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Коды (cheats) к игре » Gothic 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Gothic 3

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Gothic 3

Коды (cheats) к игре Gothic 3

Cheat Codes:
Open the ge3.ini file in the "Gothic3/Ini" folder and change the following
line in Notepad:

TestMode=false to: TestMode=true

You can then press tilde key [~] while playing to bring up the console, and

type any of the following codes:

Code Result
God - God mode
Invisibility - Invisibility mode
Teach all - Learn all skills (lowers stats to 0)
Kill - Kills selected target
Give [item] - Gives specified item
Spawn [item] - Spawns specified item/creature
idkfa - gives you all (items, skills...)
Help - show commands
fullhealth - make you healthy
give Cat_Armor - all armors
give Cat_Weapon - all weapons
give Cat_Artefact - all artefats
control - control character
watch - control camera
teach STR x - set strength
teach DEX x - set dexternity /hunting skill/
teach INT x - set intelligence (ancient knowledge)
teach ALC x - set alchemy skills
teach SMT x - set smith skills
teach THF x - set thief skills
teach HP x - set health
teach MP x - set mana
teach SP x - set energy
teach LP x - set learning points

[F1] - Screenshot
[F2] - Fenster/Vollbild Modus
[F3] - Framerate
[F4] - ?
[F5] - Quicksave
[F6] - Zeitraffer an/aus
[F7] - Slowdown time
[F8] - Reset Character - PRETTY USEFUL!
[F9] - Quickload
[F11]- Spawn flying dove or seagull

In Gothic 3 it are two ways to open the console the first is to modify the "ge3.ini"
file. The second is to type Marvin in the game. The second cheat discovered is a bug
very usefull. It work with some items ( plants, some potions, and other you can use)
First use the item. When the effect of the item starts close the inventory. This is
a good way to obtain life without cheating.

Jumping from the clif:
You can greatly shorten your way if you go strait from clif, but
not around it. While jumping (walking from the clif), press your hero to
the wall (if walk forward is W, than you have to press S) and when he
lands, no life will be taken.

Runing in water:
While swiming, look at the map. When you turn off the map, your hero will not swim,
but run and it doesn't even matter how deep the water is.

Cheat: Helper to improve faction reputation and spawn items:
1. Type MARVIN very fast.
Game will say "marvin mode activated"

2. Press ` button to bring up the ingame console.

3. Input command "spawn sh". Without the quotation marks.

An ingame helper will appear. Talk to him and you are provided with options to increase
faction reputation and spawn items. Also allows you to move forward in the main quests.
All in the form of standard dialogue options.

4. To turn of marvin mode, type MARVIN very fast again.
Game will say "marvin mode deactivated"

5. When you're done with the Helper, you can kill him to get rid of him.

Running on ground of a lake:
If you go to the lake near Silden you are able to run on the ground of the lake.
To do this you have to go to the smallest place on the map before the river begins
(right of the small rock, you can look at the village and the sunken castle).
You should come from the way from Geldern to Silden, and before going left or right
you easily walk straight to the lake(to this rock exactly), but you have to sprint a
few meters before "entering" the lake. If you make it at the right place you can walk
on the ground of this lake and see the castle and other destroyed houses.
After you entered the lake you don't have to sprint anymore and you don't have to breathe.

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