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Коды (cheats) к игре Pandemic 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Pandemic 2

Cheat Codes:
Start with the infection as bacteria and enter "morethanacolditis" as a name.

Infecting the world:
Use the following steps to infect the world.

* Be a virus
* Sell your only symptom.
* Wait awhile until you have accumulated about 60 evolution points, then buy as many
resistances as possible. You do not need drug resistance.
* If you have the trait "Durable", do not buy the resistance level 2 for whatever one
you have. If you do, the disease will spread out of control in your country and all
the ports and airports will be shut down.
* Hope that Madagascar gets infected.
* Once the disease has infected the entire world you can buy the rest of the resistances.
* The world will be so overwhelmed that all the hospitals shut down and the vaccine will
never be made within 2,000 days.
* Use your own cocktail of symptoms to kill the world (for example, sneezing depressed
blind people).

Ok first sell your only symptom wait for 20 points i would say 40 then u now have 40 or
50 ppl infected now use all 40 of them on traits wait untill you have 50 points by then
the completion will be at half way vaccine then buy all traits and resistances u can then
BOOM everyone in that infected area 30 humans left as soon as they all die in like 3 secs
the vaccine should lower like hell then some completion should lower keep on doing this
untill you take over the whole game P.S do it as fast as possible or else the airports
will cose and stuff so you only get 1 infected area or so...

First, pick your method of virus. I went with Virus but was able to replicate
this strategy with all three methods. Then, sell whatever “gift” you get when
you start the game. This is generally fever. You want to have 0 ill affects
with this virus. Next, invest in the climate you are in. If you start in Cuba
invest at least level 2 in heat. Then pay attention to where the airplanes go.
Do they fly in warm or cool climates? Invest in at least 2 of cold climate as
well. Once finished, activate airborne and water spread methods. Insect and
rodent seem to be a waste of time to me. Invest in the moisture in order to
infect the water supply. Watch in glee as your virus spreads around the world.
At this point, level up your disease level. Invest in whatever you feel will
kill best. Fever works as a great foundation. Watch as people die and close
down the hospitals. If you are lucky, all hospitals will close down before a
vaccination has been invented. If not, pray that it doesn’t cure your disease.
If it does, game over man, game over! At this point, grab a sandwich and watch
as you destroy the known world!

* Get rid of fever.
* Invest in cold heat and moisture. Once you are leveled up, then invest
in water and air. Depending on your location, I have gotten away with just
using water.
* Wait. Once all countries are infected, (Madagascar is rough) then invest in

Viruses reports:
VA-1-A through C
Aquired every area except madagascar

Aquired every area except australia and madagascar

VA-3-A through B
Aquired Europe or America, neither both.

In VA_1 I used no symptoms but had full resistance. The vaccines failed
multiple times.
In VA-2 I used silent symptoms, low visibility. Full resistance however
vaccines were successful.

VA-3 i used whatever symptoms were at hand. I had half resistance and vaccines

I have found a rather interesting technique. It may or may not work, I think its
more a matter of luck. However it is worth noting.

1.Remove the first trait(s) and be as low key as possible.
2.Sit in your country and just wait. Let the points rack up. If you dont do anything,
the infected count usually stays between 0 and 100.
3.When you get to about 50 ish, maybe wait for a disaster or two which will help.
4.Spend them all in one go trying for levels 3 in water, heat and moisture, and go
for Airbourne, Waterbourne, Insect and Rodent.

The aim here is to ready yourself and then strike in one quick move. If you’re lucky,
it might spread far enough, and quick enough, before countries start closing off. I
managed to get most of them apart from Madagascar (surprise surprise!) and Australia.
Although there is a hint of random to the game so it might not necessarily work.

I go with the same strategie:
* Make a cool name for your disease (mine's !!chuck!!norris!! [Im working on that
one while publishing this strategie] but the 1 i killed with is common cold
(for now))
* Get rid of your first gift or effect (w/e you wanna call it).
* Aadvance your resistances to 3, however only get 1 in drug
(or else your infection count will slowly drop to zero0orez)
* Get waterborn and airborn.
* Hope you get madagascar.
* Get things that will kill (i like pulminary edema).
* choose what un-infected country you are on vacation in.
(If there are any left uninfected)
* Destroy the world!

PC Walkthrough:
Some Important and non-impotant somethings!
* When simulation started,look at the news,THen if it's not Madagascar,Quit,
Then start again(When madagascar....Start it!)

* name:Make a name(Mine is: Extinction--virus type
Extinction II---Bacteria type
Extinction III : Evolution---Bacteria Type
Extinction IV : Payback ---Bacteria Type
Extinction V : Judgement day ----[Working on it!])

* Try Selling ur 1st sympton.
* wait until u get more Evolution points.
* Buy tier two and three!!!!(dont mind four)
* Tip:I dont know if these work u know!)
* Try Exterminating Madagascar!
* Sometimes,Heat res. can make your disease can go fie-borne (get it?).
* If u still see piers open(But airports are closed)Buy the waterborne transmission.
* Dont mind un-infected countries even if there are:storm,earthquakes,floods and
droughts no human will die with these..(I think riots can kill humans)
* Stuff can get messy if there's a vaccine, And when theres too much drug resistant.

* Your lucky if it starts in greenland(this is where i started)
* First,sell ur trait u get first
* Wait a while to get a few points
* Buy all resistances(except cold and drug,u will get later)
* Wait a while
* Voila,the whole world is infected(to get madagascar u need some luck,well when i
played it didn't get infected..but i do need a new home to live in you know) then
when every possbile person is infected...go crazy with the sicknesses and watch
em die XD.

PC Walkthrough:
I've tried this strategy several times, and it seems to USUALLY work for me, but
occasionally, you might have to try again:

1) Pick Bacteria for your disease.
2) Sell any symptoms that you have.
3) Make the disease spread able by rodents and insects.
5) Wait for around 5-7 regions to become infected.
4) Buy the 1st level resistance on Drug, Moisture, Heat, and Cold.
5) Wait until all the rest of the regions become infected.
6) Buy whatever symptoms you like, but never buy any from tier 4 (they're not worth
it--see tips).
7) You can add on any resistances you like, except for drug resistance. (see tips)
7) Sit back and watch as all of humanity dies from your epidemic.

* When buying your symptoms, I would recommend ones that are the least noticeable to
start off with (for example, kidney failure, fever, etc.)
* If Madagascar shuts down shipyards before it is infected, start over.
* Every time a new vaccine is being researched, buy 1 extra drug resistance level.

PC Walkthrough:
* Play The "Realistic" mode, This is better and easier to infect the whole world.
Be Bacteria, this helps infect but not visability which needs to be low. Call it
anything you like, i used 'morethanacolditis' and it worked really well, might
of been luck, am not sure.

* Sell The trait you are given. Lethality, Visability and Infectivity should be at 0.
Put the game into fast mode to speed up the waiting.

* Wait for about 5-10 mins, until the evolution points are about 40, buy all the
Transmission things.

* Wait for a while again, about 5 mins this time.

* Then Buy resistance for 'Heat 1, Cold 1 and water 1' this will help your desiese
able to work in the heat, cold and water. Do NOT buy the drug resistance yet.
Usually you get a free resistance so if it is in cold, do NOT buy Cold 2.

* Here, if the desiese is not seem to be working buy a cheap trait, Sneezing Or
Coughing will be good, but be prepared because these are very visable and will
help the deseise to be seen and they will make a drug to cure it. If the desiese
is working do not buy anything.

* Wait again.

* If they start making a drug buy drug resistance 1, click on world and see how long
they will take to make it, if it is shorter than 30 days, buy drug resistance 2.

* When more and More Countries are infected start buying little traits, Do NOT buy
anything that will help with visablity, just lethality.

* Hope this helps, Thanks for reading it as it is very long.

Mutating Faster:
When your typing up the name on pandemic 2 dont type anything just leave it and you
should get a trait called mutater which lets your disease mutate faster and more

If you type in "Strongerthandirtosis" as a virus, you start with 50 evolution points
and all 4 disease tiers unlocked.

1st you need to become a virus.Then wait until you can buy waterbourne and airbourne.
Wait again and buy resistances,If you are on a cold country don't buy cold II or vice
versa.DOn't invest on Drug Resistances.Buy any symptoms you like that will kill people
faster.Wait and BOOOOOOM.All the regions are infected.Madagascar is too hard to get
infected but hope it gets infected.

Start as Virus and infect madagascar:
Start as a virus and when it asks you to name your disease delete what is in the box
so it is completely blank. than start the game. There is a good chance you will have
started in madagascar, if you didn't start in madagascar try again.

Step 1: Choose Virus
Step 2: Erase the name, so that it is blank, this allows you
to have the mutator trait which makes it harder to make a vaccine
Step 3: Sell your first symptom (if it is Fever, leave it)
Step 4: Buy the Fever Symptom
Step 5: Wait until you have atleast 8 Upgrade Points
Step 6: Get every resistance level 1 except for drug and the one you started with
Step 7: Wait until you have atleast 17 Upgrade Points and get Waterborne and Airborne
Step 8: Save 6 Upgrade Points and get Moisture II (your disease should now start
spreading to other countries)
Step 9: Raise 12 Upgrade Points and get Heat II and Cold II

NOTICE: once your disease as reached at least one area in each continent, sell your fever
symptom. (New Zealand counts as Oceania)
Step 10: Purchase Rodent and Insect transmission
Step 11: Save enough Upgrade Points to unlock each Tier excluding Tier IV (4)
Step 12: Upgrade with whichever symptoms you would like
Step 13: Go to the kitchen and grab some cookies
Step 14: Recline in your chair and watch yourself take over the whole world

1. If Madagascar closes its airports/ports/borders, RESTART
2. For symptoms, purchase, non-noticeable, deathly symptoms.
Sorry it is long.

How To Beat The Game:
I did the following, im still playing but i've read so many guides and such I dont know how
this could go wrong.

-Use any kind of disease (Parasite, Virus, Bacteria) never really mattered to me.

1. Start the game with any name, people have claimed that erasing 'Disease Name' and just
pressing enter will help you.

2. Delete your only symptom and set your setting to fast.

3. Now leave your CP or do something else for 30-60 minutes (This is easier but you really
only need to leave for about 20).

4. When you get back you should have LOTS of points (Unless you only went for 20 minutes).

5. This is the point were you may have to restart. Choose from the action choices:
* Activate Airbourne or Waterbourne (short time but may ruin the game).
* Activate All ressistances to level 1 (excluding the one you started with and the drug one).
* Do nothing and wait for hours while you gain more points and conquer the world (May not
work well, but it does finish the job).

6. This is a warning, be careful, if your not careful they may make a vaccine and if your not
whatcing they will ruin your game.

7. After you have EVERYTHING (if you don't and all the coasts and airlines are closed you must
restart) max everything else you have.

8. Wait 5-10 minutes and whatch everyone drop dead.

*******This may take a couple times.

Fast Evoluation:
Here is how to Evolve Fast,Start wuth bacteria and wait a few seconds it gives you points fast
so you can evolve faster also it actuly spreads faster then Virus So remember to start with
bacteria and enjoy killing the whole world:D

Win the game:
Be a parasite, and sell your first symptom, duh. then buy full drug resistance. buy level 2,
maybe level 3 of the other resistances. wait until every region has someone infected, then
buy, in order, waterborne, airborne, insect, and rodent. then wait until everyone is infected,
then start buying symptoms. if you pick the right symptoms, you should win!

Easy Walkthrough Pandemic 2:
First, choose relaxed and pick a Virus, name it whatever. You may have to do this repeatedly,
but keep restarting the game until your disease arrives in either Cuba, Madagascar, or New
Zealand first. Because they are small countries, it will be harder for the world to develop
a vaccine quick enough. Then, sell all of your disease symptoms and buy all level 1 resistance.
Make time go as fast as possible. After about 5-10 minutes, you should have infected the entire
or at least most of it, and have around 140-150 evolution points. It is particularly hard to
infect Argentina, Peru, and Madagascar. After you have done this, buy Airborne and Waterborne
transmissions and all the drug resistance. Finally, buy all tiers of symptoms and (you only
need these two or three symptoms) buy: FEVER, ENCEPHALITIS, VOMITING, AND ANOTHER OF YOUR CHOICE.
You should beat the game in about 10 minutes.

Madagascar Finnaly:
I started on Madagascar to do this just keep restarting the game till you do. From there invest
in water and airborne if it gets out of the country before it gets bad and the ports close the
rest of the game is easy.

Immunity Trait:
First, choose Realistic mode (only in this mode the trait appears).
Now,choose the bacteria disease class. Before anything, seel your only symptom and wait until you
earn like 60 evolution point, to win immunity you have to buy all the drug resistance at one shot
before the vaccine is deployed. When the vaccine results came out, youll notice this trait, which
makes your disease immune to future vaccines.

Good Run:
* First Make a disease make sure it is virus.
* Second Get resistance for all except the on you already have (only with durable)
* Get lots of symptons and you will do extremely well.

When at the select screen pick realistic mode then pick virus. next type in the name pandemic 2
just like the game. Finally go and look at your disease tab and you will see the word biohazard at
the bottom right of the screen. This means your disease will spread much faster than usual. Also
you will either start as austrilia or madagascar.

God approach:
Is set up a simple disease maybe just a fever sympton with all transmissinos and a few resistances
then leave it for 10-15 mins come back and you'll have loads of evolution points to spend and start
being evil with as most countries are infected. However, unless you start in MADAGASCAR it results
in every nation/continent devoid of life except Madagascar.

Play in Realistic mode. This is better and it is easier to infect the whole world. Select bacteria.
This helps infect but not visibility which needs to be low. Sell the symptom you are given. Lethality,
visibility and infectivity should be at 0. Set the game to Fast mode to speed up the waiting. Wait
for about five to ten minutes, until the evolution points are about 40. Buy all the transmission
options. Wait for about five minutes, then buy resistance for heat 1, cold 1 and water 1. This will
help your disease be able to work in the heat, cold and water. Do not buy the drug resistance yet.
Usually you get a free resistance. For example, if it is in cold, do Not buy cold level 2. If the
disease does not seem to be working, buy a cheap symptom, such as sneezing or coughing. Be prepared
because these are very visible and will help the disease to be seen and they will make a drug to
cure it. If the disease is working, do not buy anything. Wait again. If they start making a drug,
buy drug resistance level 1. Click on the world and see how long they will take to make it. If it
is shorter than 30 days, buy drug resistance level 2. When more countries are infected, start buying
little traits. Do not buy anything that will increase visibility, just lethality.

Play in Realistic mode

Start as a bacteria with the name 'morethanacolditis'

Restart until you start on Madagascar

Sell your first symptom

Wait until you have 60 points and buy all of the drug resistances (this gives the immunity trait)
(being on Fast Mode helps)

Wait until you have 60 points again and buy all the other resistances

DO NOT buy resistances for the one that you started with if you have the DURABLE trait - the disease
spreads rapidly and the airports/shipyards close

Wait until disease infects the entire world

Buy transmissions and symptoms once the whole world is infected

Use your own combination of symptoms to kill the people - fever, diarrhea, pulmonary edema, and
hypersensitivity are what I generally use

How to infect FAST (this may not infect the whole world):
First start as virus then buy waterborne then wait till you can buy moistureI if you allready have
it restart if you buy moistureII the contury will brake out with infection whitch means thay mite
close boarders and airports and ship yard before you can do this if you don't start with moistureI
then buy it and then moistureII.

Infecting Madagascar:
Buying rodent transmission should help you infect madagascar, as rodents travel on ships and you can
only infect madagascar by ship unless you started with that country.

My Bacteria:
Here is what I did. I first selected the Bacteria disease and then proceeded. I then waited until i
had about 20ish evolution points and then bought all resistance up to level 2. At first nothing
happened but 1 min later i found that i had infected the whole world. Except for madagascar.
That is the one i can never get...

1]select bacteria
2]name the desease small pox
3]get rid of your only symptom
4]build to lvl 3 for resistances
4]get all transmitions
5]wait for it to spread to all countries b4 buying the symptoms
6]once all countries are infected buy all symptoms (note: you dont need all of the to kill people)
7] in a few hours the game should end with everyone dead

note: it doesn't matter where you start off at.

Hints \ walkthrough:
-Start as bacteria.
-Restart until you get a country with lots of people, port and airport. I got Japan - which
is perfect. Countries with 100+ million people are recommended.
-Sell initial symptom and get sneezing.
-DONT get any resistance, get all transition ways asap.
-Wait until you infect any other country and sell sneezing.
-Wait. No other countries will be affected strongly enough to panic, and you will have lots of
time to infect Madagascar and at least one country on each continent.
-Once there - buy all resistances to at least level 2 and as much infectious symptoms as possible.
-If Madagascar closes with 0 infected restart.

The Way To Win!!!:
Ok, so I have read many many tips on how to beat the game. I ended up just figuring it out myself.
This really works. I killed mankind in 70 days. This is how to do it:

1. Choose relaxed mode.
2. Choose virus.
3. Erase the disease name and leave it blank. (Contrary to what others said, this will not give
extra evolution points).
4. When the game begins, sell any symptom that is given to you.
5. Depending on where the disease begins, buy the traits to fit the climate. (Brazil: heat.
Greenland: cold...).
6. Put the game on fast mode and rack up some points. Buy all the traits to tier two
(cold, heat, moisture, and drug).
7. TIP: If you see a hurricaine or flooding has hit in an infected area, make sure you go after
moisture first.
8. Buy airborne transmission. This is it!
9. After you have airborne, and all the traits to tier 2 set the game on fast mode and sit back
and relax!
10. Once all the countries/regions are infected, go crazy with symptoms!

I have done this same method 5 times now and it has worked every time!
For some reason also it seems to be best to start in Brazil! Good luck and email me!

Best parasite ever:
I started with the parasite, and, following the trend i read of "morethnaa-itis", typed in
"morethanatapewormitis". I was started in Cuba with following traits:
CATCHING: your disease is naturally airborne, don't have to buy it :D
Mutator: disease evolves quickly, harder to make vaccine
Durable: heat resistance 1 t's pretty badass.

Good setup:
Choose realistic mode, virus, and name it pandemic 2. i did this and started out with fever,
a durability to heat, Mutator- Disease evolves quicker and more unexpectadley i.e It will be
harder for scientists to develope a working vaccine. Then i received Ablaze (thanks to mutator)
giving the fever symptom a more likeley ness to kill people.

Beat the Vaccine !!:
The key to winning the game, is to beat the vaccine. That's it, in a nutshell. To do that,
you may likely have to start off with the bacteria, because that's what has worked for me,
but maybe you can do it with the virus, too. Try it.

Anyhow, to beat the vaccine, the first thing you do is sell off whatever symptom you start
with, accelerate the game's speed, and BUY UP ALL THE DRUG RESISTANCES AS SOON AS YOU CAN,

Once you do that, whenever the game tries to find a vaccine for your disease -- whatever
it is -- they won't be able to come up with one. And then you can just wait until every
single human being on the planet is sick with your disease, but not yet dying from it.

In order to keep the governments from noticing your disease, don't introduce a single
resistance or symptom until there is full infection, everywhere. (It's up to you if you
want to spare places like Madagascar or not, but just remember that once Madagascar closes
its shipping ports, they can't be infected at all, and will survive.)

After everyone is infected, it's smooth sailing. You can infect them with whatever you like.
Personally, I just double-teamed them with MENINGITIS and NECROSIS, and their numbers just
started plummeting.
Anyhow, that's all from me. Let me know if it works for you, too. I think it will.

Easy sailing:
Be a parisite its least effected by weather and hope you get indonsia its the best place for

No Vaccine and Wide Spread:
Do Relaxed then For the name of a virus do EMRA DISEASE after that at the bottom of the
screen there will be three dots click the third dot and it will go on fast forward set the
comp. down for a fe minutes when you come back you will have tons of money then bye ALL the
transmissions and ALL the resistances you can afford then when you do all that get teir 1 2 3
and 4 for sicknesses then look at the sicknesses read the description and only bye ones that
can spread and that will kill when your done it will be hard for them to come out with a
vccine and most the world will be covered.

This is really weird, my bacteria spread autimatically, I didn't buy anything to spread it,
sold the one trait and bought some resistance, left it for a while, came back and found most
of the world infected.
So, watch your disease for automatic spreading
ps. I started at Cuba

How to get a High Score:
OK First NONE of these "leave the name blank" or "name it this to win" crap works!!
The way to get a High Score is this:
1) Choose relaxed game
2) Choose Virus
3) Pick a name (any name will work)
4) Set the speed on Fast
5) Wait til you get about 25-30 points
6) Buy the first level of resistance (all of them), airborne, Rodent, Fever, and Sneezing
(you need a way to spread it)
7) Sit back and wait a little bit and pray you get everybody*
8) As soon as the vaccine is in development go nuts buy all the drugs and unlock tier 2 & 3**
9) Buy the things that are most lethal and spreadable (Kidney Failure, Hemorrhaging,
Hypersensitivity, Diarrhea, Vomiting)**
10) Sit back and watch everyone die!!

*With a little bit of luck you'll get them all but Madagascar is the hardest to get and usually
you won't get it.
**As you unlock the tiers DON'T sell back anything that they give you
***Don't worry about the visibility, at this point if you haven't infected the country you probably
won't so just kill 'em as fast as possible. The faster you kill everyone the higher the score!!
Remember this is not a way to win but to get a High Score! I have used this method and been very

Go all out:
1. I prefer virus, but this may work for bacteria or parasite (choose virus!)
2. Stop listening to the cheats that tell you to sell your one trait - it doesn't work
3. Get all the resistance you can. You don't NEED drug, but you can get it if you wish
4. Once you have about 20 or something like that evolution "money" (whatever it's called)
then buy the most noticable trains (ex. Sneezing, coughing, sweating) Get the cheap stuff.
5. Make it Rodent or Insect transmissed first, airborne and waterborne will make them close the
airports fast.
6. Regions should start getting infected like crazy.
7. However many point things you have, buy trains, transmission, or resistance.
8. Watch the countries drop like flies

P.S. One tip is, the faster you infect and kill lots of countries, a better score you'll get!

Winning stratagey:
STEP 1: Choose the Virus
STEP 2: Name it Swine Flu (this always helps me take madagascar)
STEP 3: Sell your Symptom(s)
STEP 4: Wait untill you have 45 evolution points
STEP 5: Unlock all the tiers under symptoms
STEP 6: Wait a while longer (I watch TV)
STEP 7: Now when you have at least 50-70 evolution points click disease
STEP 9: Buy infective traits but NOT visibility traits.
STEP 8: Notice I switched step 8 and 9
STEP 10: But deadly traits (Kidney failure, Liver failure, Heart failure, Hemoraging, Brain
failure [it's not called brian failure but look for it], ect.)

This is what I did (RESULTS MAY VERY).
1. choose relaxed mode
2. choose virus
3. sold the symtom i fisrt started with
4. wait until you accumulate a lot of points
* if you start with durable under your traits you should have a specific resistance
(ex: cold 1) whatever that trait is you can NOT buy the sencond one.
5. bought all the other traits with execption of the information next to the *
* you have to do this all at the same time cause you want it to strike them all at
once and not a little by little
6. Wait for more points
7. unlock all the tears for symtoms and buy the most lethal
8. watch you disease take over
* Madagascar is a very tricky one to infect you just have to get lucky

Select a virus. Get all the resistance possible. You do not need Drug, but you can get it
if desired. Once you have about 20 evolution points, buy the most noticeable and cheap
symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, and sweating. Make it rodent or insect transmitted
first, because airborne and waterborne will make them close the airports quickly. Regions
should start getting infected. With however many evolution points you have, buy symptoms,
transmission, or resistance. The faster you infect and kill lots of countries, the better
your score.

As you will soon find out that not all of the cheats entered on this site actually work
infact some are bull crap i have been working on a manual for 3 days straight. When people
tell you to sell your first "gift DONT LISTEN TO THEM". Where ever you start click the fast
forward button and collect as many point as you want the least you can do to still work will
be to wait atleast 10 days by that point you should acumlate 30 or so. Go to disease and buy
fever and sell others. buy drug one and two and purchase airborne. acumlate more points and
unlock the second row. purchase pulmemary edema and dirrhea. Keep looking out for all the
countries being effected if your orginal country becomes a brown or red color your in trouble
not much you can do. otherwise lowly keep buying these symptoms: Fever, hypersensitivy, diarrhea,
kidney failure enecphalitis, and hemorraging (BTW dont get hemorraging till later when everyone
is affected. in total you will need to acumlate about 110 points for all plus more to sell
symptoms. stay way from high visibality because that flags all the countries too quickly.
If needed sell symptoms and regain them later to throw off vaccine.

To win the game follow these tips:
*1 Start as a virus

*2 Enter the name ANATHEMA.
(with this name its very possible that you start in madagascar)

*3 Sell your first simtom

*4 Buy all resistances to level 3

*5 Wait untill all regions are infected

*6 Buy all the symptoms you want

How to infect lots of reigons:
* Become a virus
* Leave the name blank (this makes the traits harder to identify making the vaccine harder
to produce)
* Wait until you have enough to but the whole first symptoms.
* Keep buying all the symtoms in the symtom collection thing.
* Then once you have all of them sell all but the deadly ones. (kidney failure heart failure etc.)
(this makes more deadly and quicker to kill the people.)
* Go to your kitchen get a snack and watch your disease kill everyone

First be a virus and keep restarting the game until it lands on madagscar, sell your only sympthon
buy all the resistances (except if you have durable dont purchase the tier 2 for the one, you start
with) and transmissions. right now you should have at least 4 countries infected and no one dead,
buy alot of sympthoms and hope that indonesia cuba greenland and japan get infected,
you should not have more than 4 countries left ( i won).

Easy Game:
1. Choose relaxed
2. Then, virus
3. Don't place a disease name for the vaccine to hardly done
4. In start of game, refer to the climate
Ex. Argentina - heat, etc.
5. Press the 3rd dot to rack up points
6. Then, work with the airborne transmission
7. Unlock resistances up to level 2 except the drug
8. When it starts to infect many countries, unlock and choose diseases
9. Watch the "desolation row" game to be destroyed by virus!!
GUD Luck!!

Fairly easy win:
I finally won this morning, after I totally forgot the game was open.
This is gonna start like every other hint, sell your only trait. But then, don't do anything.
For at least 20 minutes. I don't know how long it was that I left it, but it had to have been
at least that. Since it isn't spreading like wildfire, it'll just slowly get to every country.
Even madagascar. It isn't causing a ruckus, so none of the countries are like "OH GOD WTF?!"
And then once you've got all the countries, you should have about 120 evolution points. Show
them humans what's up, and you got yourself an easy win!

From Madagascar to the whole world:
I have got my virus landed on Madagascar.. so here is how did i spread it to the whole world
(actually this is the first time i have done that!)

* sell the only symptom
* save some points to enable all the transmissions
* wait till it goes out
* landed on japan - so i upgraded code to make it can be spread to russia, canada, etc.
* wait till all the ppl are infected
* things are under control.
* have fun!

Just saying something:
umm well i am playing the game and i dont know if i just got lucky or something but my diasese
started in madagascar. i dont know it made a difference or anything but i just deleted the
'diasese name' thing and left it blank. i won the game like that.

Start in madagascar:
I read that someone named treir disease Madagascar and started in Madagascar, so I tried it out.
I chose realistic, parasite, named it Madagascar and surprise...I started in Madagascar. From there,
just sell your sympton and focus on resistances. I did not buy any transmision, nore drug resistance,
just cold , heat and moisture. I got the whole world before they started to close down anything.
That should help you win the game.

* Choose a mode.
* Be a virus on relaxed, bacteria or parasite on realistic.
* If you start in Madagascar, it will be a very long time before other countries get infected.
* Sell your only symptom.
* Save points. (Try to get 80!)
* Buy Heat I, Cold I, Moisture I, and Drug I.
* Buy rodent.
* Wait to the whole world is infected.
* Buy Tier I,II and III.
* If the whole world is infected, buy deadly symptoms. (I buy heart failure, liver failure, kidney
failure,encephalitis and hemorrhaging.

Homo Sapiens Eradication 101:
I just played on Relaxed mode and won. My disease was named Hepatitis H. This is a method for
winning the game, NOT GETTING A HIGH SCORE. Here is how I did it:

1. Choose Relaxed mode.
2. Choose Virus. You get faster points this way.
3. Start in Madagascar. Otherwise, restart.
4. Sell your only symptom.
5. Buy Cold I, Heat I, and Moisture I.
6. Wait for Madagascar to turn red. Also watch for any boats coming from the harbor. If you see
one, follow it to the next country to be infected.
7. Just wait, and soon your virus will take hold on every country on Earth.
8. As soon as the last country is infected, use your 80+ evolution points and BUY LETHAL SYMPTOMS.
I found that Liver Failure, Fatigue, Vomiting, Fever, and Nauseua did the trick (I based it on
hepatitis' real symptoms).
9. It may take a few days or even weeks, but soon you'll see the first deaths. If you're getting
a little impatient, buy Moisture II and Waterborne transmission. Soon people will be dropping
like flies. Greenland tends to be first to die out.
10.Again, be patient. Soon, entire continents will become burial grounds. Nearly everyone who
gets infected will die within a day.
11.China was the last to go for me. Open up the last surviving country's window, and count down
the dropping population like when the ball drops on New Year's Eve in Times Square. To ring
in the extermination of humanity, do an evil laugh.

I'll soon try this method on Realistic. But it works for Relaxed!

play until it is infinity days before they get a vaccine put the game on double time and buy all
symptom tiers and wait until you have 181 points. Pause the game and buy all symptoms and just
wait until you have game over. its really fun to infect the earth.

Infecting everyone (including Madagascar):
This works best if you start off in either New Zealand or West Europe

Step 1: Select a parasite
Step 2: Sell off your symptoms
Step 3: Have level 1 resistance of everything
Step 4: Have the only transmission as rodent.
Step 5: Once Madagascar is infected, get full drug resistance, and moisture II, then go waterbourne.
Step 6: Watch the points rack up, and go to town on whatever symptoms you like.

The strategy works 90% of the time for me.

1. Go to Realistic.
2. Choose Virus.
3. For the Name, Type in "The Black Plague 2" exactly like that.
4. You will Start out in Madagascar, Japan or Cuba.
5. You Will Recive these 3 traits: Biohazard, Mutator and Epidemic.

Epidemic: Your Disease is Quite Deadly, But Many Governments Know about Your Disease.

Advantages: Automatic Drug Resistance 2 Enabled, High Lethality and Infectivity,
All Symptoms in Tier 1 and Most of Tier 2 Unlocked, 5 Starting Regions.
Disadvantages: Vaccine will Already be under Production at the start of the game,
High Visibility.

Alright. Heres a good way to win. and DONT say it sucks.

1. Sell your Starting Symptom.
2. Buy 1 of all the Resistances Exept Drug Resistance. (thats for later.)
3. Get Insect, Rodent, Airborne and Waterborne.
4. Get your Disease To Spread Quickly with Low Visibility.
5. Wait till Most or All of the Regions are infected.
6. Buy a Bunch of Small Symptoms. (Anything Low Visibility.)
7. Then, buy ALL of the Deadly and High Visibility Symptoms. (Pulmonary Edema,Heart Failure, etc.)
8. Wait until the Vaccine is Being Made. Remember How i told you NOT to buy any Drug Resistance?
well, Wait untill the Vaccine is Almost Done. Buy ALL Drug Restince.
9. They will Mke a New Vaccine. Try Anything Possible to Avoid Getting The Vaccine to Destroy your
Virus. If you Stop it, or do anything else Before the Vaccine Completion, Proceed to Number 10.
10.Continue to Kill Off more and more people. (NOTE: as you kill more and more people, the
Vaccine Completion Progress will slow down and eventually Halt once you get to around 10,000,000
people alive, the Vaccine Progress will Halt.)
11.Kill More and More People Till You Win The Game!

Tip - Forcing vaccines to fail:
Heres a way to make the Vaccine Fail the First time. It worked Many times for me and only 2 times
out of 10 i failed. this is good so listen up!

1. Wait till Vaccine is almost completed.
3. buy ALL of the drug resistances.

okay, so whatever place you land on, if it isn't Madagascar, restart. remember the name of the
country, and type it in the disease name. I was in realistic and i was a virus, but i don't
think that matters. if you get New Zealand, type it in the disease name box. Voila! you got
Madagascar! but don't do this until you hit New Zealand. most of the time, you get Cuba before
New Zealand. i tried this several times and it worked! amazing trick I promise.

Freaky weird madagascar infection:
i was playin pandemic 2 and started out in madagascar and was like hell ya and just sat back
and relaxed to rack up some points and i looked at the country's stats and saw that infected
people kept rising and rising and the government didnt do a thing and eventually the whole
country got infected and nothing was shut down and i got like 200 points but nothing happened
nothing was shut down or handed out weird ill tell you what i did i played on realistic,
parasite and had the traits durable,famous and parasite and started in madagascar.

The way to win!!:
1) Pick Virus.
2) Start inMadagascar. If you do not get there restart.
3) Sell the starting symptoms, and buy sneezing (unless it is what you started with, just keep it).
4) Buy 1-1-1-0 resistances but no transmissions (they trigger closures).
5) Once four countries are infected, sell sneezing to get rid of visibility.
6) Wait until all countries are infected.
7) Buy all four drug resistances AND sneezing, coughing, and vomiting.
8) After a few days, unlock tiers 2-3, (do not buy tier 4 ever!) keeping whatever symptoms it gives you.
9) Buy fever, fatigue, diarrhea, pulmonary edema, and hypersensitivity. Then save for kidney
failure and ataxia.
10)Grab some food & watch while the human race slowly but surely disappears!!

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