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Коды (cheats) к игре » Super Stacker 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Super Stacker 2

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Коды (cheats) к игре Super Stacker 2

Level 19:
It's pretty straightforward. Just remember to stack the blocks at
the edge of the beams so you can fit both heads in each.

Random mode:
Successfully complete the game.

Level 20
Place the two balls with a space in between. Then the flat stick on top,
after you do that all the way up for all the balls. Place the purple
squares in between each ball on the levels starting with the bottom.

Level 21:
You need a nonrandom starting order. The 270x30 block and one 30x300
vertical block must be available pretty quickly; the green triangle
must not be available until you've placed a 30x300 block; there must
be a blue block soon after you place the 270x30 block and a couple of
small circles. Reset if these rules don't apply. Then you need to do
the following: place the long 270x30 horizontal block to form a base
for the solution; place a long vertical 30x300 block to form one "wall",
e.g. by placing it on the right side support. The solution is something
like a giant bookcase. The large green triangle goes on top of the vertical
block so that the vertical block resists force from the circles which will
be added to the middle of the bookcase. On the left, use the blue blocks
and remaining vertical block to form the left wall of the bookcase. (Be
careful not to tip the base of the bookcase!) Stack the circles in the
middle; try to use the thin grey blocks as shelves, making sure that the
weight of the circles is transferred downwards onto the base and not
sideways into the walls (so place them to divide the circles into neat
horizontal rows).

Level 26:
Just leave the two circles at the side, balancing one on the other, then
put one block on the base, a block halfway on top of that one (so that
it's stick off the block almost half but not so much that it falls.)
Then, place another block on top near the center of the tower, then
lodge the last block in so that it's like:

.|2|4| . 0
.. |1| .. 0

(.'s for proper spacing...)

Level 36:
With the bottom two circles, you have got to jam 2 squares in between them,
but make sure the top one is flat and stack all the others on top.

Level 40:
* Put the first upright on the top right circle so it falls to the left.
* Put the 2nd on the right side of the now horizontal piece.
* Put a ball at the right corner so it leans to the side giving you a bit
of an angle and keep adding balls balancing it out until you get a triangle.
* Put the triangle on the left.
* Put the next triangle above it.
* Keep filling in until done!.

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