so the birds will eat it. Birds will sit in trees. You
may want to have clone on your seed because because a whole flock can destroy a pile of
seed in seconds. If you like, add a play park and add balls and boxes.
Make a jungle gym out of metal.

Fire tower:
Put magma at the bottom of the screen then use pen: line and pen-s: 2 or higher with
powder and make a strait line from top to bottom of the screen and the powder will burn
all the way to the top (Note: the effect will differ depending on pen size)it will send
some powder to the sides with a cool effect when using higher pen sizes.

Draws in background:
Im not sure if this will work or not but it worked for me.first,put some metal at the
bottom of the screen. then put powder,seed,and ant on it to turn all of it to wood
(including the metal). while the wood is growing,set it on fire and the should be while it was burning i saw some black drawings in the background.
hope it works!

How to make it snow with out salt:
Use clone at the top then get ice some were away from clone get fan to make ice that
wight stuff that looks like salt but isn't then get rid of fan then drag the wight
stuff to clone then its snowing.

Make water and powder:
Make it snow by putting a line of clone at the top with ice above it, and fan the ice
into the clone. then put thunder in with the snow, and it turns into water. to make
powder, get metal and put water on it.

Flame thrower:
First hit stop then get block and make a rectangle. make a hole in the block that is
pen size 2. now put clone(gas) then a line of clone (fire) then another clone line of
gas and fire and wind should shoot out of the barrel.

Super charged missle:
First make a small rectangle of block with #2 pen size then press #9 then press box
and click inside the small box of block and the box will move around squished then
press stop(or space bar) and put fire in the chamber and make an opening to the
right and press space again and it will send boxes on fire. (deadly weopon).

First make a base out of and material,(just for fun doesnt matter just pick favotite
color :P) Then, make a block tube for the direction that you want the lazers to come
out of(Probablly better if it's long and thinner). After that, you put the pen on
about 1 and put clone in the tude, angled to the diection that you want the lazer
to go(make sure that the clone doesnt come into cantact with your base, or it will
clone it) Finally, lazer the clone and it will shoot lazer out of the tube, like a
gun/ turret.

Secrets elementals balls:
You will surely see how to make elementals balls (left click at at ball and right
click in any elements). But 2 secrets elementals balls can be maked.

1st: seawater ball:
1: place a salt ball
2: just add water to the salt ball and it will become a seawater ball

2nd: wood ball
1: place a seed ball
2: add a long line of water with pen-s 9
3: add powder at ball (it will go underwater and if the seed ball touches powder it
will become a wood ball.

Elemental flying balls:
First make a clone ball, add a element of somekind to the ground (not a solid element.
Let the clone ball fall and once the clone ball has touched the element, it should keep
on producing it and it should fly.
An interesting element to try is Laser, as the clone ball is falling shoot laser on to
it and it should look like a tennis ball!
Note that if the ball is bouncing and also cloning an element at the same time in a
straight line then just add some wind to make it go CRAZY!

Giant Forest:
Pour powder all over the floor (just one layer) and then make a seed ball and drop it
onto the powder. When the trees starts to grow make a water ball (don't make too much
otherwise the tree will not grow that well) and drop it onto the powder. The more balls
of seed and water you make the more trees will grow. If you don't want to wait just set
the speed to 8 and wait for a giant forest to come up. If your satisfied with your
forest, light a torch and burn the whole forest down.

Laser gun:
Make a base out of any material. Make a block tube (longer and thinner recommended)
in the direction that you want the lasers to appear from. Set the pen to about 1 and
put clone in the tube, angled to the direction that you want the laser to appear from.
Make sure that the clone does not come into contact with your base, or it will clone
it. Laser the clone and it will shoot the laser out of the tube, like a gun.

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