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Коды (cheats) к игре » Tacical Ops - Assult on Terror

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Коды (cheats) к игре Tacical Ops - Assult on Terror

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Tacical Ops - Assult on Terror

Коды (cheats) к игре Tacical Ops - Assult on Terror

Update by: Triratna Manandhar
Update by: sanjaya
Update by: Grimdoc

Press ~ to display the console, then enter "iamtheone"
to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the codes.

Code Result
god - god mode
fly - flight Mode
ghost - ghost mode
playersonly - Only Players will Be Played
walk - remove Fly & Ghost Cheats

(this works only in singleplayer)

god mode:
in the game click ~ and writen "i am the one" and enter,
then click ~ and write god and enter ENJOY!!!

When playing TO-Forge, go to the door of the car repair
building to recive the message "good thing my cars not

Buy a gun that suits you.
Buy plenty of ammo and armour.
Reload your gun regularly.
Hold your gun at head height.
Never walk in a straight line.
Work as a team using bindings.
Check for camping spots and snipers.
Never walk the same route.
Don't spam your bindings, this makes it unorganised.
Practise all the maps
Follow the enemy when you are a ghost.
Don't lame (camp in an annoying way, spam, team kill, etc.).

Fighting hostages:
During any hostage rescue mission, if a hostage comes in contact with any
weapon on the ground, they will pick it up and start shooting terrorists.
Most of the time the terrorists will not fire back. You can toss them a
weapon by pressing T, if there are no weapons in the area.

Now you're up and loaded the best way to go is to team up with
another player or more and sweep through the level while
covering each other. While in Beta 1.2 you could still very
successfully freelance with your DE, freelancing now has
become a lot harder. Because of the slower gameplay and
because of the weapons balance you now need to play in teams
in order to survive. Use your bindings to manoeuvre trough
the levels and let others know where you go, where enemy
threats are and when you need back up. While going through
the map there are several situations/actions that occur regularly,
here you have some of them:

Basic walking through a level: Always have you gun pointed at
head height so that you only have to adjust your aim a bit
and squeeze the trigger when you encounter an enemy. This may
just save you life in combat. Give your team members hints on
where you are going by saying for instance: "I'm going UP"
While walking check all the possible sniping and camping places
you know to avoid getting your head blown off by an unknown
attacker. Also remember to check the way you came, you don't
want an enemy backstabbing you. Try never to walk in a straight
line since an enemy then can easily pick you off.

An incoming grenade: If you still got enough time warn your
time of the incoming grenade using your bindings. Then quickly
take cover behind an obstacle, wall, etc. without facing the
grenade; it might be a flashbang! Remember to also notify team
members of your grenades. After all the last thing you want to
do is blowing up your own cover.

An enemy in the distance: If the enemy is really far away or
if he hasn't spotted you yet again notify your team of the
threat. Next either find cover and wait for back up or face
him alone. With several team members you can easily hunt him
down, flank him, etc. when you're on you own you must rely on
your sneaking, bunny hopping and shooting skills. Try sneaking
up on the foe and take him by surprise or jump around him all
the time while firing. Or you could go to crouch mode and aim
from there since you then don't get shot in the head that fast
and your aim can be precise. This depends on what way you like
to play. Reloading is another important part of fighting.
Always make sure that you have plenty of bullets in your gun
and reload when you can. Be aware that you are very vulnerable
while reloading though so try and find cover first.

A nearby enemy: One tip here really, either crouch or bunny
hop, but always go for the head. This counts for every fight.
If you always aim for enemy heads your life expectancy will
grow rapidly and you will be able to witness the nicest sound
in TO: "KLANG!"

The search for an enemy: when you are the only player left or
when there is only one more enemy, find him not by walking
the same route over and over again, try to change your own
pathing and tactics regularly. Otherwise you often miss each
other or the enemy knows your route and awaits you in a nice
camping spot.

You are dead: While in ghost mode you can easily check out
your enemy's tactics and routes. Study them well and base
you own routes on them so that you have the upper hand in a

Press the tilde key and type iamtheone to activate cheat mode.
Then, type fly. You'll be able to fly and move faster.

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