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Коды (cheats) к игре » Kitten Cannon

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Коды (cheats) к игре Kitten Cannon

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Коды (cheats) к игре Kitten Cannon

* Put the cannon at 21.5 and use full power.

* Use the arrow keys on your computer to move the cannon up and down and space
bar to shoot NOTICE the red moving bar when that gets to the right fully hit
the space a little bit B4 that and the kitty will go much much faster.

* Put it to 10.0 then press space bar when the green bar is at full blast then
press space. though the noob wont go very high but it goes super fast in the
ground like a podracer from starwars ep:1. even if it doesnt go far up it will
slide on the floor at 1,200km/h and will hit a tnt stack thing and bounce up
into the sky and then speeds upwards to 1,567 km/h and sit down and watch it
spew em.

Hey guys! If you want a good rate of ft. like 1608 (example), use the arrow keys
up and down and put the height to 21.5 and the red bar. make it full and press
space you'll get a good rate of footage. Thanks guys! Peace.

High score without the wasted time!:
Use the up and down arrows to place the cannon anywhere between 10 and 22 degrees
(this seems to be best) and place an object on your space bar. The cannon will
automatically fire itself for as long as you want at roughly 90% power. Let it run
for like ten minutes and you'll have over a thousand easy. I let it run while I
slept and I got a 19,328 somehow!
Give it a try at

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