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Коды (cheats) к игре » Age of War

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Коды (cheats) к игре Age of War

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Коды (cheats) к игре Age of War

Best Turrets:
You should try to stay on the defencive and build up your turrets and get
the most powerful turrets in your current age. The best turrets are:

Stone Age - Egg Automatic.
Castle Age - Fire Catupult.
Pilgrim Age - Small Cannons Then Upgrade to Explosive Cannons.
Mondern Age - Double Cannons, forget the missle launcher.
Futuristic - Either get the Blue Ion Cannons, or just save up for 2 super soldiers.

Hint - Keep healing special:
First you play an easy mode and evolve to the third age, then you let the enemy
destroy you. Before you are about to lose use your special which heals the men, but
be careful not to use too soon. when you lose play in any mode you wish to play and
when you make units, they will have that healing special from the third age, but
don't use the same special if you evolve to the third age.

Easiest way to win:
Buy a turret, preferably "second" turret like the egg launcher and fire catapult,
although you should always go with the explosive cannon. Allow enemies to close in
to your base, and build either a single infantry guy, or a infantry/archer team.
They will kill the maximum for their gold by being within range of the turret, and
will die long before getting in range of your enemy's turret. You may not have 100%
life by the end because of enemy archers, but it is the easiest way to win.
Also: The Ion cannon turret = win button.

Money and Exp:
Upgrade until you get to the last upgrade (future) adn get enough money to get all
the turret spots and get 4 of the red cannons then if you have the patience to wait
4-5 hours, you'll have enough money to buy anything and DESTROY the cpu.

When you begin let alot of the other team go until they stop coming then click on
the special power and press pause then wait until it stops shaking then press pause
again. (Notice: will not work for lv 3).

Press a person when it's loadin press puase and they won't move but it still will
be loading and ur guys will pop up.

Start the game by waiting until all (At least 5 men on the enemy side are created.)
Then use your special to get enough money for the egg launcher. Don't create units
unless needed and build up money by your turret it's a big advantage.

Faster Reloading:
When you have wepons like the fire launcher just pause it when it fires. The weapon
will reload and fire faster.

Easy (but long) win:
Just build tons and tons of melee soldiers to hold off the enemy till you get to the
final age, then get all the turret slots and four ion turrets (BTW, you should still
be building melee guys). the ions can take care of everything and get you loads of
money, and when you have enough cash just build 2 or 3 super soldiers.

Buy loads of turrets and when enemys are about too hit u,pause (the enemy has to start
the attack again and ur turret ammo will continue too blast ur enemy.
P.S. does not work on long range units from 3rd age or above.

When you start the game allways atrt with the chearist men then since you dont spend a
lot of money you will have a lot for a dino rider army or possible to get two egg

The way you will know you will win:
Save as much money as possible then buy all four turret spots then buy two fire
catapults one explosive cannon and one double machine gun from the forth age. do not
buy any infantry at all unless the enemyis at the large tree infront of your base.
once you evolve to the fifth age sell all your turrets then buy four ionrays.
Nothing should get too tour base if you follow this correctly. when you have enough
money buy 2-a lot of supersolders then you will win the game!

Special attack recharge:
Whenever you use a special attack, right after you use it, pause the game and while the
game is paused it will continue to regenerate.

Turrets attack enemy base:
Go on easy mode then get to the last age and build four ion cannons they will destroy
everything as soon as it comes out then they will accidentley shoot the enemy base.

Regenerate Special ability:
When your special ability has been used you must wait a while before you can use it
again. But if you pause the game then wait you will find you will have the special
ability again.

How to win in future easy:
In the future epoch get the ion cannon and itll do the work for you because when fire
it shoots too many and kill the cpu infantry then the bullets will go ahead and hit
the enemy base.

Stop power:
when you reach the fifth age save all your money then by an ion cannon and keep makeing
your turret tower to the top and fill all the spaces with ion cannon then sit back and
relacks cause the turrets will stop ever thing trust me im doing this right now.

Easy kills:
Make shooting guys (pilgrims and army will only work. im not realy sure about future
guys) when they shoot pause the game and unpause over and over again (untill they die)
this will make your poeple shoot them with no reload (keep pausing it to use it)

Easy win:
Get to futuristic and get 4 turret spots, get 2 titanium shooters and 2 lazercannons,
save up until you have 80000 gold and sell a lazercannon you will now have enough for
a ion cannon, repeat this process andwhen you have 4 ion cannons lie back and relax
until you have enough for loadza super soldiers, instant win p.s the ion cannons will
defeat anything that comes anywhere near you base.

Final Age Easy but costly win:
Play the game in any mode, and try to save as much money as possible during the first
four ages. Then in the fifth age (future) get all the turret spots and fill them with
Ionrays (the blue one). Almost as soon as the enemy creates units, they are destroyed
by the ionray! Also, after they are destroyed, any stray blue circle thingies (NO idea
what they are called :p) will go and hit the enemy base!
After about half an hour (on easy, it may take longer on other modes)you will win!
It's costly, but it's easy!

Line of special:
when you use you special, as soon as you click to use it press pause and wait for it
to stop shaking and the special will all come down at the same time and kill most of
the enemy but it will not work in the third age.

Speaicial Cheat/glitch:
In the first age use your special when there are a few enemys and then use your special
and the second after you use it hit space, it will continue to shake then after about
5-10 seconds it will stop, hit space again and all of the meteors will be in one cloud
and crash below! Have fun!

ok This cheat will allow to have rechargable health all the time! What you must do is
get to pilgrim Age and then put on the health recharg thing once that is on you must
die in order for the cheat to work once you have done that you must start a new game
and you will have unlimited health.

Easy way to win:
when you get to the modern age,get all the turret stations and put rockets on all of
the turret stations,then when you get to the space age get a bunch of blasters. It
might take a little while but its a good way to win.

The zombies:
When the enemy infantry die before they hit the ground push space they then will come
back up again but your infantry still go trough them.

Hint Easy wins:
Ok on the first age get turrets and save up for a lot of dinoriders and wait till enemy
gets to second age(you might want to put up a few guys for extra defence while you wait).
Then get alot of dinoriders and keep them coming then after 3-4 minutes go to the next
age and get some sword men and crossbow men and some times they go in front of the dino

The strongest turret:
when you go on fourth age build 4 turret spot.then bye all 4 double shooter and then go to
the next level and play any other game in a new tab and dont worry about the game.after few
minutes come back and creat 8 super soldier and 10 blaster's bheind the super soldier and
you will win.

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