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Коды (cheats) к игре » Need for Madness

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Коды (cheats) к игре Need for Madness

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Коды (cheats) к игре Need for Madness

Cheat Codes:
To perform a stunt simply lauch your car into the air by driving over a ramp,
and then press the space bar and an arrow key at the same time. The more stunts
you perform the more your power bar will fill up, causing your car to be stronger
and faster. Doing several tricks in a row will gain you even more power!

If your red damage bar gets full your car will be destroyed and you will lose the
stage. You can repair your car by jumping through an electrified hoop.

All cars wasting cheat - waste

This is very simple, but may sound complicated: All you have to do is get to stage 6.
When you are on stage 6, go by one of the high ramps, but don't go up it.
Pause the game, and simply open a new window. Exit out of Need for Madness,
and then go slap yourself five hundred times, for believing this would work.
You're a stupid retard!!!

Cheat Codes:
Code Result
hasters - wasters
la vite crab - wow canario
formala 7 - dr mostaa
radical one - lead oxide
max revenge - el king

Stage 1 pick a fast/strong car (i dont recomend Nimi).
Stage 2 here you can unlock MAX Revenge so choose the car youre best on.
Stage 3 use MAX Revenge for nice results, if it did not work... i prefer you try
your best.
Stage 4 any car would be great for it. never follow the road follow the Guide Arrow
Stage 5 try to dodge the obstacles (some times you need to do a stunt so be careful)
Stage 6 use Formula 7
Stage 7 now try staying in track.
Stage 8 uh oh! the Radical one is in! play Formula 7 Vs him!
Stage 9 this can be hard... only the more skilled ones pass use the fast car that
you like.
Stage 10 the harder one, i recomend using EL KING.
Stage 11 hurray! you passed! now crash ALL of them using DR Mosntaa.

A very good tips:
on wasting levels, make sure you have one of the cars below:
Dr. Monstaa
Lead Oxide
El King
Max Revenge

One way to waste cars with ease:
Find the weak spots ( do more damage)
El Kings Weak spot: Sides
Lead Oxide's weak spot: Sides
Some are the back but I forgot.

Mines: <-- LAWL
How? Because even though Nimi is a weakie, killing it causes lots of damage!
Also if you bump into the dead body, KABOOM! Ouch...

Funny Glitches:
The Invisible wall (bump into an invisible wall and die instantly)
Zombie Cars (Wasted cars still alive - Run after you even on flames)

Always make sure there is a car behind you when you're almost dead! Cause you
can go to the Electric hoop and then you're wasted BUT they'll push you in!

Stage 1:use formula 7 and dont follow the track. go thuogh 1st checkpoint, turn around
and throug te next. Dont get wasted.

Stage 2:use formula 7 again and take lots of shortcuts.

Stage 3:use max revenge and waste all the other cars. You may get wasted but keep
trying. Feel free to use the repair hoop when your gamage is high. I recomend
you waste lead oxide last and wow canario first.

Stage 4:use max revenge and just race. Dont get wasted!

Stage 5:use formula 7. When you start, go left straight away until you see these square
arch type things. Dont go full speed to them but crash you car into it. Reverse
into the back then accelerate to the front. Keep doing that until you car stops
losing damage. You will never lose damage after that, Waste the other cars.

Stage 6:use formula 7 and just race. Caution, el king goes the other way so avaoid him
when he comes for you.

Stage 7:use el king ang waste the other cars. Quite easy.

Stage 8:use formula 7 and race. Dont get wasted and your main contest is radical one.

Stage 9:use radical one and just race. Dont get wasted.

Stage 10:(CAUTION! VERY HARD!)use el king to waste other cars. It may take long because
you have to waste dr monstaa which is hard. Leave him for last. I advise you
get maximum power so you can jump high enough through the repair hoop. Sometimes
you may go over/under. Keep trying. Its the best way to do it. Or use radical
one but will have 89% chance of getting wasted unless you are good at stunts
like the first one in stage 9.
Stage 11:CONGRATULATIONS! all you need to do is use dr monstaa and waste all the cars.
Or if you want, you can race. High possibilaty of cars being wasted anyway.
and also if you are wasted but the last opposing car is wasted at the same
time as you, you will win.

Pause game in race and type [king of wasted]and you will unlock dr monstaa.

IMPORTANT TERM file 1:came back:
To get that file, follow the rule only: If you are wasted by other car, simply they will
push you sometimes into the ramp that. have electrified hoop then if you are wasted by
going passed through electrified hoop so something. will happen YOU CAME BACK NOW AND YOU

Use forumla 7 in stage 5. Go into the pillars when you have less energy back and forth
and you won't get wasted.

In stage 6 El King goes the wrong way! Anyway use the formula 7 and let him chase you
toward the big jump, go to right of the big jump and he will chase you. Keep going past
the jump. If you did this right El King will be driving around in circles just to the
right to the big jump.

Tip - Jump trick:
On stage 9, 6 and 8 there should be a jumping ramp (the huge one).
Drive up the jumping ramp (preferrably with full power) and then press space and lean
your car back a bit. Not the whole way. Because you'll no a backflip. After you lean it,
rapidly press up and hold it. You will be surprised. Your car would spin super fast
forward! This cheat only works with Formula 7, Wow Caninaro, Lead Oxide and Radical One
(spin with this car so fast that you can't even see the car turning!)
Also one level 10 (confusion in an illusion) I prefer driving in the third camera, (press
V two times) because when im using EL KING, and when i look for Dr Monstaa, he's right
behind me. If he's catching up. Go left and right continuously like a worm. You'll lose
him and while he's finding his way, quickly smash into him.

on level 5 choose formula7 then go into those squares go in middle and then go little
bit forward and you will be gone!go back again and you will appear again.

Relive a Wasted Car:
Remember: You can use a waster here.
Tip: When an opponent is wasted before reaching an electrified hoop, drive your car
near it, pushing the wasted car. If it works, try wasting other cars!

How to destroy dr monstaa:
On level 10 you use max revenge and go to dr monstaa let him chase you to a ramp and
then go on it. once you land, go to the closest car and then turn dr monstaa should
smash into that car and stop. while he stops get full power and smash him.

Pass Trought the wall without be hited:
Hack a track place a big ramp behind a wall, Launch Need For Madness, You'll be
surprised: You'll Exit from the track!and other cars will hit the wall.Warning not
For Stage 10,because Dr Monstaa will pass in the ramp and they will hit you!How to
return in track:pass trought the wall in ground.

In stage 8, choose Formular 7 and when the race starts, press the up button, which
results in you crashing into the cars in front. If you did this correctly, you will
fly to the front at top speed. If not, you are simply wasted. Just mantain you
position and you will surely win.

Go through wall:
on all levels (usally wasting ones work better) sit in one of the corners and wait
for a car to hit you and bam! you are out side the wall.

How to finish stage 10:
In this stage, I reccomend using EL KING. When you start, head towards the electrified
hoop and perform a stunt. Find the other cars and waste them. When you think you're
almost dead, head for the hoop. Waste DR Monstaa last.

Parked cpu cars:

No damage and invisible car:
Go to stage 5. next drive left and you see the gates. Drive under to first gate. Now drive
forward,back,forward,back... after it your car have no damage. When you drive forward under
the gate, your car is invisible. THIS CHEAT WORKS EASY WITH FORMULA7.

Go to stage 6 and stand on the big ramp and drive around it. Next drive out from the
ramp and now you get power without doing a stunt.

Finish Stage 11 with the weakest car ever!:
This may be a little hard, but keep trying. Use Formula 7. Select stage 11. When you start,
just start crashing around. Avoid other cars while doing this, especially DR Monstaa and
EL KING. When your damage bar is almost full, crash into the walls a few more times just to
make sure you don't get anymore damage. Waste the other cars.

How to waste DR Monstaa easily:
In Stage 10, use EL KING. Drive around until at least 2 cars are wasted. Make sure DR Monstaa
is behind you and then head for the electrified hoop. When DR Monstaa tries to waste you from
behind, you should waste him while he pushes you through the electrified hoop. Do this only
when DR Monstaa is pretty damaged after wasting 2 cars.

Submitted by: Liu Tianyi

All levels between 1 to 4, use formula 7.
Then for he is coming use max revenge or lead oxide
Then use formula 7 for stage 6 and 7 (for 7 u can use el king to waste em)
Then of course formula 7 for stage 8, try and bang the car right in front of u and you will
fly into the checkpoint (banging into tornado shark with formula 7 will cause you to fly left).
For stage 9 use radiacle 1 to complete race
Stage 10 use radicle 1 to waste em all
Stage 11, just wait. They will slowly waste them selves, then go finish the last one remaining
(using dr monstaa, of course. trying to waste all four is not recommended cause there is no
hoops to repair urself)

Which Cars in what stages?:
Stage 1: Use Formula 7. Go through the first checkpoint, make a U-Turn, Perform stunts on the
bumps. Go through the second checkpoint. Don't get wasted.

Stage 2: Use Formula 7. While you're racing, take plenty of shortcuts.

Stage 3: Use MAX Revenge or Wow Caninaro. If you're MAX Revenge, I'll explain. If you're Wow
Caninaro, look on youtube. Use MAX Revenge. Waste Wow Caninaro first and Lead Oxide last.
Go through the electrified hoop when your damage is high.

Stage 4: Use MAX Revenge and just race.

Stage 5: Use Formula 7. When you start, go left until you see these things that look like
square arches. Crash your car into the front pillar. Reverse into the back one and crash.
Keep doing that until you don't get anymore damage. You will not get wasted unless you go
through the electrified hoop. Don't go through. Waste the other cars.

Stage 6: Use Lead Oxide and just race. EL KING goes the other way, so avoid him.

Stage 7: Use EL KING. When you start, turn left a bit, until you see the electrified hoop.
go into the wall right next to the jumping ramp. Go in a little bit, and stop. Wait for the
other cars to approach you, and them crash into them like a maniac.

Stage 8: Use Formula 7 and just race.

Stage 9: Use Radical One and just race.

Stage 10: (WATCH OUT FOR DR MONSTAA! HARD!) Use EL KING. Drive around while wasting 3 cars.
Get through the electrified hoop when you're damage is high. Waste DR Monstaa last.

Stage 11: Use DR Monstaa or Formula 7. If you use DR Monstaa, just waste the other cars.
If you're Formula 7, start crashing around. I suggest you crash into the walls. Avoid other
cars while doing this, especially DR Monstaa and EL KING. When your damage bar is almost full,
crash around a few more times to make sure you don't get anymore damage. Waste the other cars.
The easier car to use for this stage, of course, is DR Monstaa.

Damn Cars:
Make sure you never use one of these damn cars.

Tornado Shark
Wow Caninaro
La vite Crab

Stunt trick:
Use DR Monstaa in stage 11. Perform a stunt on the speed bump. When you're in the air,
press up and right. You will look like a car being twisted and you will get full power.

Easy cars:
It is simple 2 get all cars just go into 2 games then get both 2 go into the same race
pause 1 exit the paused 1 and then type [hasting] this works if your using windows xp.

Performing a trick with EL KING on a low ramp:
In stage 11 you use EL KING and you perform a stunt on the speed bump and hold up and right
together and you perform a stunt on the lowest ramp.

The cool thing:
In stage 8 you use EL KING and you keep on waiting at the electrified hoop, and you crash
into the cars when they approach.

In stage 6 go in the big down the landing point but not on it. go with full power.
the thing will do that you will be in the landing point wich will keep you safe.

Quick start:
When you start a game, do not steer but instead drive right onto the two cars. If you bump
into them you can shoot forward. Note: This may not always work. In the second level you
will shoot through a ramp.

Easy cars:
Subbmitted by arron

It is simple 2 get all cars just go into 2 games then get both 2 go into the same race pause
1 exit the paused 1 and then type [hasting] this works if your using windows xp.

level 1- use a fast car like la vite crab or formula 7.
level 2- just like level one only harder
level 3- use max revenge or wow caninaro and waste everyone lead oxide is weak on his sides
level 4- use formula 7 and win the race
level 5- use lead oxide and waste everyone. el king is the biggest threat. he is weak on his
sides. hitting him on his front will get you almost no where. try to strike when he
is trying to repair.
level 6- use a fast car and win the race. i DO NOT recommend formula 7 because on this level
el king does not race and he goes in the opposite direction that everyone else is
going. if you stop driving he will start bumping you right away. for most of the
race he hangs out around the repair hoop so he can strike when you are most damaged.
so formula 7 is a bad idea for this race.
level 7- use el king and waste other cars. radical one is too fast. dont chase him wait until
he crashes.
level 8- use a fast car and win the race. formula 7 is the best choice to catch up to radial
one but el king is still there so be careful.
level 9- use radical one and win the race. try to stay away from dr monstaa.
level10- use el king and waste everyone. dr montsaa will be very hard to waste. the trick
is to not let him repair.
level11- use dr monstaa and waste everyone. this is easy because the level is so small

If stage 5 hard read this:
on stage 5-el king is crazy. pick formula one-the weakest car, trust me.
start. instead of going straight, turn left you will see the thin bridge things. go to them
so the front of your car is facing the inside of it and the back of your car is facing the
opposite inside thing. go forwards and back until your spoiler is bent a lot. then go smash
EL King without losing any life at all! dont heal is takes invincibility away. it works plz
try, trust me! im expert.

Stage 5 trick:
On stage 5 use a fast car and when the race starts go through the checkpoint and the next but
then go through the hoop and go to the next checkpoint an keep repeating that and it is almost
impossible to wast your car.

How to finish all levels/stages:
Here's some tips on how to finish need for madness:

1:Use Tonado Shark And Just Race.
2:In this stage, will unlock max revenge; Use formula 7 and just race.
3:Use max revenge and waste: lead oxide and wow caninaro and the other cars. 4:Use formula 7
and just race.
5:Use formula 7 and just race. (HINT: If El King chases you, you go to a wall and go left at
full speed.)
6:Use Max Revenge and just race. (WARNING: El king goes the reversed way so never follow him
when he chases you.)
7:Use El king then waste all of them!!!
9:Use Radical one and just race.
11:Use dr monstaa and waste them all. (last stage).when you finished this race, you're done!

Wasting Cars (After clearing everything):
Use Dr Monstaa and go to stage six. When EL King is coming towards you on the second high ramp
(the one with the electrified hoop) simply just turn towards the side that EL King is coming and
start charging into him. When you get close to him, Just turn Dr Monstaa to the side of EL King
and "KABOOM" He's dead!

use formula 7 for stages 1 and 2. then for stages 3 and 4 use la vite crab or max revenge.for
stage 5 and 6 use max revenge or lead careful from EL king in stage 5 and 6.for stage
7 use EL king if you want waste cars.for stage 8 use formula 7.for stage 9 use radical 1.then
for stage 10 use EL king. Use DR Monstaa for stage 11 and then your game is finished.

1st start up need for madness 2nd look at stage 6 3rd chosse dr.monsta before u chosse stage
6 4th look at this website for a minute 5th go back to need for madness 6th stage 6 will be
a big track 7th race on it and it will be faraway walls at side it works!!! try it

The best way to finish the game:
Email :

trust me!it is the bestway to finish the game.
stage1:use a Tornado shark or a fast car and race.super easy.
stage2:use the same car.
stage3:Whatch out for lead oxide! use MAX REVENGE.perform many stunts and you
will win
stage4:use formula7 to rase.
stage5:use lead oxide to win the race.EL KING'S Strenth is maximum SO BE CARFUL!
stage6:Use lead oxide again to win the race.try not to get a crash from EL KING.
8:use formula7 and must perform ALL the stunts.
9:use RADICAL1 to win.perform a lot of stunts and you will throw DR MONSTAA away
(getting far away from him.)
10:use my hint to waste DR MONSTAA and the other cars.
11:use DR monstaa to waste all the other cars (WARNING:there is no repair hoop
in this stage.)

The best to waste DRmonstaa:
Email :

In stage10,use EL KING.Perform as many stunts as you can in each ramp and drive
around till 3 cars are wasted. make sure your damage is not high.crash into dr
monstaa.if he is going to the line that have the repair hoop,keep steady,because this
may not always work.just crash into him then this will work.when dr monstaa is accellerating
to the ramp,crash into dr monstaa Do this only when dr monstaa is very damaged after 3 cars
is wasted.

Stage 5 cheat:
Choose formula 7. Start. Instead of going straight, turn left. There are bridge things.
Go inside so that the end of one is at the front of the car. Then go backwards and forwards
so that the spoiler is damaged. Then go crash any car. You will not get damaged.

The best way to finish stage 8:
If you cannot win stage 8 with el king ,use lead oxide.When the race starts,just go fast
but do not stop.If you do then radical 1 will reach the finish line. Just keep going to
the ramps until you are near radical 1. When you are in first place still go to the ramps
If you don't do it then radical 1 will go ahead of you and lose.Keep going to the ramps
till your at the finish line.This can also be done using dr monstaa, la vite crab(sometimes),
formula 7 and radical 1(only if unlocked)

Flying Cars:
Choose Radical One and choose any level bash into a wall (or something else) and the front
will go flatter smash into a car engine first and watch them fly.

Hey guys. For those of you who have had difficulty in need for madness. Here are some tips.
The fastest car is formula 7. If you think its radical one, you're wrong.
So in level 1, use any car and race to win.
2:Race with f7.
3:Use wow caninaro to waste all the other cars.
4:Race with f7.
5:Use lead oxide and waste the other cars. To waste el king, all you have to do is ensure
that his aatention is away from you, then sneak up from the back and keep hitting him.
Do not let him slip away. Even if he does, he'll be having a substantial amount of damage.
6: Race with f7 and beware of El king who is coming in reverse direction.
7: El king and waste all of em.
8: A little tough but don't worry. Use f7 and race. Ensure that you get off to a gd start
because radical one shoots off very fast. But the f7 is faster. Just maintain power to the
max and it should be ok.
9:radical one race or el king waste.
10:El king waste.
11: Dr monstaa waste. And you're done.

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