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Коды (cheats) к игре Sonny

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Коды (cheats) к игре Sonny

Level up and then stats up quickly:
Update by: asd

When you finish a battle, just as the screen starts going black click the little
red x near where the blue and yellow ring is. then when you relog back into the
game it says level up and u get infinite money. then buy items from places like
the illusion valley and once youve got items (e.g. strength +50) click it,
click on stats and then put it in your stats and it increases it by however much.
all my stats are over 1000 now.

Submitted by: sepher376

On the last lvl of the zone 4 place, at the shops and portal things, hit tab 17
times and then hit enter. You will be in a fight with nothing, so pass your turn,
then you will get inf money and a level up, then buy your items, click the item
then click on the options button, then click any option (they have a certain thing
to go to, just look at your stats) then it will raise that stat by the number it
says. and vwala ur owning now.

Sonny Hack:
this requires: Sonny Trainer

Step 1: if you don't have sonny trainer its really easy all you need to do is
type in sonny trainer in google search and go to first site.

Step 2: go to the green underlinded words that says test it and download it download
it if you can.

Step 3: after downloading it or testing it it should pop up just like sonny but in the
left hand corner it should say sonny hack menu click it then a pop up thing will go in
front of the screen where it says all the stats that you can raise up in just type in
for example focus is one you can put your focus at 999999999999999999999999999999999
for all i care it will work you can do this for mony exp you get every round all your
stats and items (1-125) and get it its just three easy steps and very easy to get.

Ok this cheat has several things to get to be able to do this cheat first you have to
go to sonny trainer in google bar go to first one on the list got down to a green
underlined word that says test it or download it if you can download it once done go
to sonny trainer on desk top or anywhere you put it and once loaded up in top left
hand corner it should say "Sonny Hack Menu" click that and a hack menu should pop
up once here you can make your stats unlimited power for example: you can make you
focus 99999999999999999999 and your health 9999999999999999999 along with your
strength and magic and so on you can also make your exp per lvl so every time you
dual you lvl up i'm like lvl 1000 soon but i'm close.

Cool cheat:
First, go to Ishiguros rest (zone 2),and shop.Well,for all but gunslingers, buy the
icy katana as much as you can(strength+12)and go to inventory. Click on a Icy katana,
and while holding it, go to the ability screen. Where the stats are(vitality,strength,
magic and speed),click in that box while holding it.You will lose the item, but its
stats will merge into yours. Once you use it, try not to use re-spec-you will lose
the stats!!!It works. For gunslingers, just do what you can.Hey, at least i told you
the cheat.

For the lvl when you die or kill somebody when the screen turns black click the red x
and you will be 1 lvl up for stats what ever the item says for example +9str drag the
item to options menu then at the options screen drag it back where you got it from in
any little square you cant see them but then click wile your holding it.
it will disapper but your str stats woul d be raised by 9 or what ever it says.

Item king:
Take a item click itt and then when its icon follows ur mouse go to options and click
on the red background and it will be added 2 ur stats.

Leveling up with unlimited money:
After finishing a battle, click the small red "X" near where the blue and yellow ring
is located just as the screen starts fading. When you get back into the game, you will
get the level up message and have unlimited money. You can buy items from places like
the Illusion Valley, including those that can increase your stats.

Note:u must have at least beat the 4th zone

1.Press shift+tab then press enter
2.This sould lead you to a blank battle
3.The battle might go by itself but if it dosen't simply skip your turn
4.You lvl up and your money should say Nan. which mean infinite

This cheat is good and bad. the bad part is you cant kill anyone. The good part is its
easy and you get infinite money and infinite ablility points. Start new game and keep
skipping turn and get killed choose any character. Reload then you see changing screens
go to the ability points place green box and whala.

Do the "Leveling up with unlimited money" glitch. Buy whatever desired. Go to your
inventory and click on that item. Go to the "Options" menu and click on a blank
location anywhere except on "Sound", "Effects", "Autosave", or "Graphics" and "Done".
Your stats will be raised forever unless you respec your character. Repeat this as
many times as desired.

Fighting the ZPCI:
When you fight the ZPCI for the first time, defeat the captain and the gunner first.
When the healer is about to strike he does nothing to harm, as he apparently continues
to skip his turn. This is useful for the assassin type because of their low health.

First upgrade you smash to 1 at beggining or watever and drag it to the strength it
should boost it a little

How to beat Dr Herreragod:
In order to beat what seems like the most impossible guy in the game on the secret
level the infinity canyon you must first use break to knock him out the use the
special skill subversion(i think its only for destroyers??) which switches healing
to damage and damage to healing and then when he tries to heal himself (about
20000000000 health) He just kills himself and then the last battle is easy.

Boat for gaurdians:
First, after you lvl up (this should be after about the second fight on the boat)
get magic bolt, then once u lvl again, clik re-spec and the first get iron skin
and regenaration, then buy the axe, u will hit like only 18, but u will have like
400 health, and use all ur points on vitatality.

Started out very first fight with the blind trainer, skip all your turns and when you die
and the screen starts going black press the small red X (i pressed as many times as i
could before screen turned black as this usually leveled me up according to the times i
clicked) then when you reload, the screen will show you all the levels.

Duping Items:
When you do the exit cheat (lvl up and infinite money) take the items that is says
undefined then put the item you want duped over it and click on it it will turn into
the item and there item duped!

Unlimited special fight:
When your at world 4, change the date and refresh the page (Save the Game).
Then you can use special fight again!

Get Strong Fast!:
Here's what you do. Anything you get in your inventory that you aren't using or don't
want, click on it so it follows your mouse then click on "Abilities". Then take it to
the box that says "Your Attributes and click. All the stats of that thing will go to
your attributes. It's a great way to get strong stats easy and if you are stuck at a
boss, you can go back to a previous zone and get strong. Someone on here said to do
this with the Ice Katana but it works with anything. Try it for yourself.

Item Eating:
Get any item, then click on it in your inventory and click on options, then click anywhere
on the options screen. The item will disappear, but you character will have kept its stats.

Awesome Stats Cheat:
This is how my cheat works:

1. get a item (buy or get it from a monster)
2. go to your invertory
3. grab the item
4. hold de item and click 'options'
5. drag the item to the red background and release it

Look at you invertory or abilities. you will see that your stats raise the stats
that the item has (gloves, +1 strenght, your strenght will raise with 1) enyoy it!!

Secret in option:
You no need nan money, if you have it is still okay. Buy item and click it then go to option.
Put the item on option and your HP/Magic/Strengh/Speed will be much more. If you have NaN
money buy itemsand fill your inventory. The do the action above to make sonny powerful.

Special armor trick:
Frst go to "map" and select the third zone(area). Then, go to the shop and see what they
have. ow, scince they don't have high-leveled armor,do the practice arena a few times and
collect the stuff u find on the guys. Keep doing that over and over and over until u fill
2-3 rows. After that ,keep doing it and you will get high-leveled armor for your kind.
Then, after you get at least three rows sell all the stuff u don't want.So, really you
get alot of money and armor at the same time.

Nan money:
This glitch will give you infinite money save your game then enter a battle win it while
the screen is fading away click quit[the x above the ring]then open the caranter and you
have gone up one level and now have infinite money.

Easy Level-Ups And Unlimited Money:
At the end of battle (no matter what your level is and what is your class) when you kill enemies,
hit the button with a cross that is the right of the blue circle to quit the game.
Then press the button Start ---> Load Game, and you click the selected slot. Enjoy the game!

Make Veradux and Sonny more powerful:
All u got to do is do the "Item Eating" glitch for Sonny but if you want to make Veradux
more powerful you must have his statistics and armor page up.Once you have his stats and
armor on screen do the "Item Eating" glitch and the items stats go to Veradux.
This glitch also works with every other team member :)

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