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Коды (cheats) к игре » Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn

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Коды (cheats) к игре Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn

Коды (cheats) к игре Murloc RPG - Stranglethorn

Cheat Codes:
This game is titled also "Murloc 2: Stranglethorn Fever"

Hints - Necklace:
* If you walk to the second screen right of the Troll, she reappears again
and takes the neckpiece of you and gives you gold. If you'd rather keep
the necklace, you have to avoid that part of the Jungle from now on as
there's no 'screw you, I want the necklace' option.

* Actually she doesnt always appear you can just walk the screen left and
go back to the right and she might not pop up.

Infinite money:
At the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale,talk to the guy with the
exclamation point on his head, then fight the orc in red, continue killing
until you get to the pally, kill him then the next guy is Undefined. Kill
him, one hit kill but kill him fast, if you dont kill him he kills u one
hit. anyways, i posted this before but i forgot to mention that you have
to kill him twice, and the others. the second time the goblin doesnt
remember you so its like starting all over. And yes you keep your items.

Jasper Mine Chest:
How To Open The Chest In Jasper Min Its Easy Grab A Dynamite And Press Space Infront
Of It And If You Dont Know Where It Is Its In The End Of The Jasper Mine Like A Pot
Of Gold Only This Time Its In A Mine And If You Wanna Know Whats Inside The Chest My
Lungs Lol No Im Kidding Ok Remember When You Fight Fungus The Mouse He Says You No
Take Candle The Candle Is In The Chest 300-1300 :-0

When you go to kill the kobolds in the Jasperdine mine, at the very end hit the
spacebar at the chest and take what's inside for a candlestick that counts as a

Gurubashi arena:
When you kill all off the champions in the gurubashi arena (just keep using frost
nova, then adrenaline rush, frost nova again, cruelty and heroic strike), you will
come to an opponent that is... YOU! when you kill it, the coins you take from it,
will make your coin stock infinite (so you can buy everything you wish).

Fighting in the Gurubashi arena and more:
the first thing you need to do is be level 10 or more.Go past the goblins into
the Gurubashi now will have two options you can either buy stuff from
Men'rok (the fat guy)or you can talk to John Mithril (the goblin) to fight other
people. The first person you will have to fight is Men'rok,Cathy, Beardon, Felva,
Archaic, Littlefoot, Azzima, Sheila, Helm and Undefined. After you've killed all
of them head east and kill all of the beasts there.thank you and bye bye.

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