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Коды (cheats) к игре » Advent Rising

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Коды (cheats) к игре Advent Rising

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Коды (cheats) к игре Advent Rising

Cheat Codes:
While ingame press TAB to activate the console and enter the

Code Result
God - God mode
BadAss - All skills at max
Invincible - One hit kills
Useammo - Unlimited ammo
Teleport - Teleport to the location of the crosshair
Suicide - Kill yourself
PlayersOnly - Freeze all objects
Blizzow 1 - Set Weapons and Power to max
Blaster - Gives H.A.Z.E weapon
Pistol - Gives Pistol
XJ9 - Gives XJ9 weapon
Launcher - Gives Talmage weapon
SeekerPistol - Gives Talon weapon
PulseGun - Gives Acolyte weapon
SeekerXJ9 - Gives Darkfire Weapon
SeekerMicrowaveGun - Gives Discord weapon
Assault - Gives Kaull weapon
SeekerLauncher - Gives Fury weapon
Photon - Gives Stalker weapon
StunGun - Gives Stungun weapon

Easy kills:
To have easy kills, max out your Aeon Pulse to level 5. After doing so,
switch you Aeon Pulse so that you will be able to do radial flare.
Because your pulse is maxed out, it usually kills in one hit. It will
also mostly kill everyone in the room that you are in.

Escape pod choice:
* After you return to the escape pod bay with Olivia, Ethan tells you to
take Olivia and run to the escape pod while Olivia tells you to take Ethan.
At this point, you may choose either one depending on who you walk towards.
If you walk towards Ethan, you take him to the pod and see Olivia get scanned.
If you walk towards Olivia, you take her to the pod and see Ethan get scanned.

* At the end of the first chapter, you will choose who gets to come with you
on the escape pod. This choice only affects the banter between your character
and the one you save. After the credits end, you will play the epilogue, and
the person you left behind in the first chapter is who becomes the final Boss
in the game.

Bonus Boss battle:
Wait until the credits end to face another Boss in a bonus battle.

Chapter 1: Secret Super Mario Brothers tunnel:
After Ethan and Gideon are at the escape pods, Ethan will instruct
you to find Olivia. You must first find and use six hidden buttons
in this level. To find the first button, repeatedly hit the locker
in the first room until it disappears. To find the second button,
look behind the pillars to the left of where you start in the first
room. To find the third button, exit the first room in the direction
you entered this level. The button is located near the door with the
fire in front of it. To find the fourth button, look behind the left
locker in the second escape pod room. The fifth button is found behind
the pillars in the second escape pod. The final button is located on a
door on the first section of walkway overlooking the large room with
people running below and ships flying in space above. Once the final
button is pushed, simply turn around and follow the now open path to
the secret tunnel. Once on the other side you can find a pipe that
resembles those from the Super Mario Bros. Climb into it to warp to a
Mario-style cave, where the music also changes to match that of a
classic game. Jump across the platforms and reach the end of the cave.
Once there you will find three more pipes. Each one of them will warp
you ahead to a farther point in the game. The pipe on the left advances
to the intermission sequence showing Marin, Giddeon, and Olivia taking
off from the planet in Chapter 4. The middle pipe warps you to the top
of a building in New Bahn. The pipe on the right warps you to the escape
pod intermission sequence.

Chapter 4: Secret Super Mario Brothers pipeline:
Find and use the six hidden buttons in level B of this chapter. To find
the first button, when you first start destroy the black object in the
wall in front of you. After you pass under a large gun and you will walk
into an open area with three more black objects. Destroy the black object
in the corner opposite the entrance to the area to find the second button.
Then, go up the small ramp and wait until two bridges appear, on one side
of another large gun. Use a charged jump from the bridge to reach a platform
above the large gun to access a hidden room with the third button. Proceed
through the level until reaching an area with three doors that enemies are
appearing from. There should be two small doors to the right and a large
door under a turret farther back (which leads to a tunnel that contains the
fourth button). To find the fifth and sixth button, get to where you must
use a switch to create a bridge. Do so and start crossing it.
While walking across the bridge, look to the right to find an alcove with
two large explosive objects in it. Destroy both of them to find the last
two buttons. Note: Use the button closer to the start of the bridge first
or the secret pipe will remain locked. After all six buttons are used in
order, the locked door at the end of the bridge can be opened, leading to
the secret Super Mario Brothers pipeline.

Defeating Ethan:
When facing Ethan in the bonus battle (if you took Oliva), he will start
charging the black ball above his head. Equip the Surge power.
When he tosses it, you can knock it back. He will catch it and throw it
back three more times. After the third time, it will hit him. He will
then fall to the ground and three gold colored rocks will fall from the
ceiling. Use Lift to pick them up and throw them. Repeat this about four
or five times to kill him. You and Ethan will then get sucked into a warp
hole and get dumped in a snowstorm. Your health will drop very quickly.
Walk to the top left and a strange figure will find you.

Unlimited Time Damp mode:
When you are anywhere with lava, turn on Time Damp mode and jump in the
lava. You will die but do not release Time Damp until the screen goes black.
When you return to the last checkpoint, Time Damp will still be on but your
energy bar will not decrease. Time Damp will stay on until you click Time
Damp again or go to a video.

Defeating the Skinwalker:
Wait for it to pick up a rock, then shoot it in the head. It will drop the
rock on its head and fall down. Once it falls down, continuously shoot it
in the head. Do this three times and you will kill it.

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