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Коды (cheats) к игре Darksiders

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Коды (cheats) к игре Darksiders

Easy way to gain some extra lives:
There is a easy way to gain extra Lives in Darksiders game. In many game places you can
see some crows. When you run toward them, they flew away. But if you able to kill them
with your weapons like gun or sword, you will be rewarded with some extra lives.
This is a easy way to gain some extra lives in the game.-- Happy playing.

All 10 Abyssal armor locations:
1. Scalding Gallow
After freeing Samael from his prison, head to the vullgrim location along the road nearby.
In the back corner of this room, you will see a missing part of the wall. In front of you,
you will see Samael's stomping grounds. Look below the prison and you should be able to
make aout a small rocky path below. Use your newly acquired shadowflight ability to jump
and glide down to the path, follow it to the top to find the first piece of the Abyssal
Armour Set.

2. Twilight Cathedral
After riding the platform with the three statues up to the courtyard in front of the boss
door, turn around and use the block you pushed into the corner earlier to access the above
balcony. At the top, turn to the left and use your cross blade to stun the demonic plant
above the door. Enter the room and look on the far side of the balcony for a chest containing
the second piece.

3. Scalding Gallow
At the bottom of the ramp leading to Samael's prison, you should see a ruined building in
front of you. On a column to the left you should be able to make
out a red crystal with a bomb plant mounted on it. Use your cross blade to hit the bomb and
detonate it. This will create a small ramp, allowing you access to the chest containing the
third piece of the set.

4. Drowned Pass
Jump into the water, dive under and find the most noth eastern tunnel here. Swim through
this and surface into the cave at the far end. Defeat all the enemies and then pick up the
fourth piece of the armor set from the nearby chest.

5. Drowned Pass
You will be awarded the fifth piece of Abyssal Armour when talking to the gatekeeper
after completing the four shadow challenge arenas in the area.

6. The Hollow
When you enter the first large tunnel area in the hollows and the doors all get sealed off.
You will have to fight a group of spined minions and a greater dragon. Look back down the
tunnel to see where the dragon burst through the
wall to find an alcove containing the sixth piece.

7. Iron Canopy
After fighting the first big spider, you will arrive in a room with the locked blue door
at the far end. To the left of this is a climbable wall, at the top grapple across the gap
to find a chronosphere. Do not activate this yet, instead look up and to the left to find
another cheeky grapple point. Use the chain to pull yourself up here and open the chest for
Abyssal Armour piece number 7.

8. The Black Throne
In the Black Throne's third tower. When you reach the bottom of the long downwards
spiralling staircase with large red crystal in the middle of the area. Activate the nearby
portal pad, then look out the door, you should see a rotating, floating stone block. Wait
for the pad on it to become visible then activate it. Wait for it to turn and face the bomb
plant before jumping through and gliding across the gap. Activate the teleporter here and
use the abyssal chain to grab the bomb from the stone column, wait for the portal on the
rotating stone block to face a bunch of red crystals before tossing the bomb through to
remove the obstacle. Jump through after it to find
a chest containing the eighth piece of the Abyssal Armour set.

9. Eden
Go to the very eastern side of the map hidden and in a small passageway behind the waterfall,
you will find the ninth piece of the Abyssal Armour.

10. The Ashlands
The final piece of the Abyssal Armour set is hidden on top of the first building you
encountered in the Ashlands. To get to it, you will need to ride Ruin around the back to find
a large raised rocky area, to get on this, follow the rocky wall around until you find a
shadow flight geyser. Use this to access the ledge above. Run to the far end and use the
abyssal chain on the grappling points here to reach the top of the building. Open the chest
here for your prize.

All legendary enhancements locations:
War's Glory:
Requirements: Abyssal Chain
Location:When you're going around, trying to find and bash the spider queen, the area with
the REALLY big gem-protected spider is about where this is. After you kill the gem-spider,
you encounter a really long path that you can only cross with a mix of gliding[floating,
really, at the speed you travel], and grappel. When, right after you latch on to the FIRST
hook, turn around. There is a chest on the ledge above and it contains [real spoilers]
War's Glory, which does...

Drastically increase Chaos gained via whatever weapon is using it.
Drastically increase the amount of weapon experience gained.
Drastically increase the duration of Chaos Form
Drastically increase weapon damage

Strife's Offering:
Requirements: Abyssal Chain
Location: The Ashlands. It's in the pit-area you get to, after making one of the drills
pull out of the sand. You need the grapple to reach, however. [More notably, it's in the
room that has a bunch of the barnacle-imitations, that grab and bite things. You have to
swing across a big non-damaging pit to reach it.]

Slotted Effects:
Boosts weapon damage.
Generates Wrath and Chaos on killing blows[b-button kills]
Passive Effects:
Drastically increases projectile attack damage.
Increases War's defense against projectile attacks.

Death's Blessing:
Requirements: Voidwalker
Location: When traveling on The Dry Road, in the big tunnel with the large blast-door
that opens slowly and shuts quickly, there is a Voidwalker-surface on one side of the
door. Place a hole there then open the door and go to the other side, where there is a
small room with the first Chronosphere you ever used is. Place a void-hole on the surface
in this room, set the door to opening, then activate the chronosphere by hand, then finally
walk through the hole to find the chest that contains...

Slotted Effects:
Leeches weapon damage and converts it to health[much like the Abyssal Armor also does...
or is it that I have the harvester?]
Drastically increases weapon damage
Drastically increases the amount of souls acquired from objects and creatures
Additional soul rewards when assigned to the Scythe.

Fury's Embrace:
Requirements: Voidwalker
Location: The Black Throne After you first encounter Azrael, the first area you go to
which requires some pit-swinging to reach, once you get the voidwalker and leave that room,
you then encounter your first voidwalker puzzle[that requires tossing a bomb into a portal
to break some red-crystals]. Beyond the red crystals is a room with no floor that uses
triggers for the floating path-blocks. As you cross, to your left is a small room with a
voidwalker surface. Shoot a portal up there then fall. Then backtrack a little to the
portal on the sliding-section and jump through it. You'll land in that floorless room in
front of another trigger that will create a path to the chest that contains...

Slotted Effect:
Wrath leeched on every weapon strike.
Passive Effects:
Boosts Wrath power damage.
Reveals all world maps and items.
Additional Wrath boost on killing blows.

Cheat Codes:
Abyssal Armor in next game:
Successfully complete the game with all ten pieces of the Abyssal Armor.
You can start a new game session and be able to use that armor at the

Harvester Scythe:
Enter The Hollow Lord as a case-sensitive code. Then, visit Vulgrim to
obtain the Harvester Scythe.
Note: This also can be done in the demo version of the game.

Wrath Shards and Cores:
The following shards and cores are available.

Location Wrath Shards Wrath Cores
Vulgrim (for sale) 1 1
Vulgrim (overlord) 0 1
Serpent Holes 2 0
Crossroads 1 0
Scalding Gallow 2 0
Choking Grounds 1 0
Broken Stair 0 0
Twilight Cathedral 2 1
Drowned Pass 1 0
Anvil's Ford 2 0
The Hollows 2 0
Dry Road 0 0
The Ashlands 1 0
Iron Canopy 2 0
The Black Throne 1 0
Eden 1 0

Total 20 (5 Cores) 3

Final Wrath Shard:
Take the Serpent Hole to The Ashlands. Take a right out the small cave you
are transported to continue down the path until you reach the area with the
three monsters hanging from the ceiling with the wire that you can jump to
in the middle. Jump on the wire to the left of the monsters and continue
left, grab the growth, and pull yourself up into the opening. Once in the
opening, look to the right and up. You should see an orange object you can
use to grab with the chain. Walk slightly further into the area after you
use the chain to get to and there should be a chest with the last Wrath
Shard in it.

Maximum Chaoseater Blade level:
Equip Combat Lore to increase the experience received from each strike and
Bloodthirt to restore your health. Start the battle with the Stygian (Ashlands
Boss) by killing phantom guard soldiers while riding Ruin. After the Stygian
frees itself, ride alongside it and attack its body. Note: Avoid hitting the
helmet or Stygian will attack. The Stygian will disappear under the sand then
resurface. Repeat the process to increase your Chaoseater Blade level. If the
Stygian attacks, ride Ruin to the closed doorway during the battle. You will
jump off and have control of Ruin. Keep your back against the door and wait
for the Stygian to directly at you. You will get knocked through the door and
can return to Vulgrim to reset the battle.

Easy "Devastator" achievement or trophy:
Start the "Speed Brawl" Dark Realm challenge in the Choking Grounds. A large
number of weak zombies spawns during the challenge. Use your Blade Geyser after
at least ten zombies are around you.

Easy "High Flier" achievement or trophy:
Start the "Gory End" Dark Realm challenge in the Choking Grounds. It involves
fighting a large group of bats that can be killed in one hit by using your
sword attack. War will kill a bat while it is still in the air, and you can
jump off the target to another bat without hitting the ground. Jump from bat
to bat with one hit kills until unlocking the achievement or trophy.

Easy lives:
You can find crows in many locations. If you run toward them, they will fly away.
However if you able to kill them with your gun or sword, you will be rewarded
with some extra lives.

How To Free Azrael:
Your goal is to free Azrael. Start by going to the right into the nearby door.
Hit the first trigger crystal you see with the Cross Blade. This opens a passage to the
right. Go through it.
Hit the trigger crystal in the next passage on the wall farthest, then go back and hit
the first trigger crystal. Now you can walk through two open passage on the left into
the third section.
Jump to the trigger crystal in the third section and hit it, then use the Blue Chain Point
to swing back across and go up the stairs.
Ignore the nearest trigger crystal and jump to the lone ledge ahead so you can hit the
trigger crystal out of reach. Go back and you should be able to walk out to the exit.
Outside, you are ambushed by a Black Wraith. It can be fairly dangerous, but is vulnerable
to the YY combo from the Tremor Gauntlet. Kill it to continue.
Walk up to the pair of cranks ahead and turn the one on the left. Turn the one on the
right and hit the trigger crystal that appears on the rotating platform, then turn the
crank on the right again quickly. This should cause all four Chain Points to become active,
allow you to use them to cross the gap and head into the East Tower.

The East Rook
Head into the antechamber at the start and get ready to take on a horde of enemies, including
Black Wraiths, Goreclaws, and Infernal Beasts and Infernal Fallen (upgrades to the Fallen
and Dark Beasts). Kill them all, then open the stone idol that appears for the Voidwalker.
The Voidwalker works like the gun from Portal. Portals can be set on top of "Portal Pads",
and you can then jump between them. If you hold RT when firing a portal shot, you will set
a supercharged portal that will fling War far when he exits it, which will be needed to
clear some height/gaps.
Start by finding the two Portal Pads on the walls outside of the pit that held the Voidwalker.
Use them to reach the side passage and follow it up.
You should see two more Portal Pads ahead. Supercharge the one on the floor so that you are
launched far up and on to the ledge above.
Shoot the Portal Pad opposite the ledge you landed on and warp to it. Go down the hall and
you should find a Floor Button that will trigger another Portal Pad next to it to rise up
and down.
Set a portal on this Portal Pad, then go further down the hall to a dead-end with a Bomb
Growth and another Portal Pad. Set a portal here, then go back and hit the floor button.
While the first portal is raised up, go to the Bomb Growth and throw a Bomb through the
nearby portal to blow up a red crystal, then jump through yourself to reach the newly-freed
In the next room, kill the Darkbats and use the Floor Button to make a bridge to the other
Fury's Embrace: If you look above and to your left as you cross the bridge, you should see
a Portal Pad in an alcove. Fire a portal at it and warp there. Use the Floor Button there
to reach the chest on the opposite side.
Use the two Shadoworbs to reach the two Portal Pads. Use supercharged portals to launch
War up to the ledge and to the mini-boss battle.
Here, you'll fight a Soul Keeper. The goal is to create supercharged portals on the ground
and use them to launch War into the air so that he can glide onto the Soul Keeper's head
and stun it with the B context command. It's easiest to land on its head after it misses
with an overhead smash, but not necessary.
Once it's stunned, hack away at its core until it recovers, then quickly get away to avoid
its counterattacks. Repeat the pattern until the core powers down, during which you can
kill it with a B-Finisher.
Your goal now is to guide the giant blue beam of souls back to Azrael's prison using portals.
Start by setting a portal on the Portal Pad the beam is currently shooting into, then
backtrack until you find two closed doors, one of which is in front of a Portal Pad and
has a blue orb on it.
Set a portal on the Portal Pad in front of the door with the blue orb. The soul beam will
pour through and strike the door, blowing it up. Continue forward to find a lift with a
device with an orb on it (a "Soul Container").
Go back to where you killed the Soul Keeper and set another portal on the Portal Pad the
beam is shooting into. Now return to the lift and set a portal opposite the Soul Container.
This will cause the Soul Container to contain the "force" that powers the beam, and will
now shoot out the beam itself.
Use the crank to lower the lift and the Soul Container along with it. Shoot a portal at
the Portal Pad the beam is now firing into, then shoot another portal at the pad to the
side of it to send the beam into another Soul Container.
Exit through the door underneath the Soul Container. Kill the hordes of enemies outside,
then set a portal on the Portal Pad the beam is now firing into.
Cross the gap with the four Blue Chain Points to the other side, and set a portal on the
Portal Pad there. Now the beam is moved into a new Soul Container.
Enter the door ahead to return back to the trigger crystal rooms. Follow the passage to
the right back to the ledge with the two trigger crystals next to it. Hit the trigger
crystal closest to where you first come in from, then jump to the ledge and head down into
the newly opened doorway.
Go through the doorway and set portals on the two pads here; one on the moving wall and
one on the pad across from it. Now hit the trigger crystal nearby to raise the wall,
sending the beam through ornate holes in the moving walls.
The beam should be moving through all the ornate holes except for the one closest to the
last Soul Container. Follow the passage back to the trigger crystal across from the last
Soul Container and strike it to get the beam through. Don't forget the map before leaving;
to get it, stand in the area closest to Azarel's prison then set supercharged portals on
the Portal Pads near the floor and on the moving wall. War should get launched into a
secret niche with the chest.
Head through the door to Azrael's prison and you'll get a cutscene, then the prison
undergoes a transformation.

The North Rook
Use the Portal Pads in Azrael's room to make your way to the rotating floating blocks.
Jump onto the lowest block, then follow the ring of blocks to the only open door for now.
Take it.
Ride the elevator upwards, fighting off the Phantom Champions until you make it to the top.
In the next room, you'll find a magic bridge that snakes its way around the room,
materializing and disintegrating away as it moves around. Kill off the Darkbats first,
then follow the magic bridge to the first floating platform.
Stand on the floating platform and shoot portals at the two pads you see, then use the magic
bridge to reach the central portal and warp safely to the other side. Head outside.
Outside, you will see a giant Portal Pad to your right, and two rotating towers each with
a Portal Pad on their faces. Fire a portal on the tower that rotates closest to your position,
then fire a portal on the giant Portal Pad nearby.
When the two towers swing together, you should be able to, when they swing into the correct
positions, view the Portal Pad on the rotating tower in the distance looking through the
portal you set on the giant Portal Pad. When you see the Portal Pad on the furthest rotating
tower, fire a portal at it. Your shot will travel through both portals and hit that Portal
Pad you couldn't otherwise reach.
Now you need to wait for that tower to rotate towards the far end of the chasm. When it's in
position, jump through your portal. You'll be thrown out onto the other side of the chasm.
Kill the enemies that ambush on the other side and escape through the door. In the next room,
go down into the pit and get the Beholder Key. This triggers a fight; you have to kill the
enemies quick before the flooring crumbles away. Knock enemies into holes for quick kills
using the YY Tremor Gauntlet combo.
Two blocks and three hanging cages (with a Portal Pad on the ceiling and floor of each cage)
will appear. Get ready for a very complicated puzzle: you must get onto the roof of the
hanging cage and ride it to the top, doing so by using the blocks as counterweights via portal.
Note that you cannot send blocks through portals if it means two blocks will land on one cage.
To start, set a portal near one of the blocks and one on the ceiling of the lowest cage,
and another by a Portal Pad near the block. Shove the block into the portal and it should
land in the cage, lowering down further.
Now do the same for the other block, dropping into the higher cage from the first. Do not
set any blocks into the highest cage yet.
Dismiss your portals, then stand near the roof of the lowest cage (you should be able to
easily reach it from the ground floor) and set a portal on the ceiling of the highest cage
and one as close to the base of the block placed in the cage as possible. The block should
get sucked in and land inside the highest cage, sending it down. Climb onto the roof of the
lowest cage quickly as it rises.
Dismiss your portals and set a portal on the base of the second block you ported. Jump onto
the roof of its cage and set a portal on the Portal Pads where you shoved the block through
originally. The block will get sucked in and your cage rises.
As your cage rises, it should let you leap onto the roof of the third cage. Fire a portal at
the base of the block in that cage and quickly climb the roof. That block should get sucked
into the portal as well and rise up, carrying you to the top and to the exit.
Follow the linear path to a pair of Portal Pads and Shadoworbs. Set two supercharged portals
and use the Shadoworb underneath one of the portals to launch War up to the corridor above.
Follow the corridor to an elevator that leads to another Soul Keeper boss. Defeat him as
before; the only wrinkle now is to trick him into breaking the bars on the Portal Pads in his
arena with his overhead smash, allowing you can use them. You only need one of those Portal
Pads freed.
Once he's dead, set a portal on the Portal Pad the beam is firing into. Drop down the elevator
shaft and set a portal there to bring the beam here.
The beam will hit a bunch of refracting mirrors, but three are out of alignment. Lock on all
three of their trigger crystals and fire the Cross Blade. The beam should now be stored in
the nearby Soul Container.
Send the Soul Container down using the lift; you'll now be back in the hanging cages room.
You must now set a block in the highest and lowest cages. Do so, then fire a portal at the
Portal Pad the beam is currently engaged in, then the Portal Pad just below on the walkway,
where you shoved one of the blocks through.
Now you're back at the chasm with the two spinning towers. Just set a portal on both Portal
Pads on the two spinning towers; this will get the beam set into the next Soul Container.
Afterward, get across the chasm as you did the first time.
Now you're back in the room with the magic bridge. Several new objects will appear, including
Red Chain Points, refracting mirrors with trigger crystals, and a new Portal Pad. To start,
fire a portal at the Portal Pad right near where you enter (NOT the one on the platform in
the center of the pit).
Use the Chain Points to cross over the pit, then set a portal on the newly-opened Portal Pad.
Now use the magic bridge to reach the first platform you can get to. Throw the Cross Blade
at each of the three trigger crystals in quick succession. The beam should now be stored
in the next Soul Container.
Take the lift down, bring the Soul Container with you. Now you can bring the beam into
Azrael's prison.
First, you need to destroy the red crystal on the floating blocks here in Azarel's prison.
Get on the floating blocks and wait till the ledge with the Bomb Growth pass by, and jump
onto it. Wait for the red crystal to float into range and throw a Bomb at it.
Now just set a portal on the freed Portal Pad, and another on the inside of the ring of
the floating blocks. Two down, one to go.

The Lower Hold
Azrael's prison has changed again. This time, look for a pair of Portal Pads in a corner
on the ground floor. Make some supercharged portals to get launched upwards to the next
pair. Do the same to reach the exit door.
In the next room, set a portal on the Portal Pad nearby, then one on the pillar sliding
up and down.
Peer into the first portal you set and you should see that the second portal crosses
pathes with another Portal Pad (it's actually on the second sliding pillar, out of view).
Send a supercharged portal through your viewing portal at it.
Set up your viewing portal again and enter when your other portal swings into view of a
hallway opening. War should get launched into the next area.
Head down the spiral stairs past the red crystal and set a supercharged portal on the
rotating floating block, then a portal on the nearby Portal Pad.
Get launched by your portals when the block rotates towards the ledge on the other side
of the gap. Among other things, there's a trigger crystal here you can hit that will open
a shortcut back to Azrael's prison.
Set a portal on the nearby Portal Pad, then snag the Bomb off the pillar using the Abyssal
Chain. Quickly face your portal and aim towards the red crystal back in the spiral staircase
room and throw it.
With the crystal destroyed, a pillar with a Portal Pad on it will rise up. Set a supercharged
portal on it and use it to launch to the ledge above that holds a Beholder Key.
Get back into Azrael's prison and make your way to where you entered into the Lower Hold
from the prison. Climb the ring of floating blocks here to the Beholder Barrier. Take it
down and enter the path leading to the Spire.

The Spire
Ride the elevator inside to the top, killing all the Undead in your way.
You will enter an antechamber and get sealed in. Kill all enemies, including the Undead
Shield Lords. Watch out for when they shout "Your soul is mine!" as they will use a spinning
attack you must run from (since this attack also damages enemies, you can trick him into
taking out his allies as well).
Take the only exit out to end up in another chasm. Once again there are two massive rotating
blocks with Portal Pads on them. Solve them as you did in the North Rook, only this time,
you must make a couple added steps. One is to make sure the portals are supercharged when
you set them, the other is to send a Bomb through the portal first to clear out obstructing
red crystals before launching yourself
On the other side is a massive horde of Undead enemies. Kill them all and escape through
the door.
Inside the room with the strange structure, find a small pool of water. Set two portals,
one on the Portal Pad above the water and one on the alcove nearby and hit the trigger
crystal above the water to drain the water into the other alcove.
Swim in the newly filled alcove to a crank and turn it, then head to the entrance of this
area and turn the crank nearby it as well.
Go to the back of the strange structure and set a supercharged portal on the Portal Pad
on the side of it. Use it to launch War into the area with the elevator.
Ride the elevator up and defeat the final Soul Keeper. The catch with this one is that
the Portal Pads are all horizontal. You'll need to set a supercharged portal on the higher
ones and launch out of them onto the Soul Keeper's head.
Set two portals on the pair of Portal Pads by the elevator. They will send the beam into
a door, blasting it down. Follow the hall down and arrange a beam to come in from the
Portal Pad into the nearby Soul Container.
Send the Soul Container down into the strange structure room using the crank. Refracting
mirrors will appear; just hit the one with the trigger crystal to send the beam into the
next Soul Container.
Go back outside and get the beam across the chasm to the next Soul Container as you did
for the North Rook (just set a portal on both Portal Pads on the rotating blocks). Cross
the gap yourself afterward.
You will be in the antechamber where you first fought the Undead Shield Lords. A red
floating trigger block will come down. Set portals on the two Portal Pads on its sides.
Now go to the newly-made bridge that leads to a Portal Pad. Next to it is a Chronosphere.
The goal is to trigger it, then run to the trigger block and trigger it with the Cross
Blade, then finally run to the exit gate and hit both trigger crystals in one throw of
the Cross Blade. By the time that the slow-down effect stops, the gate will have lowered
and the beam able to pass through and hit the Soul Container.
Ride the lift down and you'll be back in Azrael's prison. Wait for a Portal Pad to swing
by and set a portal on it, then drop down to the bottom and set a portal on the Portal
Pad on the inside ring of the rotating blocks. Azrael will finally be freed.

All achievements & secret achievements:
Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

Prison Break (20 points) : Free Samael from his prison.
Death Dealer (10 points) : Meet Vulgrim.
Like A Bat Outta Hell (40 points) : Defeat Tiamat.
One Tough Cookie (10 points) : Meet Ulthane.
Rocked Your Face Off (40 points) : Defeat The Griever.
Ashes to Ashes (40 points) : Defeat The Stygian.
One Mean Mother (40 points) : Defeat Silitha.
Payback's A B**** (50 points) : Defeat Straga.
The Final Challenger? (70 points) : Defeat The Destroyer.
Balance Restored (100 points) : Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
The True Horseman (100 points) : Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.
To Move A Mountain (10 points) : Collect the Earthcaller.
Who's Counting? (20 points) : Defeat more angels than Ulthane.
Reach Out And Touch Somebody (10 points): Collect the Abyssal Chain.
Into the Void (10 points) : Collect the Voidwalker.
Elemental Thief (10 points) : Collect the Crossblade.
Sight Beyond Sight (10 points) : Collect the Mask of Shadows.
Devastator (10 points) : Kill 10 enemies with one Blade Geyser wrath attack.
Tremor Bringer (10 points) : Collect the Tremor Gauntlet.
An Old Friend (10 points) : Collect Mercy.
Reaper (10 points) : Collect the Scythe.
Aerial Predator (20 points) : Kill 160 enemies while on the angelic beast.
Full Power (20 points) : Collect the maximum amount of lifestones.
Wrath of War (20 points) : Collect the maximum amount of wrath cores.
Wrath Machine (10 points) : Collect all the Wrath Powers.
Reunited (20 points) : Obtain Ruin.
Don't Make Me Angry (20 points) : Collect the Chaos Form Ability.
Chasm Jumper (10 points) : Gain the Shadowflight Ability.
Legendary Form (20 points) : Collect the Abyssal Armor Set.
Time Lapse (15 points) : Gain the Chronomancer Ability.
Battle Hardened (20 points) : Max out all weapons and unlock all combat moves.
High Flier (20 points) : Kill 5 duskbats without touching the ground.
Improvised Kills (10 points) : Kill 150 enemies with items from the environment.
You Call This Easy? (10 points) : Complete the game on Easy difficulty.
Open Air Parking (5 points) : Destroy a helicopter during the apocalypse with a vehicle.

Additionally, there are eight secret achievements:
Dark Rider (10 points) : Ride Ruin for 100 miles.
World Raider (30 points) : Collect all 27 Artifacts.
Treasure Hunter (20 points): Search 150 Caskets.
Ultimate Blade (20 points) : Forge the Armageddon Blade.
Horseman (20 points) : Kill 100 Demons from Horseback.
BFA (30 points) : Unlocked Everything.
River of Blood (10 points) : Shed 3000 Gallons of Demon Blood.
Slayer (10 points) : Kill 666 Demons.

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