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Коды (cheats) к игре Spore

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Коды (cheats) к игре Spore

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Cirjaliu Alexandru Catalin
First to activate the console you must press Shift+Ctrl+C
After console appears insert the following cheat codes and press enter:
Press [Esc] or click the red "X" to close the console window.
Note: Enabling codes will block achievements from being earned on that
particular planet.

Code Result
moremoney - adds 1.000.000 spore bucks.
addDNA - adds DNA point to spend in creature mode.
refillMotives - Replenish depleted health and other motives.
unlockSuperWeapons - Unlock all superweapons for your Civilization type.
spaceCreate - Unlock and recharge all Space mode creation tools.
Killallhints - Removes all hints.
help - Explains action and usage of a command.
Quit - Exit to Windows.
capturePlanetGIF - Save spinning GIF image of your planet to AnimatedAvatars
freeCam - Toggle Free Camera mode.
help [command] - Explains action and usage of a command.
setConsequenceTrait - Set consequence trait.
SetTime [1-24],[0-59] - Set time of day at the Avatar's position.
toggleCaptureUI - Toggle display of user interface in screenshots.
styleFilter -filmNoir - Toggle monochrome background and creatures (1).
styleFilter -oilpaint - Toggle oil painting background and creatures (1).
stylefilter -none - Reset view to normal.
styleFilter -microscope - Microscope visual style.
styleFilter -norainbows - No rainbows visual style.
styleFilter -nextgen - Next generation visual style.
Killallhints - Removes all hints.
pauseUIVisible - Toggle drawing pause frame.
option - List options.
prop - Display and modify properties.
clear - Clear console window.
levels - Level cheats.
levels -unlock - Unlock all phases.
history - List previous commands.
movie - Video cheat.
celleditor - Add extra parts
blocksmode - Turns creatures into their blocky representations.
moreMoney+Up - Keep pressing it and you'll have 99,999,999 sporebucks
in no time!
spaceCreate+Up - Keep pressing it and you'll have max uses in no time!
evoadvantage - Enter this cheat when are starting a new Creature game
to choose any creature from the Sporepedia. Start a new
game with one of your more evolved creatures.
-remove - Removes given app or list property
-list [name:[string] - Operates on given property list rather than AppProperties
[propName]:[string][0/1] - Sets given app property
[propName]:[string] - Displays value of given app property

(1) The user interface will still display in color.
This does not work in Cell Stage.

Easter Eggs: Spinning Will Wright's Head:
In spore creature creator you can click on the galaxy to view it. Then zoom out
and start spinning the galaxy. After a few seconds Will Wrights head will come
spinning out.

Add to DNA pool:
while playing the game (as in you are makingthe creature) hold [Ctrl]+[Shift]+c to
bring up the console and type in addDNA.

View developers:
Press [Left] or [Right] at the Galaxy menu to spin the galaxy. After a few
seconds pictures of the game's developer will spin out of the galaxy.

Menu background:
When you start up Creature Creator, there is a galaxy in the
background, you can right-click and spin it around and rotate it.

Consequence trait names:
Use one of the following entries with the setConsequenceTrait [trait name] code.

cell carnivore

Easy impressing during Creature phase:
During the Creature phase (fresh out of the tidal pool), you can get additional
parts for your creature by impressing the alpha versions of the fellow inhabitants
of your world. When you first approach them, sometimes others of their species
will join in the game. The more of them there are, the more difficulty it can
become. Push the alpha away from the nest and try to solo it out so that you only
have to deal with him dancing, singing, etc. against your crew of followers.

Spore Creators:
At the main menu, start spinning the camera really fast to the left then after a
few seconds, while it's going at full speed, quickly spin the camera right. A flash
will happen, and after a few seconds of spinning the camera right, stop spinning the
camera. Pictures of people will start spinning around in the screen.

Creature stage:
First make a very powerful creature in the creator and use the "freedom" cheat to
make it as big and bad as you want then simply type evoadvantage in the evolution
stage after you go to land and mate; youll be able to select your creature.

Cheat for Demoversion:
Open the cheat window and then in capital letters type "PARTSLOT" and you will have
all the parts just like the full version. Note: This cheat only works on trial edition
cause if you do it on the full edition it will become the trial edition the disk and all.

To defeat an epic, type "killallepics" in the console and they will all die, leaving you
with a killer amount of food if in the creature/tribal phase.

Start Tribal Stage With Animals:
Before advancing to the Tribal stage, get members of the other tribe in your pack.
They will be turned into domesticated animals.

Safe data:
To make sure you have safe data try not to save when the computer is likely to turn
off or don't turn off the computer while saving or your data will be at crucial danger
of getting lost.

You wanna live:
After you decide to grow legs you will be in a extremly hostile enviroment so to survive
you will need speed,sneak or brawn somthing like a huminoid should have allies , or a
t-rex creature should be able to kill everything so you must choose a soild type not a

Easy "Epic Killer" achievement:
The only sure way to this is to lure an Epic into another Epic. Note: Save your game
before you get the battle with the Epics. An Epic creature is much bigger than the
usual species. It can one-shot almost anything even though its attack range of 3-7 is
not very powerful to you. Epic creatures have 1,000 health. First, get a Spit weapon
with at least 4+ Spit. Spit will lure the Epic towards you but do not die. Next, have
two or three Pack members (Rogue recommended). Rogues are more powerful than a normal
creature, but weaker than an Epic. Rogues have 250 health and do massive damage. Spit
at an Epic creature and make it follow you. Stay at a distance and lure it to another.
Find the two you want to battle. Once they start, find the one that will probably win.
Start attacking the one that is about to win. This will increase your chances of getting
the achievement. Once the Epic battle is over, the Epic that won and the one you attacked
should be about down to 200 health or less. If not, quit to the main menu and restart.
Constantly Spit until it is down to less than 10 health. Charge it, then Strike or Bite
and you will win and get the "Epic Killer" achievement.

How to easily conquer planets:
This is a really neat trick, especially if you've been having trouble taking over your
enemies' homeworlds. But it's also a sure-fire war-starter, so be careful when using it.
Use the cheat console (Ctrl+Shift+C) and enter "setConsequenceTrait space_zealot". A new
tool will appear in your Socialization tools, or, if you already have it, it will be
instantly recharged. It's called Fanatical Frenzy. Use it on a planet, and it will
automatically become yours. It even works on homeworlds, so naturally, I use it a lot.
It's a great way to take over those planets that simply won't give up. But there is a
downside to this trick. Unless you are over 35 points when it comes to your relationship
with another empire(move your mouse over the image of the planet owner when over or on
a planet to view your relationship level with said empire, and the positive and negative
factors effecting it) or far away from said other empire, they will most certainly go
to war against you. Believe me, I know. But, it's a great way to make more conquerable
enemy planets, so because of this, continually use this cheat against enemy homeworlds
while using your normal weapons on the rest of their planets until no other empires go
to war against you, and you will have a significant chunk of the galaxy under your
control. Or you can go all-natural and take them over the slow, basic way. But the
upside to doing so is that the war will only be against the two of you, unless the
enemy brings a few of their friends along. The choice is yours.

In creature stage you may unlock a set of wings. Put them on your creature and, in a
battle, if you're low on health fly away to your nest to heal.

Change Planet and Star Names:
In the Space Stage, go to a solar system that's not yours (or another save game's) and
press CTRL+SHIFT+C. You may rename everything in your own system BUT your homeworld.
Enter these codes to change names:

rename star X - Where "X" is the desired name.
rename planet X - Where "X" is the desired name.

Food regime:
The best food regime is Herbivore, because, in the second stage, when the moster is
angry, find fruits for he eat of that attack the other poor mosters.

Cell stage:
First, when you emerge from the meteor, eat meat or plants to complete the eat mission.
You should grow in size. Keep eating until a cell eats another and reveals a gold shield.
Swim into it and then keep eating. You should mate to equip the part in the gold shield.
After you grow, find a Booster and try to defeat it. Boosters are red and have more than
two eyes. It will unlock another gold shield. swim into it and then keep eating.
After you grow again, find a cell with a pink trail coming out of it. defeat it and stay
out of the trail. It will unlock yet another gold shield. swim into it. Then, keep eating
until you grow. Find a pink cell named pinky or punky and defeat it. It will unlock yet
another gold shield. Swim into it. After you grow two times, find a Buzzy. They are orange.
It will unlock yet another gold shield. Swim into it. Then keep eating until you finish
the cell stage. Create your first creature and scramble up onto land.

Cell phase: Growing:
When you emerge from the meteor, eat meat or plants to complete the "Eat" mission. You
should grow in size. Keep eating until a cell eats another and reveals a gold shield.
Swim into it and keep eating. Mate to equip the part in the gold shield. After you grow,
find a "Booster" (red and have more than two eyes) and defeat it. This will unlock another
gold shield. Swim into it and keep eating. After you grow again, find a cell that is
leaving a pink trail. Defeat it and stay out of the trail. This will unlock another gold
shield. Swim into it. Keep eating until you grow. Find a pink cell named "Pinky" or "Punky"
and defeat it. This will unlock another gold shield. Swim into it. After you grow two times,
find a "Buzzy" (orange). This will unlock another gold shield. Swim into it. Keep eating
until you finish the Cell phase.

Creature phase: Wings:
If you unlock wings, put them on your creature. If you get low on health during a battle,
ust fly away to your nest to heal.

Part rotation in any creator:
In the creators, click on a part to select it. Then, hold [Tab] and you can rotate it
in any way. Note: This does not work on some parts.

Space phase: Conquering planets:
Note: This trick will start a war. Enable the setConsequenceTrait space_zealot code. A new
tool called "Fanatical Frenzy" will appear in your "Socialization" tools. If you already
had it, it will be instantly recharged. Use it on a planet and it will automatically become
yours. This also works on home worlds. However, unless you have over 35 points in your
relationship with another empire or are far away from the other empire, they will most
likely go to war with you. To determine your relationship (and the positive and negative
factors affecting it), move the pointer over the image of the planet owner when over or on
a plane. Continually use this trick against enemy home worlds while using your normal weapons
on the rest of their planets until there are no other empires that are at war against you.
You should now be in control over a large portion of the galaxy under your control.

The Grox:
So, if you are allied with The Grox, all the empires in the universe will hate you. If the
Grox say something rude, you can always do this: Use Fanatical Frenzy on one of their
planets. What happens? You get a planet/star sistem and the Grox don't get mad. This means
that they wont have -100 because you captured one of their sistems.

Cell Stage Achievements:
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Achievement How to unlock
Aluminum Cell - Finish the Cell stage on Hard difficulty.
Cell Addict - Finish the Cell stage 25 times.
Completist - Unlock all the parts in Cell stage.
Landfall - Finish the Cell stage and clamber onto the planet's surface!
Pacifist - Finish the Cell stage without killing another creature.
Speedfreak - Finish the Cell stage in under 8 minutes.

Tribal Stage Achievements:
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Civilization Stage Unlocked - Play enough of the Tribe stage to unlock the Civilization stage.
Domestic Bliss - Domesticate and farm three different species.
Ergonomically Terrific - Complete the Tribal stage in less than an hour.
Founder - Complete the Tribal stage and build a city.
Medic - Heal one of your tribe members back to full health 5x in a single
game during the Tribal Stage.
Steel Tribe - Finish the Tribal stage on Hard difficulty.
Tribal - Complete the Tribal stage 10 times.
Tribal Socialite - Convert all 5 other tribes to your belief system.
Vicious - Kill all members of all 5 other tribes and raze their villages.
Watchful Parent - Complete the Tribal stage without the death of a single tribe member.

Staff Of Life:
1st, get interstellar drive 5. then, head to the center of the galaxy. If you make it past the
Grox, go inside the core. Watch the cutscene(or press esc you impatient crapface.) Then you will
unlock the Staff Of Life, which allows you to make any planet T3 and it will already be filled
out! Note: Staff has Limited Ammo.

Eat meat without barfing:
I discovered this by mistake. First, make sure you are play a herbivore. Then make the creature
pick up the meat ,but then click somewhere else on the screen. Make sure it is walking when it
eats it. It will eat it but he will NOT barf out his insides.

Protect Your Food:
Isn't it painful in trible stage when wild spores come to steel your food and your off a long
way away and can't get there in time? Well problem solved! Just leave one of your guys at your
nest to defend off the odd little spore that trys to get at your hard earned food.

Creature stage: Herbivore eats meat without vomiting:
When playing a herbivore, have the creature pick up meat. Then, click somewhere else. Make
sure the creature is walking when it eats the meat. It will eat it, but will not get sick.

Tribal stage - Village protectors and free food:
Make sure to befriend, then recruit, as many rouges as possible in the Creature stage. They
not only help you in Creature stage, but if they are still alive when you enter Tribal stage,
you will see them in a pen behind the main hut. If you hover the pointer over them, notice
they kept their "Rouge" stats, with over 200 HP and high powered attacks. They will defend
any villagers being attacked by wild animals, and will fight off enemy attacks on your village.
Most rouges have as much attack power as your chieftain, but twice as much HP. They can really
tip the scales in your favor in a big battle. They also regenerate on their own between battles,
which when combined with their high HP makes them nearly immortal. They will continuously lay
eggs in the box next to their pen, which you can harvest. The more and the bigger the animals
in your pen, the more eggs they produce. Three rouges can keep a single villager harvesting
indefinitely, giving you both an animal deterrent while your other villagers are away and a
continuous source of food, giving you a decisive edge in the Tribal stage.

Saving DNA:
Use the following trick when you see shells, twigs, and rocks lying around. Instead of spending
money on spit and charge, it is possible to pick them up and throw them at enemies, stunning
them. If you stun an alpha creature, you can easily tear down the lower health creatures, turn
the tide, and get easier DNA.

Under water creature stage:
Sometimes, your nest may be on the shore line in the sea!!! This is a problem because on land
you cant do many things. Due to this, you will die straight away so just keep on guard!

Nest in water:
Click on a planet and start from cell stage and when you go to creature stage your nest may
be in water but you will not be able to go on to land because your get eaten. it will take
a long time try each planet.

Add one of the following commands line parameter to end of the "Target" field in the
"Shortcut" properties that are used to launch the game to start the editor.

Effect Command line parameter
Plant Editor -state:FloraEditor
Cell Editor -state:CellEditor
Vehicle Editor -state:VehicleEditor
Creature Editor -state:CreatureEditor

How to kill other tribes easily:
Equip all your warriors with stone axes, or spears if you haven't got them. Attack the tribe
and kill everyone, then leave two members there while the rest go back for torches. Kill any
babies that appear with the two left behind, and when the others get back destroy the main

Space stratagies "for cheaters and zealots":
(Recomended cheat engine 5.5 for all spore hackers easy and fun to use!) In the space stage
it is a great stratagy to earn badges, planets and even surrounding alliances. first use the
setConsequenceTrait space_zealot cheat if you dont already have it. Then use the moremoney
cheat until you have about 99 mil spore bucks (make money faster if you have cheat engine 5.5,
and it wont detect it so no joker badge!) next find the home planet of an empire (always a t3
planet with many cities)with the money in hand. use fanatical frenzy on it to capture it.
now see that all surrounding empires have started a war on you for breaking the galactic code.
this sounds crazy but its a good thing. what you do now it go to all of the hostile empires
and make the biggest peace offering available. this will not only end the war but make a 25+
boost to the empires relation to you then just give them a 100,000 gift which will be more
than enough to ally them. next deal with the empire you took control of by blowing the
remaining planets they have which should be easy because they are most likley t0 or t1.
when the empire is fallen repeat this with any empire you allied with by useing the cheat
setConsequenceTrait space_zealot to refill the tool delay and make more alliances until you
have many badges like warmonger and conquerer as you are to foil many empires. and even
diplomat because alliances are nececary for this.

Grox hunting tip:
Grox can only live on T0 planets, so make it T1 and you're done! this is a fast and cheap
way to go Grox hunting!

Creature stage: Easy Epic kills:
This trick requires all the strongest weapons you have unlocked thus far. Once you put
these on your creature, find an Epic. It usually helps to migrate as well, in case the
Epic is close to another one of your nests. Once you find one, click it, then click
"Spit" in the attack bar. You will automatically walk closer to it. Note: You will need
wings or sprint. Once you suddenly spit at it, fly a small distance towards your nest.
Turn around to make sure it is following you. Repeat the process to lure it to your nest.
Then, immediately walk onto your nest and attack it. The Epic is so big that in order
to get close enough to you it has to walk onto your nest. It cannot attack you on your
nest, but because of its size, you can attack it. Your nest mates will help you to kill
Note: This may take some time. Although the Epic will constantly roar at you, it cannot
get you. This is an easy way to kill Epics and unlock the "Epic killer in creature stage"

Trait Choose:
press CTRL+Shift+C and a cheat submiter will pop up, you can use the following traits
(Setconsequencetrait soinso)


I don't remember the rest

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