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Коды (cheats) к игре » Warfare 1917

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Коды (cheats) к игре Warfare 1917

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Коды (cheats) к игре Warfare 1917

Hints: Easy kills:
1.If you are going to attack, fill up your bunker with assault guys. As
soon as its full send out 1 more squad. as soon as they get in the bunker
and start to get back out send out all of you men in the bunker with them.

2.(Another assault tip) If you are going to charge then wait and listen at
the artillery you can usually Hear the Shells Falling. Run In between Shots.

If your enemy is coming out of there trench, fill your trench with riflemen,
that way if they come up to you, you can kill them easily.

Put machine gunners get your trench full of them leave them their Until the
enemy comes lower their morale and youll win!

The trick is that never put more than 1 squad in trench, or you may get hit by
artillery, kill sniper by fire support or ur sniper. Just let them come, be
patient and never let them get the last trench. Always Tank+Antitank Support,
if you not sure how to combine infantry and tanks then just play tanks.

* First Lv, Send Three Riflemen squads into the first trench and leave them.
Keep sending reinforcements every time you lose a squad. Destroy their morale.
Don't move forward.
* Second Lv, Fill the first trench with riflemen and send assault teams to take
the trenches. When a trench is taken, send the riflemen to defend it.
* Third Lv, Fill the first trench with Lewis Gunners and leave them there.
Destroy their morale.

Hints For Britain:
Upgrade everything in Artillery (one point on gas and don't upgrade any of the
3 pointers) and get everything at the top for the infantry and upgrade the
assault troop's bombs. To start, upgrade the troops bombs for 2nd lvl and then
the mortars. If you want after, upgrade everything else at top and then start
upgrading the artillery and last thing is to upgrade the damage the gas does.

For Germans:
As for these guys, upgrade the sturmtruppen's damage as soon as possible. I found
this VERY useful. How to get there doesn't matter very much, if you look carefully,
you can upgrade the machine guns damage or more trench defense before upgrading the
damage on sturmtruppens as they're both connected. Upgrade everything else at the
top for the infantry but before you upgrade EVERYTHING at the top, upgrade the
mortar and artillery's accuracy and damage ONLY. It depends on what order you want
of course, Right when i had some points after i got the damage bonus, I saved up
for mortar accuracy and damage. Do what you want. though. Go for infantry upgrades
first or start some artillery upgrades.

Send a tank up first, then send assult guys up. They will defend the Tank for a few
seconts, and, if there are enemys, they will toss gernades at them. Good Luck!

* Fill up your trenches with machine gunners. then just keep on sending out assault
teams. Since the assualt teams throw gernades its like free fire support. To get
rid of snipers just send out riflemen.

* If you have the tank, always send it out first. you mmight not get another chance
to send out another one since it takkes so long to reload.

* If you are fighting at a medium range use the snipers combined with an assualt team.
Since the snipers have a long range, they will drop back while the assualt team

* If you are fighting at long range use machine gunners with an assault team or
riflemen. The machine gunners will be covered by the riflemen/assualt team.

* Whenever doing a charge, fill up the nearest trench then send out on more team. As
the team gets in they will automatically jump back out. Time it so that you send
out the rest of the trench with them. this helps to get the bonus xp sicne you send
out so many squads.

Fill up the first with machine guns that will kill any men trying to attack then in the
second trench put assult guys so when you feel the time is right they can get a trench
for u in the back line put 1 general for morale and 2 squads of rifleman to back up the
assult guys.

Fill up your bunker closest to enemy with 2 machinegun teams. then (if you have one)
fill in the trenches behind with assualt put one assualt time in the front trench then
put one more team assualt team in. then lock all trenches move forward.

Trench warfare:
Ok, here is a good trick when your playing skirmish with out artillery and stuff like that.
Put 1 Mg unit in a trench then followed by 2 rifle units or 1 rifle unit and 1 sniper unit.

Full trenches all the time:
Get the first trench filled with lewis guns (machine guns) and when fire support kills
some of them send them all out(you can do this with assault teams aswell for better results.

Tip: Best Defense:
The best defense is to have a Sniper, a Machine Gun Team and an Officer in a trench. Make
sure to upgrade these three units, and you will have the greatest defense available.
Just remember they can still be decimated by Fire Support and Tanks.

How 2 win a campaign:
When u dont have artillery, use tons and tons of guns to decimate the enemies' morale.
This is the easiest way.When there are artillery, capture the ground quickly to avoid
being blasted to bits. When trying to decimate your enemies' morale, fill your trench and
keep them there. Ocassionally making a charge will mean emenies will reach you faster, thus
quickening the game. THe best defensive combo is 2 MGs, 1sniper. If you have a captain or a
tank, send it out first. Make sure your captain is at the very last trench on your side.
When you have occupied a few trenches, keep 1 or 2 defensive squads in each. The others you
can fill with riflemen and assaulters. Best way to gain a trench is to knock it out with gas
first. But if u dont hav gas, wait for the enemy to make a charge, be waiting for them with
a full trench and when the enemy is reinforcing,order the charge. When you get a tank, it
means your opponent has one too. So send out a few assault teams first, and then the main
riflemen. THe sturmtruppen or whatevr have grenades.Make sure you save and spend on the
useful extras. good luck!

A few more tips:
Here are a few things u should consider:
Usually during a campaign there are 2 trenches. So if ya wanna capture it you can subdue it
with fire power first.But when theres no support, keep your own trench full & then recruit
one more squad and then make the charge.Usually having a combonation of differing troops is
best.Use about 3 sturmtruppies backed up by rifles. When in a trench & you've unlocked posion
gas, dont keep too many there.1 shot of that gas will send your morale plummeting.Also: when
sending out tanks, they will barge through to the end of the battle field, so u cant control
them.bringing them on2 the field adds morale, but their destruction destroys morale.

Holding Out:
Get 3 rifle men groups in a bunker and watch as the enemy die as they try to take your trench.

Quicker way of getting reinforcement tank :
In the upgrade window if you don't have the upgrade with the whistle on the left box on the
top row use that upgrade on the level needed.Good luck Warfare fans.

How to fill four units in one trench:
First when your enmy sends any sqaud, send riflemen into a trench filled with one lewis gunners,
and two assult. Then,when the enemy aprocches,(I spelled it wrong)send the riflemen then there
is four teams! Do this AGAIN and then five, six, seven, eight.Do this correctly and there you go!
Remember that assult teams are best for taking out trenches and snipers/sharpshooters are good too!

If planing a charge with lots of mines find a land mark(shell hole,barbed wire) send out your first
squad wait untill they reach the mark then send out your next squad.

First time win [1st level]:
On the first level get three squads of riflemen keep them in the trench. now get another rifle
squad. the men will continue past the trench. now get the other 3 rifle squads and move them out
of the trench to follow the fourth squad. there you go done.

Easy win custom game best way!:
ok basicly go to custom games and select 5 trenches(max) and 2 barbed wires put the map on the
logest possible. activate all but tanks. no artillery or bombs it ruins it the pc gets it quicker
than you. ok. first get some machine gunners and send em 3 trenches up and wait for another machine
gunner do the same with them to the 3rd trench and another one so it is full. then put rifle men in
the one back from it and then on your closest one ut full machine gunners then get a grenader and
charge them with the rifle men its the best way its easy once you get it :)

Wait for th enemy to come,when the enemy comes get assult squad and when they go in the trench let
tem out and they will bomb them to death and the other enemy squads wont come and your squad will
go forward and you will automatically win.

Air Suport:
the code for the cheat is 05trooper and it lets you call air suport and the planes have bombs and
mg 42's

you can be a guy in the game and you have a rifle,grenades,sniper rifle,mg42,radio to call suport
and air suport,flamethrower,and cocktails and you have 20 lives and after every level you get 2
more lives and you have 999 upgrade points. the code is thetrooper

Escape your men being killed by gas:
First if the enemy gasses your trench,control all troops in that trench to run out of
the trench.If you locked the trench,unlock it then make all men in the trench run out
hope it helps.

Hint for take over enemy ground:
get 5 trenches and fill each one with all riflemen. Launch another squad of riflemen and once
they get to the last trench at the end, then launch all of your men and then lock all the trenches
and keep sending riflemen just in case. But all the riflemen in the front will clear the area.

Flying Enemies:
When the enemy has a trench full of their soldiers, aim for that trench and fire with anti-tank
artillery. If you're lucky most of the soldiers in that trench will be blown up.

Fill your trench with which team?:
you can just fill your trench with lewis gunners/machine guns or assult team. both teams are
stronger if they are together. if u are about to lose your game, simply use tanks or sharpshooters.
have fun!

Fill up your trench with rifle men an lewis gunners and when the enemy attacks its easy to kill
them an when eny morale is low you well win.

Send 2 rifleman units with an assult unit when storming a trench.

Level Hints:
Level 1. Fill Each Lane With Rifleman And Assault Units A Keep Them There It Makes
The Enemys Morale Go Down
Cheats For Americans. Only Make Rifleman And Assault Troops
Cheats For Germans. Only Make Rifleman And Sturmtruppen.

Easy win:
Go 2 customizable battle and put 5 trenches and only rifle men then start fillup at least 3
trenches then when they're full send in 1 more squad and when they start to come out send all
of your men out and u will win easily.

Artillery campaign:
if you do the campaign mode the first thing to do is upgrade mortar accuracy. Continue down
that way until you get faster fire sopport. this way you can call a mortar strike every minute.
After that go for the additional rounds column. This will allow for only around 10 seconds
between mortar strikes. If you have artillery barrage upgraded the artillery will fire just
up to the point where you can launch another. After that work on gas and then whatever.
If you do it right after you get artillery you dont have to send any men out unless you want

Never lose any men:
Fill up your trench with: 1sniper 1assultteam 1rifle team, and simply watch your enimy fall at
your feet! IT WORKS!

good way to win:
ok start a mission with only anti tank and riflemen assult and lewis unlocked than just do only
riflemen over and over.

When your ground is low and the enemy is eating away at your defences send in machine gunners.
Do not send in anyone else the reason why is u will be wasting time and men once u got the hang
of it you send everyone and i mean everyone as a result u will gain a lot of ground.repeat
process until u win.

if you choose costum battle and you choose one treench with rifle men,assult team and machen
guners.if germans take ofer the trench and the spuads you choose keep on dying,keep on doing
that till one of your artilaty is ready(only if you choose artilaty).put the artilaty where
the germans are and click.
if it dosent work wait a little bit and the germans will come out thinking there wont be any
british people then click on any spuad and they will probabley all die.if there are any germans
in the trench click on the assualt team and when they get near they will allways throw gernads
(only if they are still alive)then if all germans are dead you should win if you keep puting
more people into battle.

Trench cheat:
if you want to send more than 3 groups into a trench send out the groups in one of your trenches.
lock the trench that they are going to. then unlock it just before they get there. your men will
hide in the trench but if you open the trench menu thing they will not be tere so you can deploy
more troops into that trench !!

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