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Коды (cheats) к игре MechQuest

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Коды (cheats) к игре MechQuest

Easy wins:
To win every battle you enter, get the smoky flamethrower and only use that
weapon. It will wipe out almost any enemy.

Hidden helm:
Go to the front door and open it. Keep repeating this and eventually you will
get a temporary helm.

Easy experience:
Go to the front of the ship and ask the pilot to let you drive. One drive is
about one minute. You will get 10 experience points each time you drive. Also,
shoot asteroids to get a few extra credits.

keep on doin the entrance exam loads of times coz u get free exp the first 1
then the further u go the more u get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(reccomended level 6+) go 2 parma jon (on the left of teks mechs take a job do
it till u r promoted to 15#(pizza top(ing)gun)fight da order 66#(big rusty rat)
he will giv u 500 creds and 50 exp keep doin this 60 times u will hav 30 grand
(the best mech model cost this much)

This is recomended for 9-12. if you go to the univercity(without taking the exam)
you will fight mega spider (140 hp) its a good way to get moneyit give you 500
money and 50 exp.

u gona go to soluna city (right!) go to teks meks and to the pizza and to teks
meks and pizza again and again and have a quest on the pizzas, break the cars and
the stuff where water come from, break the last without seeing 'loading quest info'

Note: how to make u be the robot (temporailey)

first all u have to do is click to go to a differnt place the before u get there
click equip when u get there u will still be on the screen but not ur mech and u
will be standing there note: u cant move

First, you get to rank 31 in the police department. Then, you keep battling until
you get to Cain. You keep battling him with the health and energy hacks on cheat
engine. You get easy money!

The pizza shop have a free robot but you want 20 level to get the free robot

in GEARS UNV. goto the saber traning thing and just clik yes(if ya get wat i mean)
and even if u dont hav 1000 credits u still join. :)

Buy: gatling gun, noob misileX2
Then its like, GG NMx2 GG RMG, etc,

when you take exsam after you beat the hotdog#1 continuasly click on next
eventuualy at the end all the aponents are facing backwards

How to defeat Twang easily:
In case you don't know, Twang is supposedly the most powerful energy blade fighter
around. You can only fight him once your energy blade rank is 35but sometimes you'll
get to battle him in class, but he goes easy, and you can predict his attacks. Use
strong attack on Twang until he glows red (usually about 2 strong attacks make him
glow). When he glows that means his next attack is his best attack where he shoots
every energy blade you can unlock at you, usually dealing about 20-30 damage, so
when he glows red then use a defense attack and he will only do about 2-4 damage.
Now then, repeat the steps and voila! You can defeat Twang anyday!
(at least almost,I think you have a 80-90% chance of defeating him with this

Here is a really cool glitch. Go to the police department and talk to the officer.
Keep cliking on his head and ur guy will walk on him!

go to Meacharoni and get the job each time you dilivery a pizza you get 100credits
the enimies are around lvl 1-3

(recamended lvl 3+)go to goto unaversaty and fight the mega spider it gives you 80
exp and 500 credets do it 20 givs u 10,000 and if u do it 40 times it givs u 160
exp and 20,000 credets

here's a funney/useless glitch that may not always work: when yure a cop and u go
after da wolf-guy an press always press defend yure person will still be in the defence

Easy money:
If you are a Star Captain an easy way to make money is to get your rank at the police
station to 29 so that you can fight with Kerberos. Each time you defeat him you will
get 100 experience points and 500 credits.

look at my character page.
its ok. is there a way that i kan get really easy money. i have a 35/35 rank at
the energy place. A lvl 22 rank at the police department. I also have a 20 lvl
in pizza. I really need money . Email me at if yoou have any tips.

When your on te ship at the start of the game get to lvl 3 and dont buy any guns then
go to the front of the ship and talk to sys zero then select strange blip then defet
the guy (dont worry you wont lose) and you get 150 credits and 10 exp

OK: So do you want to have super powerful weapons? if so then buy 500 nova gems and get
the candy elf,it gives you MEGA powerful attacks, so buy it and you do 32-36 almoust all
the time!

If u wan get to lvl 2 or 3 very fast keep playing the arcade games onthe ship and ask
for the fighter job.

ive got lvl 29 spd 20 pizza and every thing else full i'm lvl 13 almost 14 how do i
get lvl 32 spd email me at

get high enough for "sauce" shop at pizza place and get the mama mia mega slicer
and get smoky flame thrower and a wep on your shoulder and u own everyone

OK guys theres a lot of BS in msot forums
1.) IF you become level 20 in the pizza shop the mech isnt free it costs 45,000
2.) ITs take exxstreme luck to defeat the level 3 boss on the ship so i say buy a
flame thower for ur back arm if u use it once agianst him ur garantead a win!

First get 35/35 on energy blades that will get u to a good descent level then get
all the way up on pizza and police and now 1 u get a free mech and u have a good
10,000 dollars and level 8 so buy good weps and keep fightin order 66 and Giant
spider to get major money after that u can start doing the other class in the

easy money when your on the ship you need to get to lv. 3 to do this go to the front of
the ship and talk to the guy do and do strange blip you will get 150 money and 10 exp
the best weapons to use are flame thrower and refrubrished machine gun and the
n-oob launcherx2

You will need alot of patience for this code. First, go to the energy blade class and
get the skill level at 35(At the end of this you should be at LEAST level 5 (mech)).
Then, you can beat mechas easily by just equiping the energy blade to your mecha.
This way you will be able to beat almost ANYBODY!!!

get to level 3 in blade class then wear the suit and every time you beat something you will
get 4 points extra for wearing the suit

After I buyed the Flame Thrower (very good weapon), click on "Battle!" and try to use
first the Flame Thrower and never else. If you do this, when the enemy robot it's
destroyed, a huge white spot appears in the place where the robot dies!
And an hint: buy the Flame Thrower (cuz' its goood at anyone) and never else
(maybe just a sniper) to buy that mecha (it looks like yours, but its not) ;)

easy way to get energy weps before the shop opens
go to uni and go to energy weapon class 101 and get lvl 35(black belt)this unlocks
the partisan which get 20's NEARLY every go


go to mecharoni in soluna city then go for a mission. When it's one of the ones where it
shows you on a road with cars and stuff on it, DON'T crush any of the cars just go around
them. you should get 120 credits instead of just 100 if u defeat the enemy rusty rat/jimmy
the eye bot/shadowscythe mechs.

Warning: U must be level three 4 this cheat.

When u login 2 mechquest and appear in soluna city, go left (<-- that way). The screen
will have the mecharoni pizza shop and the cinemech on. Go to the cinemech and ballyhoo
will be there. Say yes to her question and watch the movie but DON'T click visit sponsor
'cause it'll take u 2 dragonfable which u'll hav 2 exit off. Anyway the movie will go on
saying blah blah blah blah Gaurdian blah blah blah all powerfull... and so on. at the end
a new button comes up underneath the cinemech screen saying "collect prize". Click on it
and Ballyhoo comes and says "congradulations! you've just won ??? credits!" the ??? will
vary depending on your level. for instance, i'm level 7 and i get 85 credits, but if u
were level 5 u would get 65 credits, so to know how much you're gonna get, add 1 to your
level, put a 0 on the end and add 5. You should get that many credits from ballyhoo!

if anyone wants 2 battle me my ID is 1390785 and my mechquest character name is Nocoro.

there are 2 people that r really hard 2 fight there IDs are:
1 - Zhoom
3 - Artix

how to get a supamech:
1.become at least level 10 newbatron V1337 or star gladius v1.0{star captain} back arm solar mega blaster,back shoulder sling missle x1,star striker head and
front arm proton rifle
4.equip it all and battle. this is a VEEEEEEERY good combo of mech and wpns.sierioudly u
could pwn like enythin man!

wen u walk out of the bay doors on the prologue of the game U DONT GET 2000 NOVA GEMS

when vs. rusty rat have a smokey flame thrower and any gun and u should win / smokey f
lame thrower give ur guns extra attack points.

(lvl 3+) if u wont 1050 cedits quick you can fight
the rifle man 7 times and and u can keep doing this forever

if you are a star captain then get some nova gems and buy the kurosawa mech or the candy
elf and get the mintzooka front and back shoulder and you will be nearly invincible!!

Be level 5+ and buy mami mai mega slicer and smooky flamethrower and click the war button
(or battle) and do mami mai mega slicer ,famethrower

Easy Money:
submit by william

Go to mysterious j. store.Now go to mysterious than go to spaceship,you will go to the place
when you started the game.Fight all the ghost than you will fight a angle ghost mech when you
beat the quest you will have 1100 credits.

Best way to make money:
Keep fighting normal shadow thingy, ( Do anything you want, but keep training on them ) till
you reach level 9-10, you should have atleast 10grand ( Subtracted the amount of money need
for upgrade, you wouldn't have any new mech yet unless you have nova ) Then buy 3 good weapon,
Like solar mega blast, sling missile (X1) and another good weapon, I have both of them and
Energy Sai, Right now, I'm trying to get 8,000 - I can kill the big rusty thingy with 6 hits,
he gives 300credit and 50xp, I can kill him in 30second or less, then the recharge takes atleast
10second, so around 1min per 300credit, if you do this over and over again for an hour, you get
atleast 5,000 ( Subtracted the boredom or whatever.. ) then once you got enough money, go buy a
new mech to become stronger, so you can kill the rusty rat in 3-5hit, I'm not so sure about the
giant spider, but try to kill him if you think your strong enough. Oh yea, here's my combo to
kill the guy in 6 hits (( I use the starter mech and this 3 weapon: Solar mega blast, sling
missile and energy sai ) I first use Energy Sai, then sling missile, energy sai again, then solar
mega blaster, then energy sai ( this way you can use sling missile again ) finish him off with
sling missile: See? 6 hits, I'm quite bad at this game since I haven't bought a new mech yet and
I'm close to being level 10 and I only have 13000 - Anyways, just keep doing what you can - Btw,
I couldn't beat the spider if your thinking about it..

go to cinemech and watch movie 5 times is all you can do a day then the next day do it again

this good cheat for star captain's. buy the extra 2,000 nova gems and get to lvl 10. buy
hammerhead super(heath:205 Ep:120 Regen:12) then buy used electron sniper 5,000 cred, Solar
mega blaster backarm 5,000, micro missle launcher 8,000 cred and rock N Roll Skull Mask.
this is very good combo and you will pwn anything once you figure out the order to use them
without using all your ep

you want to beat artix you need this LVL5+ you need this weapon miscalibrated sniper rifle and
mama mia mega slicer in mechroni pizza and smokey flamethrower and star striker head if you
want to beat him his ID is #3

When you are on the newbie craft and about to fight the rifle master equip these weapons:
Smokey Flamethrower, N-00B missile x2 (X4 works a lot better) and Refurbished Machine Gun.
You cant waste any turns or else the boss will destroy you. Have a good day! =)

In soluna city (must be lvl 3 or more) from the place where it says "shop" at the bottom
right (->) go left but DON'T exit that screen!!! click on the shop button to make a small
thingy come up saying:
"nova items"
"nova mecha"
When u've done that, go to the exit to the RIGHT (>). while u're running towards it, click
on the "items" or "nova items" button. it'll take u 2 a screen with ur mech showing, then
it'll say "loading scene" then look on the far left of the screen. ur person will be tiny,
but still showing on the bit where it shows ur mech! mega glitch!

Easy money - Just go to the pizza shop and do order66 if you beat him you get 300 credits.

Go to that mystery guy thing if you know how to fight something(Click on many times like
on object like the happy thing whoopy cushin 3000)If your life is low click on the mirror
your life is refiled :)

in mistyrios al's place click on the monkey in the barrel fight it till it has half health
click on the mirror 3 times kill it glitch should work

The best thing to do if you are just getting star captain is to get 2000 extra nova gems
for a small fee then get the super hammerhead it is 500 nova gems then buy the weapons
super proton sniper and magma cannon both 200 nova gems then get sling missle and the eight
missle launcher thingyou will still have spare nova gems

How do you defeat the ghosts easy in the magic place and how do you catch them i keep
killing them.

Recommended weapons:
Use the flame thrower, double auto gun, and n-oob (4x) on a mech.
This is the best weapon configuration for your first mech.

Go to the novelty shop(Ghost Hunting), and click on the barrel of monkeys, you will be
sent into a fight scean with a monkey pirate. Click "Flee" and the health/power bars will
be stuck on your screen.

If you click the "Punching bag 3 times (I don't know exactly, I was clicking rapidly),
you will be sent into a fight scean with the punching bag
p.s. NEVER click the MIRROR, you will restart the fight!

OMG best lineup eva u hav ta be a lvl 8 even i use it im a lvl 12 get a huntas
autogun, sling missile, and solar mega blastr u may need a higher powerd mech wid
more energy but it works on most i highly recommend usin it on a katana v1 they
rsik but thell do thejob for only 40000 buks it roks.

quick mulah:
first get 2 lv 30 in ta hospital (its now open) then do ta nano quest whn u need 2
repair stay still (it reloads s..l..o..w..l..e..y..) and whn u finish u get about
500 credits trust me i did it

Easy Money:
just doing autopsy in hospital every time.
coz the prize if u not fail is 500 credits + 100 exp.
just collect them till u'r money can buy hammerhead
(if u r not the star captain , it can help u eliminate anything)

This is a glitch goto the hospital talk to the nurse then take a quest and dont
play the quest click run away then quickly click the nurse you will not talk to
her this is i know 90% will work

If you join a house like wolfblade or runehawk yuo keep doing the labyrith quest do
it 10 times and you will have 20000 credits so you can keep doing it as much as you
want I did it 20 times and got 40000 credits

for easy credits go to your house on gears university and do the lurbirth mission
complete it and it dives you about 1200

all you need to do is keeping defeating all the shadowsythe (if youre level 14 or 15)
the youll get 750 credits and 100 exp.

Easy EXP + Money:
*Recomended for 5+*
if you join mystraven, you go back to the person and go back to the labyrinth, than
go all the way to the end and beat the last mecha - the mino-ton - and get the treasure
box. The mino-ton gives you 55 exp and 200 money and the higher the lvl u r, the more
money you get its more easy money than exp but u still get exp

When you do a mission and want to get a promotion. click on the button at the end of
the mission and keep holding it until it ends scrambling the numbers. you will get a

To get lots of money you must be rank 30 or 31 for the nano quest, defeat 1 enemy and
you will get 750 gold and 100 exp. every time you defeated a enemy you must stop the
quest and heal. if the enemys are to strong for you, you must be level 13 and you
need a police mecha. for more info email to
i'm rank 32 police, 35/35 energy blades, 32 hospital, 20 mecharoni, 9/12, mecha combat
and 6 ghosthunting.

This is a good way to make cash, go to mystraven house, and ask to join, they say to join
u have to do a misson, navigate through the maze and find a treasure chest, u get 550credits,
i would recommend this for lvl 5+

Submitted by. Gotto

If u want easy credits go to the hospital and do the engage enemy and autopsy missons the
autopsy missions average between 500-100 the credits go down 100 every time u hit it off
the walls.
any one wants to battle me my id is 2294138 if any of u have played dragonfable im the same
gotto from the sky battle feilds.

Wolfblade, Runehawk and Mystraven- Each have their own class. Wolfblade is the basic
soldier class with a high amount of Hp and a moderate damage all around equipment.
I like the bazooka's on thier backs cause they do around 35-42 damage all the time
for my character.
While Runehawk is your magic/wizard mech class That has great specials, but not as much
Hp as Wolfblade. They are pretty good and very flashy, but latter in the game I think
that by sacrifising HP for bonuses and other thigns might really affect their boss battle
outcomes. Their staff is a flashy weapon that I like to use a superflous amount.
Last, but my favorite is Mystraven.They are the rogue/ bandit/ assisan class. They offer
(In my opinion) cooler mechs with speed over power. They dont use alot of the AP so they
can just keep rocking their opponents and never really have to worry about having to
recharge their AP bar.

OK as far as cheating goes in the mechquest game, there are none. There are a few gliches,
but they are not worth trying. As for the laberinth mission you might want to have a mech
with over 200hp and be lvl 10+. I joined the wolfblade and their mech has some powerful
front and back launchers with a axe that has a chance to stun your opponent.
As for its back arm it kinda suck, but has alright damage.

Easy cash: go to the hospital and talk to nurse Helia. Click emergency but hit cancel
if anything but autopsy comes up. When you get the autopsy mission, if you can get
through the maze without hitting any of the walls you get 100 exp and 500 credits.
Your experience really fills up and that new mech gets one step closer! ;)

Dude get the wolfblade mech or any other mech that is awesome. then do the war and
duel and win. I make like 1225 creds each tim its awesome. do it like 20 times and
ou like tons of money.

for easy money go into the labyrinth and beat everything there wen u get 2 minoton
heal then battle it defeat it DO NOT HEAL then wen it respawns let it kill you and
youll be back at the start and will still have everything you got repeat for lots of
money with 1 hour over 10,000

When in wolfblade keep on doing the labyrinth lvl 10 +

Go to soluna city and go to far right but not far enough to go to the pizza place and
click to go to the west side of town and click equip before you get there and it'll
say loading and it'll load u as ur human person tiny lol pointless but funny!

Join the Runehawk or wolf blade houses.go to the house should get a screen
showing dean on boss fight choose a boss and you should get 1245-1255
credits.if u can't beat them click on play games then this again and again to
get easy money .exp is 500-1000,i think:)

Ok first what you do is get your mech up to level 15 then buy the wolfblade
mech when you buy it and press war every time you beet a guy you will get 1250 coins

Reccomened (12-15 lv )+ (if u are head of staf in the hospital) best best and best way
to get EASY money is to do the nano quest. the virus and stuff all agve 200hp but they
dont hit alot so its quite easy try itu get 3400 credits at the end

heres a cool glith in the mysteriuos jonson place clicke on the bowling pin with punching
glove and you will fight him .and if you are in wolfblade keep on doing the labyrinth in
1 hour i got 40000 credits

easy money go and take the exam and kill the first robo and then flee and take the money
and do it over and over to get fast money and exp

if you have joined a house then you can get 1000 credits if you go to the gears university
then join a house and join wolfblade and go to the lybarinth and you will make 1000 credits
in 3 to 5 minutes

The best way to get money is by joining the WolfBlade House and continuously doing the
labyrinth quest. When you finish the blue labyrinth mission by touching the box you get
1000 Credits each round. Do this 50 times and voila you'll have enough for a good mecha.
If you wanna battle me my IGN is mesohorny

if u are training in the energy blade 101 room.when u are training with the dummies and
other a attack or strong attack then do a defencive attack.
the dummies and people will miss almost ever time

To get a lot of money use Cheat Engine 5.3 and then get in a fight. Multiply your opponent's
HP by 8 and put it as the exact value. Scan it for your first and then attack with any
weapon (but don't kill the person). Now type in their HP multiplied by 8 (yes again) and
do it as a second scan. Put the adress on the list at the bottom and change the initial
value to 0. Attack and you won! Do this over and over on hard people (like Order#66 at
the Pizza place) and you'll be rich!

To fight the rifle master on the noob ship get the starting machine gun, smoky flamethrower
and large military repeater, which is better than both of the N-00B missiles. Also, throwing
yourself 5 times out the bay doors get u a temporary space helmet. Best way to train is to
do the jobs - SPD, Mecharoni, and Hospital. Do these then upgrade your mech and get the
Pizza Saw-ser from mecharoni, keep large repeater, and get solar cannon. Best combo goes
saw-ser, repeater, solar connon, saw-ser, solar cannon, large repeater, then repeat the
whole thing. Works for all enemies.

Easy Expirience and Credits
go to the left in soluna city through the hospital and talk to helia click uniforms and
choose scrubs(when you are in 1st rank) after that, click emergency and choose ready to
go on patrol. Just only choose Autopsy. If the operation is done and no mistakes, you
will got 100 expirience ang 500 credits. just do it always and get a rank. My name in
mech quest is ZeadTheWarrior I'm in rank# 30 neurologist. Just do it better. If You Are
in rank# 30 equip all of uniforms. If you are lvl 15-25 click the nano quest if you are
in rank# 31 (I dont know what is called to you when you are rank# 31 ^_^ ) and you will
unlocked the shadow base. "The WR Grand Finale!" (Unlocks in rank# 31)
YOu CAn do Dis always^^
Tnkz for all hwo do this^^

when you finish the the hospital quest and then you do the nano quest and then the energy
blade thingy and then do the last one the police thingy. when you finished talk to warlic
(the head master of unerversity)and then he will blah for about 2 min. then go to the
hospital and then tell nurse helia that she got a message from warlic.After nurse Helia
will give you a special healing stone.Before a strong battle with a opponent you can fuse
the stone with a wepons and then it will add 10 damage to your wepons. example:you have
the mega solarblaster and it does 12-20 dammage but if you fuse it together the stone and
the wepons the dammage will become 20-30 damage.If you d'ont belive d'ont do it because
this cheat is for a limited time so if you want to do it do it right away the way i herd
of it it will only stay until september 15 2008 so good chance guys or else girl.
until next time guys.

If you want money and easy xp try this: Go to sabre training at gears university and
train you get easy money and alot of ep!!!! HAve FUn

Easy Money Hint:
go to Pandora's labyrinth and fight every do not complete the quest and when you die kill
every one again keep dying after you kill a couple pf people and the exp and money you
earned before you die will still be there for you to earn when you beat it

good combo
If you want a good combo then do the next.

get the mystraven mech lvl 12.then buy the spike glove.
then the head:gas mask.and then laser crossbow.
i have that and it works

and a fast monny tip:
go to the valentine holiday and kill: romecheo you get 1120 cr and 120 exp.XD

well i just battled a monkey at that magic place an then i started to click on the
miror lots of times a nother heath bar popped when i stopped it the heat bars
stayed there! i only did this once so i not sure if it will work all the time

Join the Runehawk tribe at the University and do the mission again and again.
Just avoid all the mechas and get the chest. If you wait long enough, the last
mech will come up and you can get by him without fighting him. If you do it correctly,
you can get 1200 credits in less than a minute, without fighting anyone!!!

Easy Money for lvl3-7
first,go to the hospital.than do autopsy on aliens. (try not to hit the side)when you
finnish without touching the should get 100exp and 500cerdits.

i can tell u how 2 get 4500 cash in 5-10 mins (needs lv. 6-12).
1)join a house (any one) they will ask u 2 do a special quest. do it anyways.
2)kill any one in ur site and u will be erning 2000 cash in no time
3)when u get to MINA-TON egect ang do the quest again this time kill MINA-TON and u
will win the cash to buy kind of good wepons
4)do it over and over again and u will get 20,000 cash!!!

Buy the 2,000 Nova gem pack then you need to get to lvl 5 Goto the star captin place
to the right of where you start. Go to the floor called artillary then buy the mech
called Kurowza (or something like that) it will help you alot and then when you are
level12 make sure ur in wolfblade and by the nova wofl

as a starter buy fly the ship then buy freshmen laser pointer and smoky flame thrower
(and if u dont hav it the machine gun)equip them then battle then use the weapons in
this order flame thrower,laser,gun

120,000 dollars in 2 hours!-Level 3+:
Once you are in Soluna city, join the RuneHawk House in the University. To join
the University you must pass a test, but it is not too difficult with a good mech.
Once you pass the test you are an honorable member of RuneHawk, home of the coolest
mech in the game! Then, do their mission over and over. If done correctly, avoid all
the mechs and you get 1200 coins in under two minutes! **Unless you have the RuneHawk
mech, avoid the last mech at all costs**

If you want money and ep you should go to holiday quest and keep fighting the boss and you
get 350 money and 30 xp!!!! Have fun Ps i got 35k in 1 h

If you go to pandora's labyrinth ypu get 3150 credits do as many times as desired.
you could get a great mech and equipment!!!!

Money Cheat:
When you get to the mainland go to uneversety join a house and ceep on doing the maze
you get 100gold for every lvl you are everytime you go through + the gold you earned
killing the other mechas eg. if you are lvl 10 you get at least 1000 gold everytime

Go to university, and join the laser blade thingy class. Get to rank 35. When you're
there, buy mecha boomstick or something more powerful for your back arm, buy energy
sai for front arm and Sling Missile 1x for shoulder. Then, go on Blind Quest til you
can do boss fight, then you do that over and over. 30xp ans 320 credits each time!

There is a lot of BS in the forum once again:
1.Wolfblade house missions do not give you the 1200 credits that runehawk does.
2.the dean never gives you a free mech
3.Wolfblade is not the best house mech, although it has the highest health, runehawk
has a higher ability to hit, and mystraven hits hard, although not very oftern.
4.Mechquest rocks! Battle on!

alot of Easy Money

First join a house by doing there mission over and over again you usually get about
1000 creds. each time (level 4 and above is the easyest)

when you go to the police station at rank 6 dont go on a mission unless you can kill
a level 5 or 8 mech mcnuggett or the level 5-8 rooster booster (the big chicken things).
but you can also fight the werewolf thingingi

when you go into th museum you go on the desert ruin and get your strongest energy
blade then run temple and kill the monster .next run into the temple (after waiting
for the door)and go to the next room strait away run towards the fire and quickly
into the next room and fight the monster (2 strong attacks 1 normal attack) then go
up to the middle fire and dont move NO REALLY DONT MOVE..... oh and dont worry about
the big spiky things they wont touch you (unless you move ) then you will get a fossle
(weeeeelll unless the number thingy is not hight enough).

Mechquest- Wolfblade missions:
Message : Right now wolfblade has a mission where you have to get wolfblade's sword back,
once you finish it once, you get about 1000+ points, keep repeating this and you can get
100K credits in only 100 of these missions...

go to wolf blade then verse heaps of robuts at the pizza place and upgrade with the pizza
armour go to the girl sugest a pizza 55 times and then go to mystraven and you can join
but you might have to verse yourself just kidding th

Infinite health or energy:first you must have cheatengine version 5.3. then get into a
battle. multiply your health or energy by 8. then atk until you get hurt then multiply
health or energy again and look for it in the list. do not type into value box.when you
find it add it to your address list and press freeze, freeze is a checkbox next to the
desciption. Hope this is helpful. if you have any ? email me at

to get money fast jon rune hawk don't join mystraven or wolfblade as u will not get as
much money. go to the labrinth and kill as many robots s possible get the tresure and u
shall get atleast 1100 credits.

reccomended lvl - 5+. If you haven't joined a team yet, join runehawk. Then keep doing
the mission. beat the maze a lot of times, and every time you beat it you get 900 credits,
and 200 bonus if you defeat the minotaur. beat it 50 times and you get about 55K!

if you want to get a guy with 220 HP you need 12000 credets and then join the hose
wolfblade buy the top if starcap if not buy second top.

this is how me and all my friends level from start to finish..

step 1) ok first your on the ship and your level one...then get to level and land the ship

step 2) go to the university and pick ANY house you want

step 3) just do one loooong labrynth like keep killing and healing ur self as long as you can
if you die you respawn at the starting point of the labrynth WITH all of your exp. and credits.

step 4) keep going for as long as you want the finish the labrynth and you have alot of
credits AND exp.:) enjoi!

if you want many credits go to the pandora's labrynth quest or go to the hospital and do
the nano quets(which you will gain more credits than the autopsy)My name in mechquest is
Athrun and my mech is the wolfblade's mecha and im level14 and I already finished the
museum,hospital,energy blade,police station,ghost hunting,mecharonni and the mecha combat!!
My ID number is 55434 and battle me if you can beat me!!ad I already got all the weapons
(except those wh are only for star captains)!!!I already have all the mechas(but I bought
and sold others that are low health and those manas are low and i sold them Tek)but
I alread got all the mechas(im wolfblade but I dont have those of star captains and the
runehawk and mystraven house(mystraven really sucks!!!!)

Hey you want some extra cash but dont want to go through some of the complicated cheats
others have posted and like smashing? If you feel like smashing go to pandora's labrynth
or go to the hospital and do autopsy both are fun so what do you have to lose
(nothing youre gaining)

EXTREMELY EASY MONEY- This might take a little while but all you do is when you go to the
university you pick a house (I prefere Mystraven) Then you talk to the person in your
house and click on Missions the mission is called the LABYRINTH I suggest you be about
lvl 7+ to do this so you complete the mission which averages around 8 to 12 minutes and
averages around 2000 gp so you keep doing that to get easy monye

Great credits
Do labrynth in houses i got an average of 1200+

U Can Equip Energy Blades In Ur Mecha
Message : First U go to admina and go to the university. Go Inside the gears
university and to the elevator. Go to the second floor and go inside in energy
Blade 101. You can go to master Tsuba and talk to him.^^. If you are able to wear
uniform wear it and choose energy blade in weapon Rack. then take a class. If
your skill is 35 you can also equip enregy blades and buy one to your mecha.
(I don't know how strong is the energy blade in your mecha. I have skill is
only 22) you can also buy energy blades using nova gems.
TNkz ALL who do dis hints or tips

people who say the smokee flamethrower IT DOESN'T PWN!(no offense)the one that
really pwns is the lava blaster or magma cannon!it has more damadge.try it and
see.(early levels, get the smokee tho ) ty

mechquest-easy money on the EASY way
Message : if you do the autopsy for easy money then if you get the green alien just
ruin it and do that until you get the blue alien (he is easyer because he's shorter
and he dont breath's)

buy a used electron sniper, a sing. missil x1, the missil mouth (only if you are in
the house wolfblade)and in the shop at the right of the screen, the lava blaster.
use this stuff in this order. it's really good.
first: the electron sniper
second:the lava blaster
third:the sing. missil
(reload if you have 50 ep)
fourth:the missil mouth or reload an other time and use the electron sniper!!!
(but if you are a star captain that's not really good)

Elmo is lying. you get the same amount of credits or even more if you join WolfBlade
or Mystraven. I joined wolf blade and got 55000 credits for 46 times.

i found out how to get a ton of moneys realy fast all u gota do is join the hospital
and keep doing autopseys and for each one u can get 500 creds and 100ep but if u mess
up the money goes down 100 and the exp goes down 20!

This isn't really a cheat or tip, just a weird glitch. Go to Val in the museum and do
either the Jungle or Desert quest. When you reach the entrance to the temple, quickly
go to the entrance before an enemy appears. Your mech will become invisible! However,
just because your mech is invisible doesn't mean it's invincible or anything. Still,
try it! It always works if you can get to the entrance fast enough.

remember what level you are is how much you are going to get after finsh the labyrinth.
if you don't belielve me go and do it (but you do not fight anybody in the labyrinth,
because if fight anyone you will get more credits, and may lose count)

o.k. I just got an upgrade for the wolfblade nova wolf and now I PWN! I'm 20/20 in
mecharoni, 32/32 in hospital, 25/25 in mysterios j's( aka gohst hunting), 32/32 in
police 12/12 in mecha combat, 35/35 in energy blades, a founder, and have a full
zaurdasaur skelleton in the museam. lvl 15 and currently have 190196 credits if you
need help just email me at

my player i.d. is 308240.
The raelly quikest way to make money if you have good mech and weapons is to fight
bosses in house battles or in shadowscythe invations.

Deafating twang is easy u just use strong attack over and over

smokey flamethrower sux although easy money=
vs water dragon over and over 352 money 37 exp and its attacks hurt 1-2-3 or 4

To be nearly invisible,u must get the runehawk mecha which is(50k)when u get that mecha
u are super powerful and can almost own everybody want to test?battle my ID:2961355

buy the following weps,lava blaster,underhand gun,missle mouth and flower power
[can only be found in valentineday] then you have to be 29rank police,fight kerbos
at page 16 on spd notbok,you will get 100exp and 500 cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it rocks!my mechquest id is 1031378. have fun!

Easy credits
this is a new update: go to the museum and talk to the guy there. click explore and
do the ocean quest--you should get at least 550 credits if you beat everything, if
you find a fossil you get 500 more. so the most you get is 1050 credits--easy money!!

Also, the best weapons aren't the most expensive ones--the ones I have are: Crusader's
shining repeater, dragontooth chaingun and NOOB missile x4. If you have these you
basically PWN everyone (except the weremecha and the rooster mecha at the SPD) for
long battles, use mama mia mega slicer and used gatling gun, for short ones use
dragontooth chaingun and crusaders shining repeater. try this, and you PWN!!

kinsan89, u left out so much stuff about Nano Quest. First, its 100% IMPOSSIBLE wih
ur starter mech, same with newbatron V1337. Second, when u kill the 4 viruses, each
gives u 100xp and 750 credits by the way, and the Shadowscythe scorpion, gives u 50xp
and 250cre. u get.... 450 EXP and 3250 CREDITS!!!! P.S. if anyone wants to fight my

In the autopsy game click the organ, right click with the left still down, let go
and click and hold the left again. The organ will jump to ur mouse's location.
But dont go too far or else you screw up and haf to redo it!

if you are a starcaptain and you have runehawk star commander, do the labyrinth
quest when you complete it you will get millions of credits

Submitted by: Kerrin

if you have at least 500 nova gems go to the blade class get and then buy
phantasim scimatar you only have to be lvl 1 and its red you can still buy it
though after that you pwn any thing that you have to use energy blade but you
might be wondering how to equip it cuz you cant equip it at the rack so you have
to equip it as a mech part go to the shield in the equip thingy and there it is enjoy!

my name is Sky Captain and my #ID is 700038 and I have saved equip which you can only
do if your star captain and it saves your last weapons that you had on and it does it
4eva unless you save a different equip
cya my email is

Get a job at the hospital and do autopsy an you can get 500credits and 100 exp

most of you guys are noobs. I know how to get 1750 credits in a single mission.
This is the second highest amount in forum so far. Just join museum at lvl 12
when monsters are all stronger and do the ocean quest.

do autopsy thing at hospital and then when u have enought cash 150k (150,000) and
ur lvl 12 buy the house mech u belong to and ull earn cash in no time.(works better
if ur a start captain)

i figured out that if you go to the hospital and just do altopses you get 500 credits
and 100 exp points. ps highest level is #30

Laser wep is easy just strong atk until U run Out den use atk it works everytime(Almost!)
My I.D is 3383453

to get over 10k (money) in mechquest do the labarinth misson and you'll walk out of
there with 10k! (if you battle alot of enemy's)

Pretty good combo for newbies, front arm: USED (not salvaged) pulse lazer, back arm
refurbish machine gun (or double auto gun, your choice) front shoulder: noob missle x4

to earn some good creds,do one or one of the following:
1) join a house if you have not done so,the keep doing Pandora's labyrinth and(i suggest
lvl 9 or above)kill all of the guys in the labyrinth.
2) this isn't for money,but if you want to pwn,(10 or above) buy the lava blaster,
sling missile,proton rifle, and a head form your house.

endless fight:
go 2 myserios j. click on monkey barrel get him to half health then click on the
mirror it should say loading then go bak to the fight do this 3 times then keep
fighting you will both have infinate hp / mp.

hhaha u guys are all n-00bz but this is an awsome cheat. go to da
medi-place-hospital-thing and wear the scrubs. then go to gears u
and go to energy blade 101 and fight (dont go to wepond rack or it wont work)
and see what happens

Go to the hospital. Wear the uniform. go to police. go on patrol. u r still Wear
the hospital uniform. when u fight u will have a giant needle!

EAZY MULA!!!!!!!!

after you are accepted into a house, keep doing the labarynth.every time you
complete it you get 1000 credits!!!!

if are you in soluna city go to hospital and do autopspy it gives 500 points and 100 ex

Combo weapon for newbies:missle x2,bargain bin laser,refurbished machine gun

goto spyder at gears w/ smoky flame throuer and do him 500x and u will get over
10000 id is 2584584 and other 3466688.

when on the space ship click on the shuttle bays will be hurled out
of the ship and grabed by a newb resuce this a few time and you will
find your self with a dune space helamt and instead of useing the arcade click battle
this way you will battle a enemy and ern xp and credit each time oh and dont for get
when you click battle g win or lose but near the BATTLE button is next to it is
repair always use it each time you battle

Best mech ever
the head of the house shop so you don't have to skip 2 turns
the best part you can get are the
wolfhammer (the front are of any house is good and it can do stun)dmg 25-36
lava blaster dmg 25-29+fire damage 3-5
flower power if you have them just get plasma pulsur 25-38 frout shoulder and
ofr back you cna use your house sholder my dmg is 28-32

i have beat star captan with this combo so you have to get the wolfblades lasts mech so
it could be nearly as go as super star captan

(patient people only and must be in prolouge)If u like good weapons and want a new
mech easily stay on the ship and keep on pressing battle.Once ur lv.3 u will get
about 100 creds per win.If u don't buy anything it will be a little shorter. Once
u get the newbatron it will be a little easier to survive the university test.Stay
even longer and u can buy better weapons as soon as u get 2 the university.
I'm still on the ship and I got to lv 6 piece o' cake.

First of all i would like to clarify that if you finished the energy lade quest
you can only get the rank 15 weapon(KAMA)...ranks 25-35 weapons are for STAR
CAPTAIN only...1 more thing is that the best weapon for doing the energy blade
class is the MACHETE use it till u can unlock the lvl 15 weapon the KAMA....
For quick money u can do the autopsy or the labyrinth... whil doing the labyrinth
quest avoid all monster and only fight those monsters that get in your way coz
some monster will only givee 30 credits..while the MINO-ton gives 200 credits +
the chest will equate to 1400+ per mission...the fastest ad the largest credit quest
is the SHADOW BASE QUEST at the hospital coz in the ed of the quest if you beat all
7 monster you can get 6400 credits in 7-10 mins..NOTE that im using a lvl 12 mech wolfade...

I have 35/35energyblade 32/32hospital 21/21 pizza the 32/32SPD im still doing the
museum thing and the mystery jhon thing..

Basically if your a wolfblade and you have the lvl 12 mecha which is worth 120k the
best weapon so far is the LavaBlaster,D wolfhammer,D bazooka and if you want u cant
use the D howitzer...

Next best mecha to buy is the lvl 15 wolfblade mecha...i you want to battle me my
battle ID is...3440348

to win almost every battle (only for star captains) in soluna city click on the bottom
right corner of the screen and click nova mecha then buy veloci-mecha it has 280 hp and
90 energy and 8 recharge power it already has weapons equipped when u buy it so dont
equip anything just buy and test it by playing assault mecha or just press battle on the
bottom left corner then ur attacks should be
Dinosaur arm
Dinosaur arm
Laser capacitor
laser capacitor

use them all one by one startin from top to bottom when u finish u should have only one
dinosaur arm and one laser capacitor left use dinosaur arm if he still dosnt die u should
then have two laser capacitors fire one he usually must be dead by now if he isnt fire
off the next one (u might need to recharge) this should finish him off. (cheat designed
for enemies with 150 hp or above maximum 350-400 hp but u can try it against any enemy)

I reccomend that if u r a beginner, u should buy the katana mech. decent mech for only
40,000 quid! not bad! also i have a good weapon configuration for a lv5-10 mecha:
- Back arm = solar mega blaster
- Front arm = Mamma mia mega slicer
- Back shoulder = Sling Missile x1
- Front shoulder = None
- Head = Missile mouth

I am lv 11 and i have used this since i was lv5!

Goto the ghost shop and keep killing the ghost and you will get 1000 dollars in 2 mins

(for this trick first have star capton & lv 17) first choose the wolfblade house &
buy star captain mecha then upgrade with star captain thingo at the house shop & do
labyrinth quest & defeat all of the people (becareful mino ton revives after 10 secs)
you will recive haeps of exp & gold also if you like needles go to the hospital &
wear scrubs uniform, then go to saber fighting place & fight (do NOT do weapons rack)
surprise you will have a huge needle.

go straigh this way -- and thene go till the hospital work there the otopsy gives
you 100 xp and 500gold once made a mistak restart b carfull =)

First u go to dean then u click missions and u beat everyone and get big $money

Join a house at the Gears University(it doesnt matter which although i prefer Wolfblade).
The do the Laberynth multiple times. If You are a low level you can dodge all the enemies
and with patience u get over 1000 credits each time!

Realy easy money
Go to the university and get into a house and u do this maze thing. when your in a
house do the maze again defeat two guys and u get 2000 gold when u get 2 end.

Join wolfBlade and keep doing the Pandora's Labyrinth Mission. Everytime you get at
lest 600 credits but can get up to 2000 at once

go to the university go to wichever house you want go to missions and get through
that maze if you cant beat that last guy just dodge him (i cant remember his name)
you get 1100 every time you do that if you beat more people the more money you get

Do the hospital missions and you get 500 money every time plus their really easy

My mistake on the wolfblade thing. You actually get 100 credits for every level
you are plus whatever you defeat on the way. In theory you get up 99900 each time
you do the quest. And possibly in the next access areas you'll get much more.

keep doing pandora's labryith and u get ur lv x 100 creds
p.s the last guy could stun u and his name in mino-ton

get the wolfblade mech ,now get proton rifle and lava blaster your almost invincible!

Yo dudes seems u all seem really weak but for those of you who are at least a lvl
12 star captain heres the ulitmate mech i only have a 80-85% of losing: first join
runehawk and get the Novahawk for 750 nova gems. Then buy the swarm ( head, 200 gems)
and the reapers sythe ( front arm, 11500 CREDITS ) then the crystal shard ( front
shoulder, 200 gems) and last the SUPER magma cannon ( back, 200 gems ).
Enjoy ur unbeatable Mech!

Easy money:
WARNING:this takes a bit of a long time
in sollina city go to the building called Cinamech once inside speak with the girl,
press get prizes and you will be watching an ad press the get prize button down the
bottom of the screen and it will give you 75 credits in other cases you can get a
special item. kepp on repeditally doing this your only allowed a number of prizes
each day i hope this helps. PEACE OUT!!!

Money Making (RuneHawk members only):
For those who have Hp 130 and up you go to RuneHawk then go to Labrynth and fight
the Monster and go to the Repair ship if your HP is 60 below or what ever then if
you see the Treasure you better get that and first fight the mino-ton but becareful
then mino-ton sometimes use the stunning blow don't fight the Mino-ton if your HP
is 140 below you better stun that mino-ton if you have Weapon that can Stun

if you are lvl 21 ghost hunting get the ghost hunter mecha and then you get the
perfect ghost trap even though its nova gems. its 100% capturing a ghost.

get to level 10 on the doctor thingy and by the back arm defilibrator thingy then
get to level 10 on the pizza thing and by maga pizza cutta(lvl6) then by sling
cannon 1x(lvl 8) it a wiked combo

Go to the hospital once you have landed, then wear the scrubs, then go to Energy
Blade class, don't go onto weapon rack and click take class. You will battle with
an injector thingy! (It does rubbish hits!)

easy money
to get easy money just join a house and level up to lvl 6 save 2500 creds and
then get the chain pole now that you have this fight the mino-ton and get 200
then go to the healing center and wait to fight the mino-ton agian kill him and
then dash to the chest and youll have 1000 creds

People say that the only way to get the dunce hat is through the bay doors
of the ship, but once you've landed, go to Mecha Combat 101, at the university
and if you haven't started it, you will get to wear the dunce hat! (once you
have finished the class you can wear it again)

Lose no energy on first drone kill at university:
When you attack or shoot the first drone for the university exam, it will
automatically die. However, doing this will cost you some energy for the
next drone fight. If you click "Skip", the drone will explode itself and you
will keep full energy for the next drone fight after Starbuck is startled by
you beating his score.

for levels 10-12 (if you have a house mech) go to the moon and keep fighting
the Shadowslythes. (go to starship and buy a ticket thats costs 1000 to get
to the moon but it gives you 975 credits and 100 experience!
Use it wisely **LOZERS!!**

hey ya'll, i am bored right now and i also need some advice. first, if you
want to challenge me, my ID is 3560939. and what i need advice on is... what
mech is the best? i have the NovaWolf V.2 and the Shadowscyth floater. but
i dont know, do yall know? if so, E-mail me at Oh, i have
a weapon for ya, go to items ( in the shop you access at the start screen)
and select the proton rifle. this is a good weapon to start out with.

In the meuseum, when you getthe full tricreatops (always search in the desertand
click the white flame for the parts and also, it's actually a early zardassuar)
there will be a new shop at the meuseum. After you have got the mech shop (VERY
good mechs in there), there is another display, the new display doesn't do
anything but if you want it, you can search the ocean for the icythasuar
(actuallty a early sharkassuar).

ok so an easy way to get $$$ by the 1000 each time is to get into one of the
houses(i suggest mystraven)and keep doing the labrinth quest. go through the
thing, beat 1 mino-ton and u got 1000 $$$. and the maze doesnt change each
time its the same, so figure out the maze, and get rich! so far i've saved up
35000 and am working on 50000 for a new mech! (suggested lvls 6-15)

Easy Credits and Experience:
Star captain access and lv 12 or more required, with nova gems reccomended
buy ur house's lv12 mecha (or the nova mecha), and upgrade to lv15 if possible
(or buy the lv15 mecha v2.0 right away) in either case, get all the stuff for
the starship. Go to the moon, and click missions over there. Walk around.
U will meet a monster eventually. It is pretty weak, and easy 2 kill. Wen u
kill it, as lv12 g u get 975 credits, and either100exp or 150exp.
As lv15 u get 1450 credits and either 150 or 200exp.
This makes life easy

This is an easy way 2 make TONS of money and experience (Star Captain required,
lv12 needed, lv15 and 1000 Nova Gems reccomended)

Buy your house's lv12 mecha (nova mecha if possible) (if u r lvl 15, buy the
(if possble, nova gem) upgrade). do the Tibattelonia and the Rescue CysZero
quests, and then the quests 2 get the starship parts. On ur starship, go to
the Moon. Click mission, and walk around. U will meet a big mech with lots of
health, but they r pretty weak. kill it. If u have the lv12, u will get either
100exp and 975credits, or 150exp and 975credits. @lv15, either 100exp and 1450
credits, or 200exp and 1450credits.

also, less important but useful: buy a good new head that can attack
(it will make u need 2 rest less)

Easy money:
So you go to the univercity and join either Myst ravin,Wolf blade or Rune halk.
Do the mazez and ull gain... well it depends on ur lvl, but u defanatly get tons
of credits.
My ID number is,3799261.

go to mysterious j. and clickat the monkey-thin then click flee and click at
the boksing-thing 5 times and flee an go out and see what's happening!
P.S!if u wanna get it away u have to log out.

Easy money:
To get easy money get a job at the hospital and do the missions only do the
autopsys dont accept the other missions.

In the pizza shop be a high enough pizza deliver level so you can buy stuff from
the saucer shop and buy a mama mia mega slicer. it does 14-20 damage

Go to university and go to houses pick a house and go mission

You buy the hybrid,use all ammo,then if you have other back arm weapon that uses
20 energy or more,it will be downgraded to 18 energy!

OK: if you want easy money the way i did it was by doing the lybarinth and
autopsy. when you do the maze thingy the higer the level the more money eg.
lvl 5 = $500 or lvl9 = $900. In autopsy if u get threw it with out touching
the side u get $500 and100xp andevery time you touch the side your money goes
down by a hundred dollars and you xp goes down by 20. So be VERY CAREFUL

Hai who want to fight with me this is my ID.I not are Star Captain too.If you wanted
a money you go to Pandora Labirynth and fight with monster,if you take a chest you
can get extra money for lvl 1~100 credits & if you in lvl 20 you can get 2000 credits...

Easy Money:
Go to either of RuneHawk, MystRaven, or WolfBlade. Go to the Labrynth without getting
any fights (note: its okay if you fight the enemies there) and if u complete the mission
successfully u get 1400 credits or more.

Who wants to trade with my lvl.11 mech for even just for a lvl.3 Star Captain?
I'm now lvl.11. I Have a Lava Blaster, Proton Rifle, 2 Solar Mega Blasters,
A Missle Mouth(from the Wolfblade House) and 2 Mechs, Katana V1.0 and Newbatron V1.
I'm rank #15 in Mecharoni Shop, #10 in the hospital, #16 in police department.

k u know the spd (suluna police department).well here is just sometin u can do.
at the top right corner of the exit door from inside keep on clicking there you
will go in'n'out of the spd.try it out if it dosen't work just click a little bit
more to left.

ok just to let you know when u have enough cred.(190) get used gatting gun it
is impossible to die until lvl4 sometimes 5 just battle then repair battle repair
until u have cred. 190 buy used gatting gun. then after lvl4to5 buy n-000b missle's x4.
my lvl12:ID is 2895116

ok:reccomend lvl7+ must have atleast a mecha from tek's mek's for 20,000 cred.
NOW GO TO THE DEAN (WARLIC) DEW tibattleona you get 400 cred. for each person i'm
lvl12 wit 20,000 cred. mech wit front arm burning thorn,back arm shock staff,back
shoulder sing missle is a good way to get money if you have a house mecha you
will get more money for each opponent so try it out. p.s. i am giving out account's

Submitted by: David

Hiyas! im David my I.d. is 242240... im a star captain i have 341881 credits...
this is for starcaptains... lvl17 above buy the sdf general in the sdf nova gem
shop then buy the plasma cannon (lvl 18) back arm dont change the weapons of the
mech just the back arm and front arm for frnt arm lvl 20 purity blade!! then you'll
be a killing machine!!!!!!!!!!!! the sdf precission strike is so strong when its strike
force ... and the head when it overloads 50% damage ++ ... the plasma cannon can deal
100++ dmage when it plasma surges (3x energy cost 2x damage i forgot the others) hehe
thats all do it all then youll be a powerful Star Captain!!!!!! BOOM!!! AHH!!!!!!

im lv 15 almost. plzz someone trade me there free/new star captain file for mine.
most of the jobs are full expect for the ghost catching and museum. SDF mecha and
werewolf mecha. weapons are sling missile, plasma pulsar and energy kama.

defeat the rebel leader and put on the SDF uniform. got to the school and enter the
light saber class equip Axe. will not be in your hand until fight with it.

The best mech you can get is the FCD officer if you are not a star cap because the
damage so far is preety so so fair compared to the other mechas level 17+

hey!if anyone need a very cool laser blade,go to the arcade then press number
"2"ok?after that,press "battle by ID".lastly battle the person named Evil Jim,
after he kill u,u will get a coll laser blade

First, go to the assault mech.
Second, battle Evil Jim #2.
Fourth, u should have a black scimitar(Phantsm Scimitar)
Fifth, Its attack is as lousy as a newbie sword.
Sixth,temporary, only for black belts.(I think)

If u want easy money:
U have 2 be lvl 10 or above.
U have 2 Improve ur mecha that makes ur opponents more stronger, join 1 of
the 3 houses in GEARS university.
It can be Wolfblade, Runehalk or Mstraven. Then if ur 1 of dem u have 2 go 2 the
Labyrinth and fight all the mech u want 2 fight. If ur lvl 10 they give u 1000 credits
etc. until u can earn more.
TIP: it will be hard 2 fight but don't waste the repairs u might nid dem.
another TIP: if u defeat da mechs in the Labyrinth it will be additional and more
easier 2 lvl up.

Do the labrinth til u get 20,000 credits,then buy the noobatron V1337 and in the
labyrinth u will get 400 per battle.
Verse me my code is 440778 SEEZYAS

When you go to the star captains club,first go to the arcade game called
"Assault Mecha.then,type #2 then click Battle By ID# and the enemy will be Dean
Warlic.use what ever you have and then attack him and he'll attack you to and you
will lose,then see the glowing scythe? It means you have unlocked the scythe in
Light's Blades.

Want to earn money fast?1st, join any house then do the pandora's labyrinth.i
recommend u join woldblade;good hp/ep and med damage.runehawk good damage/regen
and DoT.mystraven, incredible damage. low hp med good regen.then do it until u
earn 50k or 100k mecha on your house. (50k lvl 6 house mecha 100k lvl12 house mecha.)
battle me my id is1631007.^_^

U get lvl 10. Get all the starship parts. Get a reasonably good mecha (maby the
wolfblade mech) then fly to the moon. Do all the missions until u unlok "Rescue"
After u get 100 rep/morale U can heal 7 times. So u battle 7 times each mission, if
ur lvl 15 or over u shud get 145 exp and 1450 credits each battle. So once u complete
the mission about 1000 exp and 10,000 credits!!I got up 2 lvls using this in 3 days and
i got about 300,000 credits in just 2 days!!!! I am lvl 18 and bought 2 lvl 18 and 19
star captain SDF mecha with th money i earned!! Oh ya if ya wanna battle me i am 208342

Mechquest- easy money:
When you are rank 31 in hospital,keep doing nano quest it gives:3250money and 450 exprience.
if you do it:
10 times:32500
20 times:65000
30 times:97500
40 times:130000
50 times:675000

thanks for watching

Go to the sabar trining than keep figthing 100 times you will get alot of credits

When lvl 8 go to special shop go to mech then buy the the first mech for 5k
the mech comes with 4 guns hit range 18-34

2 get lots of money, wen u r in the first city(the won that begins with s)
go left <--- (that way) as far as u can go. u should see a giant mecha, go up into
the museum and talk to the girl. clik on explore and then ocen. do it lots of times
and u will get a lot of money!!!

To win fast money 1st be rank 30 at the hospital and then take Nano quest
(its hard if u don't got a good mech u need 150hp min !) its gives u 750money per
enemie defeated and u regen after each figth(u have to wait a min or 2) just redo
this for good'n fast money

Easy Money

All u have 2 do is go to the hospital and keep doing emergency missions but u have to
only do the autopsy mission and u hav 2 get it perfect and every time u do it u get
500 credits and 100 exp so if u do it 10 times u get 5,000 credits and if u do it 50
times u get 10,000 credits and doing an autopsy is really short u can beat it in ten sec.

Mega Glitch

You must be at rank 31 in the hospital.
1st go to the hospital
2nd click the last mission
3rd walk to an enemy
4th press quit mission quickly
5th then click yes
6th the glitch should work

k u guys just 2 know if u have a mac computer because i had only try it on a mac
just go to battle click and hold a wep. it changes the mouse changes between black
and white and thats it by the way
i.d.# is 2895116

At he lybrith at a point u will find a wall 2 the left of the spot where there is like a
1 side 2 enter (there is a repair station there) just walk in2 it u get stuck u cant go
up dow left but u can go 2 right

Easy Money:
i recommnd you get the Battle Hammer v2.0.
with this mecha i got rank 20/20 at pizza place,32/32 at the hospital and the police.
(keep the default weapons. it is a great combo.)

1. From soluna City Go To the pizza shop and do the order #66.
if you win you get 300 credits and 50 exp.(or 30 exp)

2. go to the university from soluna and fight the giant spider.
if you win you get 500 credits and 50 exp.

3. Go to the university from soluna and go into the labyrinth.
keep fighting monsters until you die.( you dont need to keep healing yourself because you dont
lose the exp and credits if you die.)
after you kill the mino ton get the chest and get the credits.
(the higher the level the more credits you get.)

4. do the nano quest at the hospital and if fight the piece of paper you get 725 credits and
100 exp.

To get easy money get a decent mech (recomened level 8+) then go to the musaem the go to
the girl\val/ then go to explore then ocean... try not to get your rubber duckey hit by a
jelly and beat both of the squids and pilot=======$$$$$2000$$$$

If you go into the magic shop and click on the whoopie cushion a bunch of times, it will
eventually start a fight. The whoopie cushion is strong and I would only recommend fighting
it if you have a good skill in energy blades.

if you get the pizza-roni its almost the best robot thing ever if it has the soler blaster
thing the hunters gun the sling missle (1x) rock apolt. you can get these at the mesem and
teks meahs

this is a good tip for ghost hunters goto specail shop then go to nova gem items and look
hard and you will find perfect ghost trap with 100% chance of capture

first you kill the minotar if you join the wolf house okay you done goood then join how
to beat the minotar you use flame thrower

This is a glitch in mjmesterio johnson store. when you hit the punchy guy 5 times,you will
get into a fight and so on.then click the mirror with a green face ONLY ONCE.then flee.
after the hp and ep bars will stay there !!!! so will the puncy guys hp and ep bars.i now
sent to hints.the other one is called mechquestrocker. have fun!!!!

Hint at the muzeam go on a mission and to get the crsthal you need to beat a sceary monsther
thing.... thanks for reading it have fun beating the sceary monsther with sabre

If you want to beat Sys Zero on quest Rescue at Walrics dean get a mecha with the hp of 160.
When you fight him he will have 150 or 140hp.(if you use a mecha with 200hp he will have 300hp!

dont listen to those morons that tell u that the smokey flame thrower is a good weapon
flame tounge from wolfblade is way better it hits 3 times and help u kill him by taking
5 to 9 damage to your enemy :)

If u click on the policeman's head u can stand on it. My id is 3154466! :)

Go to knife and spork restaurant and contest. u should get lots of credits

Easy Money: Deliver pizza's at the mecharoni pizza shop, you will engage level 1-7
enemys and will get about 200 credits

If you want some good weppons and your a leval 5 then by the air gun for 2500 the
rectracible rifel for 2000. next go to that pizza shop and get a job and when you
get the 10 promotion go on shops shop and by the mama mia mnega slicer for 2000.
use the rectracible rifel first then the mama mia mnega slicer next then the air
gun then the mama mia mnega slicer then the rectracible rifel and so on.

if u want esy money defeat the beserk test pod u can get about 200 credits and cant
die because it has no efect on u and if u can help me with the big rusty rat my
email is if u want to batle me my id is 203198

(recommended lvl. 8)If you go to the wolf blade house and talk to the leader and
go on the mission you can get no less than 1400$$ when you beat the maze. Also the
more monsters you beat the more $$$$$ you get. I always get more than 3000 $$$$$.

Easy money and exp:
join a house then do the labrinth quest then fight till u find a shadow hunter
beat him then go to another enemy once fighting him eject u should still have the
same amount of gold and exp keep doing this till your satisfied then go and find
the chest to leave.

First go to the gears university then take the exam.shoot hot dog and he will
malfunction then you will get 220 credits then on the next round eject and do
this again.

If you are in wolfblade house and put on uniform then labrinth go to the first
heal(up right up) you will be there insted of mech

When your trying to catch ghosts at Mysterious Jonson's shop, wait until the
ghost is not glowing a lot when you try to trap the ghost.It will usually trap
the ghost.

Easy Pwnage...
All u gota do is get to lvl 8 then buy Normal hammerhead mech for like 2k credz
and it Ownes it does like 30 evry hit and only uses16 energy!!! GEEEEEEEEEEEEET IT!!!!

Play the labryinth and let mino-ton reawaken twice and you get 6,400 credits

To get easy money go to the hospital get a job there and get to the highest rank.
Then either do the nano quest or the ShadowSchythe base quest. (P.S my Id# is 4622471.
try and beat me.

fast money and levelup....go at the police station and open ur notebook at the
left then click when u see the falcon's reach and u battle mega lupus.......u get
500 creds. and 100exp.
battle my mech:421598

If you want to beat mega spider just by Battlehammer (recomended lvl 8) at the special
shop then just equip the Battle hammer then battle against mega spider then you will
get 500 credits and 80 exp. If you want to battle me my ID is 4210022 and my mecha name
is Falicano.

Go to itemson the bottom rite screen and buy battle hammer.den u go 2energy blade and
finish all ranks ang get energy sai or if u dont want sai buy mamamia mega slicer or
cast iron friying pan in knife and spork diner but the burning thorn is da best in the
museum but if u dont want swords just buy gun r wadever

(must be lvl 8)If you want to defeat mega spider in a easy way you just have to buy
the lvl 8 Battlehammer in the special shop.
P.S if you want to battle me my ID is 4210022 and my mecha name is Falicano

Awesome noob gun:
Ok before you go to Gears University talk to tek she will have a gun called retractable
rifle it's for level 2's and it does 7-17 and it is only 750 credits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The easiest way to make money & lv up is to join a house any house and keep doing the
labrynth and ull make almost 3k or more each time and ukll make a good amount of exp

Whenever doing a mission for either pizza, police or hospital, always wear your uniform.
this gives you a +5 bonus to get a rank up.

recommednded lvl.10+,be rank 32 in spd and open ur notebook[click recent]then click ^
backwards until you find-"mecha detected at falconreach",then click it.then click
enter then defeat mega lupus then you will have lots of money!!!ENJOY!!!

if u wanna get lyk heapsa credits on mechquest... go 2 tha hospital and keep pressing
mission... then when it comes up with autopsy... do it! then u get 500 credz and 100
exp, then keep doing just this mission... i use it and i hav a wolfblade V2.0 (150k),
shadowtech V 1.5 (50k), and a SDF foot soldier (69500 credz). also, does anyone know
how to get a reputation of 100% on tha new planet... westion??? if u can help me...
plz email me at: also, my I.D 4 mechquest is: 2427115...
i am a lvl 16 at tha moment ;]

The best mecha in mechquest for non-star captains, although most people think that
it's the wolfblade house mecha, is actualy the new Wrangler mecha. It costs 150,000
and it has 315HP and 175EP with a regen of 14. You can get it by going to the new
planet Westion and getting your reputation to 100 by defeating bandits.
Good luck.
NOTE: it does cost 1000 credits to buy a ticket to Westion.

Well if ur a level 10+ star captain go to the shop located at the bottom right hand
corner and then buy the SC beam gazer trust me its really good for 10,000 credits but
the damage is 28-32. also for non star captains there is a cool as level 6+ hyprid arm
prototype in the same shop for 6325 credits damage is 13-23, cooldown 0 skips. for
mecharoni workers the mama mia mega slicer is really cool and strong,1200 credits. to
get it talk to parma john and select sauce shop. you should also see the mecharoni mecha
to access it you have to be rank 20....its called deep dish commander and its a really
cute design....!!

If u go to the desert in the museum go all the way to fight the alien but dont fight
flee instead and youl b at the beggining of the quest but youl not b your mech youl
be a huge person!

( for 5+) first go to soluna city and click on tek meks. click on items. buy the air gun.
it hits 16-26 and 50 rarely, and only costs about 2500 credits. trust em its sick.
thx for your time. god bless ya!

Until level 8 train anywhere that gives you the best exp and when your level 8 go to the
special shop and buy the battlehammer v2 (5k) your gaurenteed to kill almost any mech,
also never buy the level 6 versions of the house mech they suck and theyre a waste of
money they hit 15-20 for shoulder weapons and 10-20 for arms while the battlehammer does
18-32 with shoulders and 20-32 with arms

here's my code 4396364 my name is warwit!!
if u want easy money!! just go to the knife and spork and do the challenge and you can
get more than 10,000 pts but you must be on level 15

Easy Money:
go to the hospital and do autopsy if you can do it right it gives you 500credits if
you do it right.

Easy money: recommended lvl 6 or up
go to the mecaroni station then just deliver pizzas as many times, or go to the
police station and try to fight the mechs as many times{chicken mechs are hard
unless lvl7 or up}

glitchy glitch glitch!!!!!(for all lvls)
quadrupile click where your enemy will appear and he will be turned backwards(and if
you are on a police mission and you try to coprehend the thief out of your mech your
health willnever go down and it wont go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to just go to the police depatment and battle cerebos if you have the power.

If you walk to the bottom of the screen you will go to other places(east&west) click
the bottom of the screen and when your character walk press "equip" and imidieately
the screen will be white and your character will be in the "equip" menu.

if you want to get easy money & exp just fight mega spider or mega lupus(police station)
P.s when you defeat mega lupus its much better than defeating mega spider
Mechquest is awesome!

A nice way to make money is to retake the gears exam, beat 5 drones, eject, and repeat.
you get 1000 credits easy but you can only get 1000 each time so quit after the
scoreboard in the background says Visitors: 5. it's nice cause the drones only have 55

For easy money at the labrynth and without having to leave it and redo it!
kill all the robots including the mino-ton
wait for the mino-ton to reawaken and let him kill you. you KEEP the money you were
going to get AND your EXP. plus all the monsters are put back, so you can do it over
and over!

for a decent 30-34 damage weapon, u must be SC and i think max level at the hospital.
the front arm acid injection weapon does 3-5 acid burn damage. basically same thing
as smokey flame thrower but better! an alternative way for non SC's is to get max
hospital level and spend 45000 on the valkyrie mech.

To get REAL easy money and exp go to the university but dont enter it and on the right
bottom side you'll see some spider-web go near and battle the spider it gives you 80

How to get awsome mechs: Join a house ,i recomend wolfblade
get lvl15~20 and 150000~200000 credits and buy the V3.0 its awsome!! y ID:4186559.

if u want to buy a car all u have to do is
1.]get 35/35 in enrgy blade class [i have]
2.]12/12 in metcha class [i have]
3.]get 20/20 in the pizza shop [dont stop&i have!!!]

Ok so here is how to get around 500 exp in 5 to 10 mins. First it would best if u have
a lvl 30 to 35 skill level in that energy blade class. Then u go to that energy blade
shop. If ur skill level is 30, then get the energy razor 4 only 2500 credits(hits 5-15).
If ur skill level is 35 then get the brute blade(hits 10-18). Then equip either one and
go to the energy blade class. NOTE: if u put uniform on after u have already put the
energy blade on then u will have 2 leave the university 2 put it back on, then u will
have 2 go back. Now that u have ure energy razor or brute blade u can beat every student.
Each student will give u 15 exp and 30 credits(except Master Twang).
If u just keep on using the strong attack then u will have ur 500 exp in minutes.

tons of cash:
[level 6 or more] want to beat artix? i know how! get 3 wepons:
the flame thorwer, n-oob missile (*4), refurbished machine gun i.d. is 417765

At the start of the game, click equip then go to the last box at the top right then go
back to the first 1. then click close and u should be near the BATTLE button.

If you want to get the ultimate mech this is how you would do it. you would have to
buy the mech from the emt shop in the hospital.keep both laser capacitys(equiped already).
also keep back arm acid injection.then you will have to get the silver crossbow from the
cop shop in the police station(then equip).when i use this mech set i could beat mechs
with 250 hp.if you want to battle me my id# is name is jeff.

glitch for anyone even level 1s-go to star cptain club in city (arcade game on starter ship)
play Assult mecha the game type in your charector id and you can see you mech's full power.
my charector id is 4858221 my name is mecha level 9 wolfblade level 6 mech

Become at least rank 27 in pd and have 8 triceratops bons in the muesem and be in a house
at GEARS. buy house mech any level (works best with level 6 mech). buy the burning thorn
and go to the police station and fight Mega Lupus you win 80% of the time depending on mech.
gets you 500 credits and 100exp do it 50 times you already got the money for the mech back
if you bought the level 6, 200 times if you bought the level 12

telportation(in university):
when you are in the university if you are on floor 2+ go to the elevator and hit back no
other things to get back to the lobbey in 0.05 seconds (estimated) it is useless but faster

easy money and exp.-go to pandora's laberinth (house missions for any house at GEARS)
fight things until you die or eject (use heal stations to avoid death and energy loss)
once you kill everything you can it will restart you at the beginning of the mission
with full exp. and money from last time and everything regenerates so you can do it again
and if you beat everything in the mission wait because Mino-Ton(boss at end of mission)
will "reawake" and you make more money.the higher your level,the more things you kill and
the longer you stay in for the more money you get.I need 100grand in about two levels!

for the best exp and money do the quest at the wolf house - 10000 exp and 20000 credits
i think

Hey if u get killed on labrinthy thing w/e you still get money and exp so get to mino
ton let him kill you keep on doing this is you do it 2 times you get 8grand thousand you

Go to the hospital and get a job then keep doing atopsys which should be easy if you do
it perfect which shouldent be hard you get 100exp and 500 credits

when u start the game
buy smokey flamethrower
and N-OOB missile x4.
keep battling u level up
and get lots of credits.
(i am lvl 6 and have 30000 creditsand i am still on the ship) BATTLEON

Your at the first ship I hope for this : This is a glitch ; Go to the Mech
Shop girl and talk to her. Press back. Now click your character so the veiw
thing comes up. Get opff of it. Now you should be near the Battle, Equip,
Repair thing on a walkway.
Note: Not too sure whether it works on all, I only done it once on mine,
but still, ENJOY! :-)

(for lvl 10 -14 and rank 20 at the pizzia place ) tip is for ppl for not a good
buget is to get a delux mecha roni only 29000 its a good mecha and get the listed
if u can lava blaster,protron rifle,sling missle,plasma plusar. it is a great combo
if u figure out how to use them in the correct order

To get a star gladius without being a star captian is by keeping the starter mech.
then by the star striker head. then buy the mecha broomstick and used gattling gun.
then u buy noob missle 2(recomended 4).if u want to battle me i am a level 14 mecha.
my name is jeff.

Fight with punchy :::;click on the punching bag many times at spectre spook the
ghost hunting shop

get the job in the hospital and get the rank when u can wear doctors uniform
(best uniform) then do this for a higher % for gettin promotion:
1.remove all your clothes(not from mecha)
2. go to uniforms at hospital
3.wear doctor hat
4 wear doctor uniform at same time
you can't see the hat but if u roll for promotion u wil have 10 plus for uniform and
4 plus for hat so u get 14 plus

ok you are at the unversity go to the front door of the unviresity go to the web.
fight the mega spider it gave me 2900credits and 320exp for batteling it 10 times BATTEL ON

wen u do the quests 4 runehawk instead of goin all the way to the box go to a surare
were u see the box and walk on the cotner of the square to beat & get 400cr no sweat

To get easy money, download SpooksMq or SinnedMq. Once you download, open it and
fight the giant spider(at the university). Use the one hit KO cheat and then the
save exp/credit cheat. Click on the save exp/credit cheat many times over and over
My mechquest id is 27097 name is nooby(im actually lvl 20)

If you want lots of money join a house in gears university then do the mission and vs
lots of mecha's and if you die do it again and again and the more mecha's the the bigger
the cash at the end (and the more EXP) even if you die the money still is there.

Okay if you have the space rebel uniform then if you click the black dot on the helmet
then a visor comes down from the helmet, it's pretty coll eh? Anyway, my player id is
308240 i've already entered a few cheats/hints. if you need any help my e-mail is i'm lvl 18 and a founder/star captain.
I've, for the most part, finished every single quest. If you have any questions I can
most likely answer them. I'm in the wolfblade house.

Ultimate Combo for lvl:8+
Firsly buy the airgun from the special items store: 2500 Credz
Underhandgun from special items store: 2500 Credz
Slingmissile from teks mechs: 1050 Credz
Missilemouth from wolfblade weapons shop: 6500 Credz

It costs a bit but its the ultimate combo if you get the right order!! ENJOY!! :-)

If you have the sdf reble suit and the soldier helm put the suit together your energy
wount drop when 101 combat ps no.16 try it i wount die

to defeat ghosts easily, just keep blasting them to up-to-date weaps(best weap u can get)
to catch them, equip a ghost trap u must hit them at least 1ce unless ur usin perfect
ghost trap use the trap like a weapon

to make lots of money in the labyrinth get a to level 15 and keep fighting mechs and
dieing with your uniform on and when you go back in the labyrinth you will still will
have the same exp and credits and i made around 6000 credits in one go have fun.

walk on wall
go to the Knife and spork.there are two rooms.go to the one with boxes and click on the wall.
DO NOT click above the boxes

Go to the wepon shop for you as a person in the game and buy a sword of your chois.
Now go to the UNY and go to Energy Blade 101 and go to the man standing there, click
on him and then click take class without chosing a wepon and if you have the wepon that
you just bourt ecuiped, you will use it.

Go to the novia shop and buy lavablaster because it's so strong

lolz first get a wolfblade mecha (best mecha) then get lava blaster, proton rifle,
sling blaster, lesser bazooka and missile mouth and u own evry1 lolz

level1-3 ask worsh to drive the ship your exp will go like this 75/80.

if you join a house then you keep doing the labyrinth ove and over. each time you get
the tresure, you get over 600.

hey this is the greatest hint EVUR if u wanna get loads of cash. wo to da western place
talk to the horse guy and do a mission. Win at least 2 fights and go back u will get
20,000 credits

i bot the dinosuarmech at the muesum. when i did the mission at wolfblade, mino-ton
has320life.when u beat him,u get124ex and 1200cr.everybody also has245life.

go to mysterious j. and click on the monkey barrel. you should be fighting monkey.
then click on the mirror. then press flee. notice that there will still be a life bar
on the bad guys side and one on your side. do this again with the punch bag. there should
be two on the bad guys side now! these life bars should stay with you for the rest of the
game !!! if you refresh the page they will come of. PS:mega GlITCH!

beating twang may be hard but heres a tip thats better than EhlertErik's keep attacking
normally until he grows red use defend coz if u keep usin strong attack aswell youll only
defend 1 or 2 times (OMFG) hope i helped.

go to hospital(right then right)talk to nurse get to rank32 then click W R grand
finale at the end u get 1280cred.

EASY MONEY (I advise level 8+)
Go to Goto University and go up the elevator to dean. Then go to the mission at the bottom
keep on doin it and youll get about 350 for defeating everyone and 945 fo completing the mission

For me the best combo for defeating any thing is, Back Arm Lava Blaster, Front Arm Silver
CorssBow(SPD) Rank 32, Plasma Pulsar, Sling Missle X1, Police Head(SPD) i am level 12, using
Pizza Mech Rank 20 rank 35/35 Energy Blades, Rank 12/12 Mecha Combat....If your not a star
captain....for energy blades....go to the blade vender and buy the black belt Brute Blade 10-18
normal damage......Easy money.....just kill the mega spider as you board the ship to GEARS
university, With the items and mech from the above...hes easy to kill with the order Lava Blster,
Silver Crossbow, Plasma Pulsar, Sling Missle X1 500 creds 80 exp per time......

If any of you guys want a real cheat I can tell you how to get j6's mecha. All you have to
do is beat all the rebel quest get a wrangler mecha and beat j6 before you're level20 and
when you goto tech's mechs you can buy it for 3120 nova gems.

Hola peeps. i'm here to give u a tip for MechQuest. Hopefully u already know it, cuz it
might be hard to find with all those other cheats and tips out there. once you have a blue
belt in the Light Saber Class with master tsuba, go to the newly opened Light's Blades,
and purchase for 2500 credits the Energy Razor. you can beat just about everyone with it,
just don't forget that when you're equipping weapons onto your mecha, that it will be on
there too. and if you have a change of clothes, you have to unequip it and re-equip it,
otherwise it will not be there when you go to fight manually. hope this helps!!!
-cyber chick MQ code: 2150767

(recomended lv.8 or hihger)hey wanna beat chicken mech at the police station its easy! at
soluna city press shop near the repair button there should be a mech called battle hammer
buy it for only 5000-6000 credits its weapons should be around 20-40,ive beaten him a
dozen times!

do knif and spork diner chalenge if u cant beat the on ur on do the ones u can beat 200
credits per person 5-10 people for firs challenge.

Do u want to know how to kill everything? Just purchase 2000 NG and buy shadowscythe floater,
you can kill everything! Also for killing stuff in the hand-hand battle, brute blade: From
Blade Shop, it's nice for black belt guys. And for the mega attack, soul sapper is the most
awesome weapon, you just need NG.

hi if U want THE BEST LVL 10 COMBO buy the lvl 10 proton rifle by clicking the [SHOP]
button it costs 10,000 credits then buy the missle mouth if u join house WolfBlade it
costs 6500 credits then get the solar mega blaster at teks mechs its 5000 i think im
not sure...............anyways finaly buy the sling missle x1 it costs 1050 credits not
rifle then missle mouth then solar mega blaster th en proton then sling etc. MY STRATEGY
time to read this message hope its a help to all yiu gamers out there so.......BATTLEON!!!

ok all u need is a really good mecha like a lvl 20+ house mecha. and go to the knife &
spork place and play the final challenge thing for each mech u kill u get 202 exp and
1414 credits. when u kill all of them u get 16968 credits and 2424 exp.

To get a brut blade in the shape of a sword first equip the brut blade then wear any
uniform and go to a sword fight and it will change to be a thin sword.

Infinite credits
Keep doing the entrance exam for gears and you end up with 220 exp every time and you
will be rich in no time.

Once you have landed the ship and done the entrence exam join a house and keep doing the
mission over and over again because you get one thosand credits evry time.

only for lv 10 and up]easy money and exp;go to moon if you unlock it and then go mission.
finish all the first two mission when it is done do the rw=ecue mission when you are
there dont fix your mecha if you can fight another enemy if youcan destroy him/mer.

Easy Cash- Go to the planet westion and go to the bounty hunting.
Keep doin g that and you get loads of exp and cash. To test how much exp you get try
fighting me my id is 560018

Ok first make shore u can defeat mechs with at least 140 health then go to knife and
sporks then do the contest u get 1000 credit and 50 xp for first part of the contest.

Click on new relieses and take the train and get the power cell and get any mech and
combine them, use head and body first.

If you want to own any enemy get a runehowk by the 25 000 mech then got to the pizza
place get to level 20 then you get a pizza slicer you will own everyone.

At the beginning of the game talk to sally (sitting drinking coffee) 30 times and
you'll get 10000 credits.

I Reccomend Lvl.5.
Goto Mecharoni And Apply For The Job. Start Immediatly As You Rise Through The Ranks
You Will Get Lots Of Money.
If You Have Any Questions Email Me At

hey everyone guess wat i got for u!!
go to planet westion and go to the sheriff. He should be there. when u get there go
near the sheriff and press bounty hunter. U can fight bandit leader and get up to 657
each bandit leader or u could go on a mission in the desert to fight a bandit leader.
dont go straight to the bandit leader. U could walk around where u strat the quest from
and u could fight regular bandits. U get up to 35exp and 360 exp !!!! eachh bandit u
fight. The bad part about this thing is that u can only get up to 10000 gold for
fighting bandits. after u get 10000 gold go fight the bandit commander. u should get
up an extra 350 to 700 gold from the bandit leader.
Chack out the mecha i got from the sheriff's quest. Its not free it cost only 139,339
or some gold. to see the mecha fight me(my id is: 49184.

hi i am new to this and i am a level 13 runehawk pilot i am training to be a level 15
so i can weild my nova hawk v.20 its really good and how i train is go west 3 times
until u get to the knife and spork then u talk to maegwen (inside the knife and sprok)
and then u do the contest recomended level b4 u start the level 1 contest is 4 i think
with good weps and i have gotten up to challenge 6 andi do challenge 5 and u get 650xp
for challenge 5 so when u start the contest try to get to the challenge 5 it is preety
easy u figth level 12 house machas and veloci mechas and those candy things. if u find
this hint easy plz say so on the website bye. oh and also my I.D is 2052741. Have fun!
Battle On!

Go to the knife and spork click contest you will get 1'00 at contest
1 repeat this 25 times then u can get a wolfblade mystyven and runehawk mecha.

Go to the cinema or of your in the ship click in Ballyhoo and then click on Get Prizes
then you watch an add of battle on or something and at the end you get credits note:they
don't give a lot all the time and you can only get a prize 5-6 times.

The easy way to make money is to go to the west side of town go in the museum and take
the ocean,desert and jungle it gives you like 30 exp 360 credit or do layberity in

Easy destroy enemy with smokey flamed thrower or lava blaster the lava blaster is great
have plus damage with fire its 10 000 credits[mecha credits].

good weapons are NOT smokey flame thowrer!!!!!!!!!!
the best weapons I saw was on a user:J6 ps hes really strong!!!!he has a wea pon thats
999-999!!Im not liying!
try his ID:6.oh the best weapons are from mechas(for me)
I'm level 15(almost16)my Id is 5271243I've some good weapons!!!!!!I got my mecha @ westion
(not wrangler)but a westion police. The best weapons are Cart Wheel Gun,J6's gun,spitten
tacks,Wolf hamer bla bla bla.don't listen to people who says like:somkey flame thower or
lava blaster and bla bla thoses kinds.
oh if you need better weapons or good mechas:Email me

How to be a robot:
------------------ must finish the train in Westorn.
2.go to town hall. the train quest. until you get to J6.
5.only when you lose,teloport to home town.

Easy cash and xp:
go to soluna city n go to the plasma screen thing. go to map and go to westion. wen u reech,
go west and look for a white kind of building. go in there ull find this awesome looking
horse. tok to him abt bounty hunter. by the time u get 100 bounty points, ull grow atleest
1 lvl and the credits rok.

How to get to soluna city on level 1:
this only works if there is a new release. all you have to do is play that new release and
then exit it, you should be in soluna city at level 1.
this worked for me.

If you have nova gems goto The energy blades shop and click nova blades and pick soul
sapper it hits 20-51(it might not say that though)

Easy Money:
Labrynth: 4000-5000+ easy gold reccomended lvl 10+
Heres what you do:
Get into a house and do the labryth mission. Kill all the creatures except the last one
guarding the chest. Get into a fight with the last mech and lose the fight. Do this as
many times as you like its an easy 4000-5000g that carrys over every loss. after getting
the desired amount, (can be checked by mousing over your character name, beside your
amount of gold in parenthases is how much you are making for the quest completion),
complete the quest, and voila easy way to make a ton of gold fast.

Here, only get a wrangler. my id is 274436 if u wanna battle assult mecha.The best
way to get money in labyrinth, though i prefer knife and spork.if u want to talk to
me on email, i'm ok here first, get a smoky flame and blah
blah until u get a good do train blah blahh, and get a wrangler from westion.
then go kill stuff and get a golden frying pa.try to get 180k credits. get 20 ore from
khaeldron, and buy a power cell and a drakel power armour v4.merge powercell and that
to get a powermerged drakel war armour v4. u'll be super good! more coming soon.

Here, you can get money. first, autospys is bad, so do labyrinths. never buy a house mech.
buy a wrangler.then go kill stuff until high knife and spork.and my id is 274436
if u want to battle me.

J6 is easy. u only need a level 21 Powermerged war armour, that included advanced cockpit
0-0. it makes everythign miss, with 40% dodge.

Easy winning:
If you have a weak mecha and strong items use the weak mecha and equip the strong items
to win easily.Suitable for Planet Zargon and jobs.

Heres a way to be almost invensible get katana v1.0 mech and go to the shop on the bottem
of the screen buy the air gun underhand gun and the sling missle and battle.

Ok this is pwnage combo:first buy sling missile(x1),arm of zeus(anytype),lava blaster, and
the dragon blood thing,now go fight and u can pwn pretty much anything by using the guns
in this order,zeus arm,lava blaster,dragon blood launcher,sling missile.

Once you get your level high enough do the moon mission and save the rebel leader.
You should do the rescue mission many times and fight seven enimes each time. you will
make at least 2,000 at the end.

For a really good mech get to lvl 13 and buy the newbatron v1 for 1000 credits go to teks
mechs, go downstairs ang get the gold token by doing the minigame go into the golden mech
shop and merge the lvl 13 advanced newbatron v1 its gold and the colour u picked while
crating a char.

ur a lvl 13 mechpilot and u want a really powerfull mech?:
its an easy way to do even if u are not a star capitan.go to tek's mechs and buy
a newbatron V1.go downstairs and press the button gold tokens.feed the little guy ant touch
10000 score at the will get a free gold token.then press the button "golden mecha"
and on the third mech then clik on "merge"ur newbatron will be golden newbatron and its very
strong.215hp 170ep 7ep reg.lowest damage 18.highest...more than 90.

If u want to get 440 credits in a small amount of time go to admina (lady in town that can
give you more mecha or weapon slots) and click retake exam click through all the talking and
when u get to the battle part attack the hotdog so he malfuntions then click through all
talking and when u get to next hotdog battle ,eject from ur mecha then click through all
talking and there ugo 440 creds eazy and fast recomended for players who are to lazy to fight
through 3 mechs or are just new to game.

To get heaps of money u go to alamonia (after the wars) and u go to teh bounty hunter u get
credit for beating him, apprehending him and getting bounty points.

(1)get 1 hybrid missle arm & 1 hybrid arm and any shoulder item that cools down quick
(2)join spd (3)use shoulder item and then and alterenate between the hybrids and its a surefire
winna BEWARE youll need a mecha desine that regens alot or a head that does!!!!!!!!!

Invisible Mecha:
1.Go to The Museum.
2.Select Jungle for your Quest.
3.When you are in front of the Temple door,press it and go up the stairs quickly! The Tyrant
will be on the side of screen!He will eventually battle you.
4.Your Mecha will be Invisible!

To all starters go to sys-zero and just click land the ship(if ya know wat i mean.)you
can land now to SOlUnA city and you can go back the dropship by going to admina(if ya
know wat i mean.)and you can alsotake your exam skip on the first hotdog because you'll
just waste your EP/HP 2nd-4th hotdogs will help you go on to warlic's quest if you lvl
12 or lower it's hard but if 13 or higher,it's easy(you just need to buy glided newbatron
ok?) for star captains that are 12 or lower can do this also you just need strong mechas
(if your a star captain) and also,you need more credits and strong equipments oh! if you
wana battle me, my id is.

Hey Guys!I've got some easy wasy to get money, for high levels medium levels and low levels.
Now for low level, Which is 1-8, I Recommend Lava Blaster, Sling missle if possible, add a
front shoulder Freshman lazer pointer, and if your in wolf blade, add a missle mouth. For
front arm, choose what fits you. ow for the meduim level, thats 9-15 I recommend a Zues arm,
Big Bulk blast, Rocket launcher- both shouders, and Incredible Disruptor for both arms.
I also recommend a mecha,The wolfblade V 2.0. For high levels, 16+, I recommand Teperemental
bulk blast,a launcher autogun from Wlofblade,The other weapons you can decide! I still
Recommend a mecha the advanced house mecha, best is wolf blade.
My ID is:5271243
P.S don't use smokey flame thower.

Use the following trick to get a Star Wars-type lightsaber. Buy or get a blade. Buying one
makes it stronger; for example, use the Brute Blade. Log out then back in. Equip the blade.
Go to Energy Blade 101. With blade equipped, wear a uniform. Note: If you change uniforms
afterwards it will not work. You now have a "lightsaber".

Easy money:
Join the Wolf Blade House and do the labyrinth. If you kill all the enemies you will get
about 3,000 in credits. If you do it without killing, you will get about 1,000 credits
and 50 experience points.

Submitted by: Mech

If u wan to get a pro mech,buy a nubertron V1, go to Tech's mech and go down the florrivator
and talk to a guy. click on "golden tolken" and play the game. after u got it,talk to the guy
again and click on "golden mech" . click on "golden star nubatron VII" and click" merge".
go to your hanger and use it!

hola gold is back. ok now noobs out there are having troubl getting a house mech. well to get
25,000 credits for that wonderful mech this is how to do it. go back to the lvl 1 intrp ship
by talking to that selena. then you battle monsters again and again and again. recommended noob
items: flamethrower volt sword double autpgun and noob misslex4. mech recomended: if your not a
star captain the katana at teks meks.if your a star captain higher than lvl 6 use a shadow tech
e series1 with weapons with dmg above 20.bye!

Okay in mechquest how to get the wolfblade advaced house mech fast. you buy the star commander3.0 i
think somting like dat then you go to house upgrade kits. to see what you need go to mecha upgrades
and go to advanced will tell you what you need to merge so go to upgrade kits buy the right
kit then go back to mecha upgrades and merge them. This process saves about 100,000 need
500,000 to do this.the normal house mech cost over 300,000 to 350,000 credits. now you save 100,000
credits and you have 20 more health than the normal expensive one!.

How to get wolfblade mech level 6:
be sure you are a member of wolfblade
be sure you are level 6 or more

follow the steps:

1.go to soluna city then talk to the girl on the right
2.then press the button go to university
3.then defeat mega spider many many times
4.when you get 25,000 sure your level 6
6.then go to the house of wolfblade
7.then talk to Denara the button houses wolfblade
10.then talk to the girl mecha mecha again wolfblade level 6
14.then buy it

voila you have wolf blade mecha

how to do 4 or 8 hits to your opponent:ok heres how to do more then 3 hits to your opponent.
just follow these simple steps:step1:buy 2 flame throwers.
step2:buy a n-ood missile(x2).
step3:equip all of them.
step4:click battle and test this cheat out.
and your done.

To get lots of credit go to the university then go to the houses and do the labryinth
(if you get the timing right you don't have to verse anybody). you get 1000 credit + more
if you kill stuff (baddys lv5)/

If your looking for some cash and you need some go to the wild west planet. Once ther go to
the left side of town. Go into the first building. Talk to the horse guy in there. Do your
missions. Mostly you will get about 400 to 1200 credits each mission.

ok here are the instructions: Cheat Engine by typing down Cheat Engine at Google(it dosen't matter what
kind of cheat engine) (prefer the 5.4 type)
2.then sign on to mechquest
3.go onto cheat engine click on the small computer on top left on windows list
5.then look for Mechquest - Web RPG - (your internet)
6.go on Mechquest
7.battle any kind of opponent
8.times your opponents health by 8
9.put the product onto Cheat Engine Hex new scan
11.then attack you oppenent once
12.times your opponents health again by 8
13.put the product onto Cheat Engine Hex next scan so now there should be only i address in the left box
15.double-click it double-click the value of the address in the box at the bottom
17.type 0 in the value
18.make the address frozen (click the small box on the left side of the address)
19.then attack once again on Mechquest so it will be a knockout to your opponent
20.then repeat the instuctions from #7-19 four times then you could beat any Mecha with a K.O hit!

If any noob is listening to this they will earn some cold hard cash, and this doesn't just go
with noobs. After you get off the dropship you probobly will start right away at trying the new
things, but after you make some improvements to your your mecha to make a bunch of money just go
to the lady in blue next to the shuttle and go back to the dropship. Once there just keep battling
and repairing after battle, and in a while you'll have struck it rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eazy Credits:
-Go To The Police Station,
-Talk To Chief Duncan,
-Go On Patrol,
-If You Get The Robbery And MechNugget Rooster Booster As Enemy Then You Can Get
Up To 550 Credits.

Want to get a good combo??when you are a black belter at the sword training(at gears university),
go to the sword shop for mech at master tsuba and buy the ENERGY SAI and go to tek's mech and buy
the airgun and retractable rifle because their cooldown is great...when you fire the energy sai(it
will cooldown for 1 turn), then use the air gun(cooldown for three turns), then use the retractable
rifle(cooldown 2 or 1), then use the energy sai again..repeat this drill and you can beat an enemy
with 3 or 2 shots only!!..thanks for reading!...

How To Get To FalconReach(for low lvls):
To get to falconreach u must be a lvl 5 and need atleast 150+ coins and u must have completed Sir
Valence's Quests witch are Easy.Ok first go to the Weapon shop next to rolith in Oaklore then use
150 coins to buy the Legendarey Magma Sword(requires lvl 5).After the way the has the sign that says
FalconReach once in the dark woods 3 Ambusher will attack but its ok ther low levelsten keep following
the path until u see a bridge walk across until 3 monster appear use your Legendary Magma Sword to
kill the >--i was a lvl 5 and i was hiting 80-88dmg without Warcry.--<

Stanger-sepulchure mech:
1.Go to a stranger beside the lightsaber shop and the magic shop
2.Talk to him and capture 13 ghosts
3.Acsess the doomcell shop
4.Buy some doom cells or some mecha
5.You can also merge the mecha in the feed your mecha button

An easy way to get lots of Credits(star captain only), join any house at the university, and then
go to missions, choose labyrinth, everytime you complete it, you get 1300 credits!

(LV. 10) The best combination EVER for your mech is a pilgrim head (head), a wolfblade (mech),
a plasma pulser (front shoulder), a sling missile x1 (back shoulder, 2 lava blasters (front
AND back arms).

Deal 150 damage:
At Westion, there is some shoulder weapon that you can buy at lvl 7. When I bought this, occasionally,
I dealt 20-30 damage, usually the total, on each hit for 7 hits! When this happened, I was wearing
every Runehawk item except for the shoulder or every dinosaur weapon except for the shoulder. And
noobs who would just rate this badly after one try, it happened a while after I bought it, so don't
buy it unless the normal attack will help you, or you have way too much money on your hands and want
to try it out.

How to Grow 10 levels in 5 minutes:
First, go to the Dropship and buy a retractable rifle. Then land the ship. Click on the battle button.
Use your retractable rifle once and the die. It will say defeat. Click on all the letters once. The
screen will trn whitand a green button will appear. Click on it and hold it down for about 3 seconds.
And you'll gain 10 levels and 50 exp. (This will only work one time.)

Screen replay:
Go to museum in Soluna city, (keep heading to the left of the screen). Talk to the person there they
will ask you for help.then click explore, then desert.
Go 2 screens 2 the right and u should see a block of stone with a wide V shape on it click towards
it and you will find it is a cave/temple. when you are inside there is a big face in the background
click BETWEEN the face and the entrance and it will replay entering the cave/temple.

I've been using the level 12 nova wolf with the front and back shoulders equipped with the shadow
napalm v2 on each, the super proton sniper on the front arm, the super magma cannon on the back arm
and lazer eyes for a head...the trick is to use both of the shadow napalms first then the super magma
cannon and by the time you use the sniper rifle and lazer eyes pretty much anyone within your level
class is toast from 3 different types of fire damage goin on...and if you get stunned and miss a turn
the fire is still doing at least 8 damage times 3 till your ok.

Easy money:
Go to your house (in the university) and go to the labryinth.Kill one mech and then if you have
enough health, regenerate your energy and fight another.This will save you a repair, then fight
all mechs until the mino-ton, you then let him detroy you by skipping all of your turns (dont worry,
you will not lose all of your exp and credits) and then "ADMINA" come up on the big screen nd will
ask you to continue or quit.Click "Lets Go" and then click on your face.You will notice that you
will have a certain amount of credits or exp in brackets (beside whichever one you are looking at),
and then complete the laberyinth _or_ keep repeating this and then you will get a huge ammount of
credits!! After doing this one time and then just killing the mino-ton on the second try (by
avoiding all of the other mechs).

[14-25]recommended for this if you want so much money go to knife and spork neer the police.
unlock the chellenge six then beat it then you will get 10000 credits and 100xp well it chenge
my life . test it battle me my mech name is cj and my ID# is 6146671......see ya

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute! I have to tell you something Artix(THE ARTIX!!!) told me!
Click on Tek's head 3 times quickly and have access to buying NEW "Total Drama Island"
Mecha(With unique abilities accessible by both Star Captains AND non-Star Captains)!

Level 1: Ezekiel Mecha
Ability: Insult to foe! 30-400 damage!

Level 2: Eva Mecha
Ability: Temper tantrum! +500 to all stats!

Level 3: Noah Mecha
Ability: Copy Attack! Copies an attack the foe will prbably use, then stun the foe(No matter
how resistant to immobility)

Level 4: Justin Mecha
Ability: Cooling Fire! Fire-type weapons have a cooldown of 0.

Level 5: Katie Mecha
Ability: Double the damage output if you bought the Sadie Mecha.

Easy experience and money:
Go to the police station and open your journal. go to pg.10 and go to falcon's reach.
press enter and you will fight mega lupus. you get 100 exp. and 500 credits.
Better than fighting spider right. but only by 20 exp points.

Easy Gold and Experience:
Go to your house (wolfblade for me) and do the maze mission. Kill everything and you will get
a lot of gold, like 3000.

Easy lvl ups and money! first go eqip your best mech and weps then do the challengs and
the knife and spork then repoetivly do this till your next lvl then use your money for a
better mech to upgrade your battel chances then try to get to at least challeng 6 repetivly
beat that u get at least 1000 tix and 250 exp do this as much as u possibly can with the
same mech and u got mega mola money and exp i when t from lvl 16 to lvl 18 in three hours!
then try doing a lvl.

When you are at start of the game and are on the Dropship, get level 2 by fighting enemy's
and buy Retractable Rifle (back shoulder) for 750 credits.
This weapon is good 'cause it gives you +1 hit and it hits 7-17, and it's cheap... only 1
problem: it must cooldown after shooting 3 rounds, so you can't use it so much... to get of
this problem, get 1000 gold and buy Double Autogun (hits 1-4, 3 times and cooldown = 0!!) now
you can equip any weapon you can choose at your back arm... Hope this will help you, got an
responce on this, leave a message, I will check this sit regurly.

Go to the sranger on the right side of the screen in the main place (you shoud find him near
mysterious.j,s shop) and then catch 1 ghost. And after that go to your mech hanger change
your mech and then go to the sranger and fight a ghost and then your mechs life will change.

Infinite stamina! (must have unlocked rebel costume):
heya evryone!

Tired of having only 5 "special" power during a swordfight?
(when you do 5 "defend" or "strong attack")
Want to be able to do more of these to give you the edge?:)

THEN search no more! :D

When you have been on the moon and got access to the rebel armor, equip that armor and the
helm. During your swordfight, BEFORE you begin attacking, click twice the round-shaped thing
on your helm. Then begin your battle with the "strong attack".
Ta-daa! you havent used stamina!

You can then fight the way you want witouth restrictions! :D

* If you change armor, you will have to get back your rebel armor and click the raise/lower
visor button again. (The circle on helm, just like before)

* You may click as many times on it as you want, after you clicked it once you'll get infinite

Have fun! from now on, your swordfight shall be easier! But if you havent yet unlocked the
moon... bah, you will have to train before doing that.

Best combo ever:
Lv 10 (min) combo(the best) Runehawk keep staff, energy flux head,Lava Blaster, Plasma purser,
sling missile(1x). best combo for this level you will defeat anyone at or below your level.
to get the money just keep battling knife and spork challenge 1, the wolf bosses at police
department, or order #66. to get xp just do autopsies at hospital.

Enjoy, and get your free nova gems from the main web page of mechquest.

Super Quick Money Cheat:
Simply Go To Wolfblade, Runehawk or Mystraven do the labyrinth follow the maze round try to
dodge robots if you walk into one hope its Easy if not do it again anywayz near the treasure
chest there is a fast moving robot if you walk into it your a gonna unless you have a good
Mech, Now wait for it to pass a distance then go for the chest you get around 1000 credits
ya get extra credz for defeating robots and after that do it over and over again when you
are a member of that house you can wear the armor,(Its nice from all houses)buy the Mecha,
(Mega Sweet)Buy Cool Weapons and Much more Enjoy!
If Ya Wanna fight me: ID# 7566131

Easy exp and money:
Go to the small red space ship and then go in the school place then when your in there go
to the elevator and click on houses then you haf to ever click on runehawk mysraven or
wolfblade then once your in one of them click on join then once you have done that go over
to the lady and click on missions then click on labyrinth and defete all the robots and
then go to this thing with a rope round it and you will get about 5617 credits and about
313 exp.

Funny glitch:
Go to the police station and then go on patrol. And when you figt for. example rooster booster,
you press the ejektbutton and press the no button. Then in my case you'r enemy wont go away,
you return to soluna and the enemy stands right in front of you.

(lvl 5 and up recomended) hey you peplz hows it goin'? okay listen to this. keep doing the
labrynth in the university (first choose a house) and try and defeat as much shadowcyth, etc.
in there as possible and you can score over 1000. hope you have a good mecha.

Strong Mech:
The strong but expensive mechs i use are:
Tyrano- 300 hp, 75 EP, 65000 Credits
Velcoli Mecha- 280 HP, 90 EP 500 NG

Great Money:
Ok so when u get to lvl 4 at least go to the city and buy the "smokey flame-thrower," the
"large military repeater," the "glocket" and the "kurusowa." then go to the girl at the
place by the ship to the university. click on "go to dropship." fight the strange blip over
and over. You will get about 230gold from each battle!!! i made over 2000gold no joke.

Good Combo:
Their is a good combo i use against anythingyou need a bargain bin laser retractable rifle
and a smokey flame throwerfirst use the Retractable rifle then the bargain bin laserthen
use the smokey flame thrower then the bargain bin laseruse over again if enemy isn't

No Arms:
When in spook Mq 65 go to Load SWF and then Lolsalad's Uniform loaderin the box that says
Uniform Name erase the My custom uniform and type in a house name that you aren't in like
RuneHawkclick on load uniform and get out of the uniform loadergo to the equip option to
where you equip energy blades and stuff (the icon that looks like a police badge) and you
won't have arms.

Good high level mechs 15 or over:
Here are some good mechs with wepons

good for hard mecha
keep defulat

Nova Wolf v.30 lv 20
good for long campaigns
just add a good head wepon evreything else defualt
Dont buy straight buy the V.2 or V.1 and upgrde (its cheaper)

Khael snake lv 19
keep defualt
good at making the enemy get extra damge

Go to museum and get all the fossils to go to repli-mecha and buy tyrano because it hits
loads and all the spaces are filled up!

when your in the dropship thing go to tek then dont click her just stand there then click
equip then click the shield thing your character appears then click click the shield/yourself
3 times then click back and your character appears beside the big mech beside tek.

How to have easy gold and xp:
Get a job in the police department in Soluna City then click go on patrol. Keep doing the
police quests until u get the clue #8 (see you're clues in ur SPD notepad to the right of
Chief Duncan. Click the open button below the note pad then click the arrows below the notepad
until you reach clue #8 or page 10. Click Check out 1337 Falcon's Reach then click enter then
kill the mecha (lvl 6+ recommended cuz the mecha has 140 hp). U will get 100 xp and 500 credits.
Keep doing this until u want to stop.

Cool glitches:
o.k first you go to the museum (lv +3)any rank and go to desert go inside the temple pass the
fire but when you face the monster hit flee when you com back it will put you at the begining
but instead of your big mech being thier u turn into a monster and go the size of your mech
(be aware you still arnt a real monster hu).

Gunsliger Armor:
First equip a strong saber then go to Westion (can be found in your starmap). Then go to
to Roy Silver and do the Catch a Thief. You will then be riding in a train. You must go to
the front of the train where there will have a cutscene, then the man will give you the armor.
After you have the armor press the options menu then press hometown.

2 fossils in 1 misson:
goto museum, goto jungle.
then quickly go on top then see the enemy in the right. u will battle it but invisible.
(u still get hit even invisibility) then after it, finish the quest, u have 2 b fast this
time, click on the treasure and rolling then battle the enemy, if u win, u can roll again,
but u got urself 2 fossils in 1 mission. pretty neat eh? it can only get that by 41%

It is suggested that you have the police Mec and a level of 10! Once you get these DO NOT
change the weapons on your police mec. After you do this go to the university and dont go
inside. stay outside of the unisversity and on the right side of the screen there will be
some webs. click on there and you will have to battle a giant spider. The most powerful and
most effective weapons are the police airstrike and the police lights. keep useing those 2
items until you defeat the spider (or it defeats you.). You willl get 88 XP points and 500
cash. If you do use a police Mec and are a lv 10, you will have to keep repairing it before
you go into battle again because that spider is hard!

Funny hint:
If you have wolfblade mecha battle the kathool adept but dont kill it and when you think that
you would do one more shot and it will be dead use howitzzer and it looks like you turned it
into a blue squid.

Play in mech in normal walkabout places:
Rite u need a trainer for this prefebalby doom mq or any train that lets u load mech shop
put in a mech shop id found out in the file u downloaded maybe. then go load the mech shop
and click a item then click the back button and there u have it play in ur mech in no mech

Easiest money for good mecha pilots:
First do the firemane quest on westion then "DELIVER" for firemane and there will be a light
that brings you up use the health and energy hacks on yourself then use the instant kill hack
then just do that as many times as you want oh by the way there are 100 floors wich = 100

Easy Money:
(Level 25+) Go to K&S in Soluna (on the left) and battle challenge 10. You have to battle 16
enemies to clear the challenge, and when you finish, you get 28000 Credits and 4000 Exp.

Here is my build to help you (you might not have some of the parts):

Mech: Deranged Clown (Rare)

Front arm: Legend Halberd (From Arthurians VS Pirates war)

Back arm: Deranged Punchy (Default)

Front Shoulder:

Back shoulder: Pirate Sniper (Robina's Shop / Pirate Anchor Hurl (Arthurian VS Pirates War
Mutiny Reward shop)

Head: EC Dispenser DLX (Arthurian VS Pirate war EbilCorp shop)
Hope this helps.

Easy exp for weak players:
Train at the energy blade thing untill you are a black belt then buy a brute or broken blade.
go back to the energy blade thing , fight master twang , (use strong attack) and you will geet
25exp every20 seconds hope this works!

Awesome weapons that make you invincible:
Get the Katana v1.0 mech, then go to mecharoni, and unlock the 'sauce' shop. Buy the Mama Mia
Mega Slicer, then buy a mecha boomstick, and the final eapon is always in the katana v1.0 mech,
its the freshman laser pointe. You need these weapons to beet the mission 'Order 66' in
mecharoni pizza. Otherwise you'll be owned by the boss there.

Easy money:
easy money made for medium-low lvl players i am including high lvl players to. ok to get easy
money go to athruian war final boss not for one side for the neutral side beat him with weak
mech so he has weak health (at end will explain) then buy eagle mech on nova gem then beat
him with the mech. he gives abbout 50 exp and 300 gold

Infinite power attacks:
Ok. first you have to go 2 moon and get rebel uniform and helm. Then u gotta go to energy
blade shop and buy broken blade.(star captain only) than when u use it with the rebel outfit
you can do as much power hits as u want!

You have to be really quick for thiss glitch and it only last's about 50 miliseconds so go
to equicp on soluna then press badge and equicp a blade buy one if not any then click yourself
twice and quickly hit back if done correctly screen should freeze and make you appear bigger
for a very short while.

Get a powerfull mecha:
go to the sdp get to rank 32 at the police station go to the impound and get the third wolf
down if your a high enough level. then get the first mate cutlass from the war and youll have
a good combo. plus the lazers on the wolfs back have a chance of shooting twice and they do
alot if they shoot twice anywhere from 32-108.

Powerfull Mech With Powerfull Weapons:
To Be The Best In The MechQuest You Need To Have 20 Rank Or More At Soluna Musseum To Can Buy
The Dino Mech The Powerfull Mech Do An Atack of 37-44 All Time If You Want To See How Powerfull
Is That Mech Challenge Me My Id Is:7849437 Have Fun With That Powerfull Mech.

Great combination of weapons (lvl 10 only):
wolfblade mecha (lvl 6 or 12)
missile mouth (wolfblade)
proton rifle
WRM (wolfblade)
lesser bazooka 2x Default
now you have a great combination of weapons
total hp:160
total ep:80
total attack:110-142

This is a good set of weapon and is not that hard to get try it!
Mecha: Katana v1.0
Front: Cabin boy colichemarde (the pirates)
Back : Silver snubnose(level 12 SPD)
Back shoulder:n-uber missile or sling missile your choice.

Giant Human:
Go to the soluna museum and enter on the desert quest.Go walking until u reach the area
where you fight the enemy.Walk quickly to the main door to activate the scene.Before the
scene completes,u will fight the enemy,but your mecha will not be there!(u still cause
damage).After the combat,your mecha pilot will apear in the place of your mecha,but will
be giant!

Funny\useful Glitch:
when u do the braddok steele missions u can go past enemies on the lines! seriously it works.
but u have 2 be a star captain. that mission is also a good money and EXP mission.

Easy credits and experience:
Go to the Soluna Police Department and get to the point where you can do the final 3 boss
fights. (Kerberos, Wolfguy Jack, Cain.) Get some strong weapons and fight them repeatedly
as much as you want. Kerberos and Jack give 360 creds or so and 30 exp and Cain gives about
416 creds. I cant remember how much creds you get. Good luck. I used the Proton Gun, Silver
shooter, and the level 9 or 10 NX missles.

lvl up sooooo fast (cheat engine required):
Go 2 knife & spork challenge 1 then kill 1st mech.Open CE then type in 80 in hex.
Then kill 2nd mech.Open CE again then type in 160 next scan then double click the
adress.After that u change the value to 1 000 000 000.Finally tick the frozen box
then eject.U will level up very quickly!!!!!

How to get really good weapons and Mecha:
Here is how to get really good weapons and Mecha. First, go to Tek's Mechs and buy a
Nubertron V1. Then buy the following:
Nuber Flamethrower (3 Cooldown)
Nuber Laser Pointer (3 Cooldown)
Nuber Laser Blaster (3 Cooldown)
Nubertron Optics (3 Cooldown)
Squire's Volt Sword (1 Cooldown)

Then use them in this order:
Nubertron Optics
Nuber Laser Blaster
Nuber Laser Pointer
Nuber Flamethrower
Squire's Volt Sword

and that gives you AWESOME power.

Easy Way to Get Fossils:
To get fossils, u must do the desert quest in the museum(must require strong mecha &
energy blade). Just keep on going until u come up 2 an open door. Be aware of the fire
cause it will kill u. If u come up 2 the final point with 5 fires, choose the middle fire
and don't move.. After that u must click the button. I cannot help u with that anymore.

one of the unbetable mech:
do the police quest allover till you unlock the impound shop you need to be rank 32 police
then get the mecha wolf you can afford the go to westion and finish finding the train parts
then ride it and find a lady that says bug wars 2 and go to her again and go to her shop and
buy shako of frost for the head weapon it raises your attack and decrease the enemies attack
and still use the weapons of the wolf mech the arrangements of attack:first the shako of frost
then new spirit of the wolf for a chance of more damage or energy regen. then the new heart of
the wolf for a chance for heal then the new wolf shoulders with chance of double attack
hope this helps.

Relic blade:
First go to energy blade 101 in the university.Fight till you get orange belt. Then go to east
side of town two times. Then you will see the building with the time 12:00.Then go to the shop
of blades. Take the Relic sword & go back to university and fight.

Best mecha i ever used:
the best mecha i ever used are:

lvl 18 grabber for 198000 credits
lvl 20 steampunk for 200000 credits
lvl 13 mecharoni for 130000 credits

im level 20 with over 500000 credits
battle me my id is 9395167

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