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Коды (cheats) к игре » Fifa Manager 2010

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Коды (cheats) к игре Fifa Manager 2010

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Коды (cheats) к игре Fifa Manager 2010

Cheat Codes:
Money cheat:
Firstly go to your install directory, (usually: C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA
MANAGER 10) then open the folder that says private_items in there you will see
car furnishing house and luxury files. open one in notepad for example "House"
once opened you will see the type of homes and how much they cost change the
positive sum to a negative, by adding just a minus sign. for example change the
last line to this:


Note: i made palace -912000000

Now when you are in your game go to Career > private life > house and buy the
palace... your personal acount will be given 912000000/$ depending on whatever
currency you using.

More Transfer Money:
If your team is very short on money and you want to spend more then there is a
simple way to get alot more money. You need to create another manger, preferably
at the start of a season as there will be more money availible. You will need to
make this manager join a club like Man City or Chelsea or Real Madrid etc. From
here you will need to just search for the club you currently manage and sell
unwanted players to the new manager for very high prices. This creates high
transfer funds and also get rid of any unwanted players.

Corner tactic:
If you're struggling to score goals from open play, then I suggest you adopt this
approach in order to increase the number of goals scored from corners. Set your
best corner taker to take you corners (right sided player from the left side, and
left footed players to take from the right). Set your best header and tallest
player (usually your CB) to challenge the goalkeeper. Also set your second and
third best header to attack the near and far post. I would also place players who
have good long shot attributes to 'lurk outside the box' ensuring any clearances
are straight to them for them to have a shot on goal. If you do this you'll score
plenty, make sure corners are always delivered into the six yard box.

10 potential:
Basically, the best players in the game when they get older.

-=Alphonse Arйola=-
GK - PSG - French - Can be signed for Ј40K

-=Eduardo Salvio=-
AMR/FC - Lanus - Argentinian - Can be signed for around Ј5M

-=Mario Balotelli=-
AMRL/ST - Inter - Italian - Can be signed for Ј13M

-=Martнn Galvбn=-
AMC/FC - Cruz Azul - Mexican - Can be signed for Ј1M

-=Nicolбs Otamendi=-
DC - Vйlez Sбrsfield - Argentinian - Can be signed for Ј3.3M

-=Toni Kroos=-
AMC - Bayern Munich - German - Can be signed for around Ј15M

Player that growth well:
If you have use cheat for unlimited money,you can buy this player..
they growth extremely good..

* Mesut Oezil(AM/ST LC)(Wander Bremen-25 million and above)-become the best player.
* Thomas Muller(AMCD/ST LCR)(Bayern Muchen gained through exchange player or buy with
3 million)-develop well.
* Yoann Gourcuff(CM/AM)(Girondins Bourdeaux-can buy with 30 million and above).
* Aaron Ramsey(AM/CM/DM)(Arsenal-can buy with 8 million and above)
* Jack Wilshere(AM/STLCR)(Arsenal-can buy with 10 million and above)
* Vladimir Weiss(AM CR)(Manchester City-can buy with 6 million and above)
* Davide Santon (D LCR)(Inter-can buy with 6 million and above).

Young Talents:
Some Of The Best Players In The Game And The Youngest.

Luis Suarez - Ajax - ST
Ever Banega - Valencia - Mid
Sebastian Gallegos - Mid
Azpilicueta - atletic club - Def
Pjanic - Lyon - Mid
Franco Zuculini - Hoffenheim - Mid
Alan Dzagoev - CSKA Moscow - Mid
Muniesa - Barcelona - Def
Riccardo Cristallini - Juventus - Mid

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