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Коды (cheats) к игре » Rage 3

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Коды (cheats) к игре Rage 3

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Rage 3

Коды (cheats) к игре Rage 3

Cheat Codes:
Select "Cheats" at the main menu. Enter one of the following codes.

Result Code
Faster game play - looney
Unlimited ammunition - bin
All weapons - rackem
Level 20 - adiosturdnuggets
Unlimited rage - prime
Invincibility - trashly

Its a glith when you are jumping below some stones jump near and attack! You
will go up in no time!

On the 4th (fourth) level go to the second spring on the ground. if the enemy
punches you into the cliff wall you teleport to the top of the cliff.

On the part with the sring and the idinaganl wall on level 2 (not the level on
yore stick man) get some rage and use it jump on the sping hold left and hit s
if done corretly you will fall to yor death.

Gun swap (glitch):
Here is a weird glitch you can do on the 2nd level. First use the all-weapon cheat
then go down to the spot by the first new weapon u would have got on the map, then
shoot a rocket turn around and switch ur weapon once. The weapon on ur leg should
be switch itself.

You don't need level 5!:
On level 4 (excluding the bosses) go all the way up (after you've unlocked the first
door) go in the pit and keep pressing towars the wall you'll end up on the other
side of the level 5 eletric door.

In level five when you unlock the first spring, jump on it. When your high enough
to reach the stelactite next to you push into it. You'll appear on the level above
you behind the laser or shut off laser. You might have to try this a few times.

Crazy Switch:
Use the all weapons cheat. Get out your grenade launcher, hold S, then click E to toggle.
Click E only once but if you keep holding S your weapons switch like crazy in your pocket.
Let go of E and you should be running with it. (this glitch works on any level)

Use the all waepons cheat rackem. go to the very last weapon and press change weapon 1 more
time. it should show a grenade launcher on youre leg but a pistol in the weapon selected.
then turn youre weapons should start randomly changing. you cant shoot though.

Hint: Human Bullet:
When your in rage mode, run towards an enemy and press the jump button twice really fast,
killing him.

Fall to the death:
At arcade mode if you alread have the unlimited rage jump and jump until 3 boxes has fallen
and then jump at the middle of the two boxes for 30 seconds and yhen you will fit at the
middle of the two boxes and then you will fall evry second and ou will fall to your death:)

Just death:
On level 2 (not on your stickman) go to the spring on the bottom of the level jump up where
is the guy whit the giant weapon whit spikes get rage hop on the spring whats there baunc
about 3-4 times at the 4ort time at the jumps hiest point pres right and fal daun about for
2-3 seconds then press s or a vhen your on the clif just go right and you will fal into your
death (you may need the speed cheat to)

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