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Коды (cheats) к игре Wizard 101

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Коды (cheats) к игре Wizard 101

Cheat Codes:
Pick your Wizard Type:
On the test part where you create your Wizard there should be a button somewhere
called "SKIP THE TEST" and you you get to pick.

Well you know how dragons cost alot of gold:
Well all you do is get like 300-360 gold.

* Go to the pet shop.
* Pick dragon.
* It cost like 850 gold.
* All you do is change the color to all white.
* It will be exactly 340.
* But you know some people dont like the color white.
* Doesnt matter buy the white.
* Go to the paint shop next doot.
* And paint your dragon a different color.
* Its like 240-320 gold thoe..
* But its better than paying 850-1800 right?

Hint - Cheaper piggles:
Piggles cost like 890 unless you change it all yellow its 309 so you can have it
yellow or go to the paint shop and change it.

Hint- Easy Gold:
If you're in need of cash, then my suggestion is to get a friend to help you
battle the harvest lord about 3-5 times. After that go to the shopping district
and sell what you've earned but don't need. I recomend to get 3 friends to help
you. Also make sure that they're at least level 9.

If you want to get 5,000,000 munny you need to be l.v 9 so do this go to the school
of life and ask herif you are redy for a card and if she ses yes thin you git
5,000,000$ if she ses no you haft to start the game all over!

First click on a buddy of yours. Then click "go to location", then "yes", then
click "trade" REALLY fast, then click "cancel" and you are either invisible or
you are your pet. It only lasts for a little while, though, and it times out
quicker if you enter a battle, port somewhere, or go to a different place.

Level up:
The best way to gain levels is to do quests. If you don't pay, you will run out of
quests pretty quickly, so once you're done with that, just defeat bosses again. This
is sorta boring but if you have any friends it's fun to train with them. I would also
suggest fighting the Kraken.

REAL invisible!!!:
Teleport and before you get sparks around you start moving. you will be invisible
for 1-20 seconds (depends on how fast your computor loads) then teleport.
works i cross my heart!!!!!

Storm wizards and fizzaling:
if you are a diviner (a storm wizard) you are most likely to fissal more than eny one else,
so I being a diviner my self figured out how to avode fissaling. this workes for eny shcool
not just storm wizards, all you have to do is aim for the place whair the light sorunding
them starts to weeken.

Way cheap flying pigs:
go to the shoping district go to the pet shop. click on the flying pig turn it all brown
it will only cost 224 coins. if you don't like brown go to the dye shop and choose the
color you want it to be.

Some cheats you saw says Dragons cheapest color is all white and it exactly 340 well there
is another color that is much cheaper then white and its all brown i think its somewhere
around 280 or somthing but I know its less than 300 so u r welcom! bye.

If you ask your parents to buy you crowns just to go to places, your parents might get tired
of that.So ask your parents to subscribe for at least every month. Its cheaper that way.
You could also buy crowns for clothing to be more powerful also.

How to use treasure cards:
Go to the library or beat the kraken to get treasure cards. ok then buy a deck from the deck
shop and make sure all the cards in that deck don't need pips or power pips and also make
sure it has good treasure cards and make sure you don't have any wand equiped to yourself.

No Test:
OK, so you know how its kind of annoying when you start the game and you do the test but
you don't want the type of element you have.And then you get it again.So once you get really
mad you just look at the bottom left and there are some words that say SKIP THE TEST.
Once you press that it has all of the types of elements.

Power pip treasure card:
The power pip treasure card is slightly expensive at $250 but its worth it for those long
lasting battles with friends. it brings up a field that lets you and your friends get power
pips easy. with power pips each one counts as two so getting one is key advantage in any

Way Cheap Pets:
Usually, there is things that have color, mostly pets, so go to the pet shop. Pick
out the pet you want, then pick brown both sides. Then buy it and go to the paint shop.
Then you pick your color and you're done.

Secret Cave:
Go Behind waterfall and there should be a secret cave.

Good Strategy:
Enter the game as a death school student then every time you get a training point, train
in school of storm, they have the better spell combos.

Win Battles:
you can win battles every time but you can not use this in bost battles you have to jump
10 times.

Loads of stuff:
Right you have just beaten the kraken again (or for the first time) what next NOTHING don't
go into the libery and speak to boris tallstaff again you go silly quests and the last 1 is
go into , triton avenue and cyclops lane and locate somthing silly right??????

If you have a member friend your in luck ask him/her to go to lord nightshade after they do
(if they do) port to them say thx kill lord nightshade earn a badge and maybe get a dark
sprite pet which gives you the card dark sprite what if you don't like the name of your dark
sprite they name it for you well just go into the paint shop change its name for 500gold

How to get in the cave:
When you get pass the water fall go in ask some friend ask them if they can go in.If they
can tell them to go in then when he is in teleport to him thats how you find the death
school and tree and tower.

Glitch: Face the wrong way:
Just a cool glitch I found, if you enter a battle that someone is already in and you are
waiting for the turn to finish so you can start fighting, you can rotate the direction you're
facing by holding down right clicking. When you join the actual battle and start casting spells,
you'll be facing the wrong direction.

First you go to Fairgrounds and go on the swirly thing on all tents Then you got to have a
friend online Press on their name then press go to location but STOP! dont do anything else
then make sure your standing all the swirly thing in fairgrounds you hold X down with the
menu up to teleport to your friend Keep holding X then press yes then you will suddenley

Boss pets:
dark sprite : Lord NightShade or Bastilla in firecat alley
blue ghost : genral allikies
Blood bat : the guy in the tomb of begeular
sprite : Alcine swift arrow
minutaur : that guy in mooshu that is a brown imp

Easy Gold,Pets,and powerful equipement!!!:
Now if you want some real easy gold, go to lord nightshades tower and every time you win you
get at least 30-90 gold depending on how well you defeat him.Now if you want pets [any type]
you can either go to the fairegrounds and win a game really well and you will win a pet or you
can go around and defeat bosses for pets.Now mostly for equipement you have to go around and do
quests or defeat bosses but personally you should suscribe like me.Now for help to get these
things come to me my name is WOLF FROSTBLOOD im usually in moshoo,or krokotopia ill sometimes
be wandering in the Commons but not usually i hope ive been some bit of a help!!!

Walking through walls:
On Firecat Alley, Open up your friends menu. Then talk to Shellus Gruffheart. Then , quickly
teleport to an online friend. then, trade with that friend quickly.Then go to triton avenue,
and kill 20 ghost things*. You will here a slight sound, then you will be able to walk through

Get Cool Stuff:
Warning: This may only be of help if you didn't suscribe or become a paying person to play

When you become the hero of Unicorn Way and you finish helping in Triton Avenue and you can
fight Kraken, go fight him 3-5 times. Kraken gives out treasure cards occasionally he'll drop
the Kraken treasure card. Most of the items he gives out are for Diviners (Storm Students) so
they could wear them and others like me who are Conjurers and other stuff just sell the things.
Once, I got a rare hat ( I don't remember its name) but I sold it for 1,000 to the hat keeper.

For members, this is very difficult so don't do it if you're not up to the challenge. (This
is a secret quest that you have to discover yourself no one will tell you about it so follow
all my directions.)
When you finish helping Wizard City, you have to go to Unicorn Way and defeat 5 pirates and
5 fairies and 5 lost souls, you cannot be defeated or you'll have to start over. When you
finish the last thing you kill should drop a note. The note will have a strange language and
then you have to take it to Head Master Ambrose becuase he is the only one who can read it.
He will tell you to go to his owl in the room next to him (go through the double doors) and
you will see the owl and he will tell you about the note and tell you that the note says
Malistaire has complete control which will worry you. Then, there will be lightning outside
and screaming and Malistaires voice. You will have to run outside and see that Malistaire
is terrorizing the people. He will say to you that you are worthless and a stump then you
will have to fight him. Malistaire starts off with 3 pips and his attacking trend is death,
death, storm, fire he will use the Vampire first then he will use the ghul then he will use
the snake of storm and he will gain a power pip and he will pass for 4 turns and you have a
good chance to defeat him ( his health life is 1567) After that he will use the Helephant
and then start the trend over. If you defeat him you go back to head master and talk to him
and he will reward you with 6500gp and some really rare death clothing that you can't sell
and it adds 300 to your health and 765 to your mana and you get 5 treasure cards the Helephant,
Vampire, Kraken,Satyr, and a balance blade.
- Add me my name is Taylor Swift

How to get minions:
You should start out as a myth wizard. Then you keep doing quests until merle ambrose gives
you a certain quest. On your quest it will show you that you will get a card as a reward.
Then you will be rewarded a minion that fights for you. Around level ten you will get a
troll minion. Thats all i know now. Please leave a comment.

On the blue circle:
When you get in a fight and win stay there when your still invisable and wait when anuther
wizard gets in a fight on that circle then you can walk arownd on it.

Win with perfect health:
First put at trap on your opponent. Then, when you attack press the up arrow key of the
opposite of the movement the opponent makes when hit. When they attack you press the down
key and the opposite of the movement you make.

How to get money and bunch of mana:
Play the arcade game on wizard101(doodle doug regular) and at the end of a level if you have
any bombs left wait till the time is out after the level then press space bar rapidly and
then your score will go up so you get more stuff and it works for every level on the game
hope i helped a lot add me my name is richard legend sword i'm gonna be either in krokotopia
or beating bosses with my friends have a nice day right now i'm level 21 so plz add me.

Go to Other Worlds:
First you will need to be a subscriber, than when you Level up (about 18th level) you get
friends that are higher then you. Don't try to be friends with those who are way higher then
you are, because it will most likely not work. After you are friends you teleport to your
friend(s) when they are in a different world. One thing to remember is you will need to wait
till the world loads.

Cheap Dragons:
First, go to the pet show. Then get a brown and browen trimed dragon. They only cost 288
gold! If you want to make it a different color, just dye it.

Walk with mouse:
First, you can use a mouse for this trick. go to "help" in the book at the bottom of the
screen. next, look through it an it should say something like press both mouse buttons and
your character will start running. do that exact thing but move the mouse around. you should
be able to move around while doing that.
My name in the game is Gabriel SkullBlood. Im a level 13.

Easy XP And Gold:
Gold: Go To Any Instance Level And Make Sure You Arrive At A Boss. Get Into Battle And Tell
A Couple Friends To Port. Instead Of There Being Four Guys Because You Entered At The Same
Time, Make Sure Your In Battle Before They Teleport. After This, Beat The Boss As Many Times
As Desired. To Finish It Off, Once You Complete The Determined Boss Defeats, Sell The Dropped
Experience: Two Words: Do Quests I Am Blaze ThunderForge

Cave behind water fall:
Behind the water fall, there is a cave.A lot of people have been asking where it leads to.
The answer is...the death school. It was blown there long, long ago.and the death assistant
is still there. To be able to pass you have to be a member, crowns, or teleport to a friend.
(this is a hint for people who didn't know this.) ;)

How to make treasure cards:
ok so you want to go to the library and buy tough or keen eyes treasure cards and add them
to your spell deck and then get in a battle (I recomend lost souls in unicorn way because
they are so easy) and then right click on a weak card in your deck, then press the draw button,
then click on the tough or keen eyes treasure card and then click on your strongest carn and
there you go, your very own home made treasure cards. i hope i've been some help to someone,
add me if you see me my name is Talon Dragonhunter.

Beat Kraken Easy As Storm:
If you're a diviner (storm wizard), trying to defeat the storm Kraken for the first time,
then here are some tips: try to have a Conjurer (myth wizard) to help you, make a lot of
defences, make sure you have storm prism in your deck, and have a myth type wand. I hope
this helps you toward sucess, my names are Dustin RavenSheild(level 11), Talon SpiritBane
(level 9), and Alex LegendHaven(level 10), I hope you give me a friend request. Thank you.

Become your pet:
You must have a pet with you and a friend in the area you are in this may take a few trys but
it works. first you have to be by any zeke then teleport to your friend thenvery fast press x
on your key board and look at his items next you exit out of zekes items and you are your pet
remember this will take a few trys to work but it does.

How to save and use xp:
Ok first of all, i would suggest you to save all the harder quests, and do the easy quests
first. because, when defeating a scarlet screamer, or rotting fodders, or some boss monsters
you might lose. so, save all the hard quests and do the easy ones. after you are done with
all the easy quests do the hard ones. if you don't have any quests, and you go talk to somebody,
they give you a lame quest. so click dicline if you don't want to do it. ( i am saying you to
decline because you cannot go to some areas without subscribtion) I am in Level 12/ health:
1255/ mana: 104. thank you for reading and please follow this cheat code.

How to get to the kraken:
How to get to the kraken if you cant get to the kraken you just need to cleck on a player
and be a friend to them and just go to them or if you have a friend that can go inther just
ask if they can go to the kraken then you just need to go to them when they get there or
just finish the quest from sohomer sunblade have fun battleing the kraken.

How to do treasure cards in battle:
When you are in a battle and you have your treasure cards in your spell deck and you won't
to do the treasure cards you right click tow or more times then you click draw then they
should show the treasure cards if not check your deck if they are in your deck if they are
not but the ones you whant to us then do this again.

How to Level up easy:
If you want to level up easy, you must have a friend that is at least In Mooshu (Fourth World)
And have Completed Crimson fields. Have you friend enter first, port to him, finish the quests,
Depending on your level, i guantee at least 1-12 levels. if your a one when you do it, youll be
about a 12 if not higher.

Heres how you get in the cave behind the waterfall:
you need to get a certain quest from the head master and he will ask you to go to night side
(night side is behing the waterfall) and you will have to find this girl and talk to her and
you will get another quest to defeat a guy named grubb well do it. (its an hour to three hour
quest depending on how many people you have. i would recomend four people) after you start it
youll have a maze to get through with about five bosses and you will have to try not to get in
to any battles (if you do they take a long time) after you kill the fifth boss there will be
one more his name is grubb he is the final boss it takes a while to kill him so make sure you
have alot of mana and health. (hope i was helpful)

Entering Nightside/Death School:
There is a door behind the waterfall in the Commons that you cannot enter until the Headmaster
gives you a quest and a key to do so. That will occur around lvl. 12 or so, when you've gained
access to Colossus Blvd. It's that simple. Just be patient and finish the quests.

furniture/open book, go to the harvest lords tower and after defeating him turn around and yull
see an open book clik it,go to stormdrain tower then after defeating lord nightshade go to the
and yull find a brain jar IMPORTANT if the item is not there someone has already claimed it,come
back later and u should find it.

Gathering money after subscribe is gone:
If your a member and your subscribe is over here what you do. If your up to the point to where
you can go in Lord NightShade tower this is good because you know how to beat him already.
Just go in by yourself or with 3-4 people (make sure they are 10 or over depending on if your
a healer or not) beat him and you will get 30-90 money and the items you get from him just sell
it and keep on doing this. I got from 300 to 964 in two battles and got his attacking treasure
card of him and most of the items I got were good money to sell them.

Being a powerful myth:
I couldn't believe it myself when I beat a lvl 23 life student And I was a lvl 12 myth student.
What I did was I waited till I got three pips and cast out minion troll. ANd I had no problem
breaking through his defense. what you do is be a myth student and have balance school as your
training points. when your opponent have myth shields just knock them off with a myth wand and
put myth shields on them and have your troll attack and you can save pips. Make sure you have
these items( SwiftArrow Necklace: from the Kraken, Hex shield shoes: from the shoe shop, and
have rest of clothes that raise health. the combining 35% myth shield(Only Two of them), 30%
Hex shield(Only used once), 25% myth shield from the School(Make sure you have all three of
them in deck) and combine your combo of your minion troll of your trolls and cyclops will be
powerful enough to have them healing every time and you will have a lot of pips to put myth
shields on them and keep attacking and THERE ARE FINISHED.

Heal Advantage:
Usually when your a healer you a vulnerable to people attacking you in a p v p match right.
Here a well known thing I did to give me advantage to attack while healing yourself at the
same time. Be a Life student and choose death as your back up school of training points. The
choices of these schools in line will give you a Heal advantage while attacking at the same

How to use treasure cards:
Okay i was reading one that said this and it was wrong so i figured id help you all out.
It doesn't matter what deck you have or buy all you have to do is make sure u go to your
deck in the menu and add the treasure cards to your deck then when in a battle if you don't
like your cards or want to use a treasure card u just right click deleting the ones in your
hand right now and then click draw. Hope this helps.

1 time fast level up:
This has to be a just started character to work. During the game tutorial. when you are told
to go into the golem tower Ambrose will tell you to walk up to the two dragons wait before
you do any thing press the (end) key you will teleport to the commons you wont accurately see
your mana untill you go through doors. You will level up very fast the first battle you do will
have Ambrose's voice say the firstpart of the tutorial. (it scared me) when you log off it will
go to normal though.i hope you try this glitch. The inventor was the ice student yes i copied
the name malorn ashthorn.

Super Fast Way to Kill Kraken:
To kill the Kraken really fast, make sure your side or the battle field in full (4 wizards),
make sure you are the second person. Let the first get all the blows. Since the Kraken is Storm,
its weak against myth, so before the Kraken puts up a shiled, attack it with myth. If you dont
have a myth spell, get a nacklace called choker of ferocity. It adds it to your deck (bottom part
if you look at through backback).

Secert Shop:
In krockotopia if you go to their shopping district (right next to the Oaisis) go to the very
end and go behind a buildig there is a beetle their that means your close go back then their
should be 2 posts with lights and a teleporter when all the lights are light up you can use the
telporter then go on top of the building (you need a traing point for this) there should be a
lizard talk to himand he can teach you spells on how to take life from minons then go inside
talk to that lizard and he sells rare pets untill you goto the krockoshpinx then there is
another one that sells a heck hound hope i helped my name is Ryan DeathSword (lvl26).

How to get a Cyclops Minion:
First you have to be a Myth wizard and be able to go to Krokotopia. At around level 22 you'll
get a quest from Cyrus Drake. He tells you to go to Krokotopia and find out about the Death
Pixies from Zan'ne the librarian. Zan'ne tells you where the Death Pixies are, and you're
supposed to go to the door where the Death Pixies are. There are 3 Death Pixies you have to
defeat. The Death Pixies are Life-type and have 435 life each, so it's handy to have Death-type
treasure cards. And after you defeat them you go talk to Cyrus Drake and he tells you to go to
Cyclops Lane to go talk to a Cyclops. After you talk to the Cyclops he'll give you a chant then
you go back to Cyrus Drake and repeat the chant to him and he'll give you the Cyclops Minion
Spell. My name is James Firerider I am a level 30 Conjurer and I'm probably gonna be somewhere
in Marleybone or Moo Shu.

Cheat Codes:
Click the "Redeem Card or Code" button on the game's site. Click "Wizard 101 Promotional Codes",
then enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.

Effect Code
500 gold - frog
Free housing item - land
Summer Dragon pet - summer dragon
Amaranthine Staff - 52975-57123-37817-56438
Shardtail Dragon - 36598-14123-94053-00000
Umbra Sword - 95427-20124-46746-88352

A Easy Way to Get A lot of Money without Batlleing:
OK everyone knows that you get money bye gettting drops from monsters but... Theirs is a new
way to get a lot of money well not many people know this but you can make new chars and you
put their dorm stuff in the shared bank and of course you need the square vases bye the door.
And so you selll their stuff inon your main char.Umm well here are some pro codes i had the
staff code it in numbers i forgot it but yea so here are some other codes well the land frog
seven eleven is a code but does not work house castle wizard gamme merle lady blue maybe i
got it from someone else.

If you want to unlock Nightside you have to first buy crowns or subscription. Then you defeat
all the streets on Wizard City including Col Blvd. Master Ambrose will want you to defeat Lord
Nightshade i think. Then he drops a pirate key. Then you take it to Master Ambrose then you
explore Nightside!

How to defeat unicorn way:
First on level 1 you get to go unicorn way. you get a quest to defeat 3 lost souls from
private connley. The faries are hard if your on level one but you'll get better at it. You
get a qeusts to get find a guard. you get a quest find lady orel.

Hidden Places:
You know how you always have to get to higher levels to go to hidden places well if you hate
that read this:

-=Nightside=- Go to the secret cave behind the waterfall in the commons and wait until someone
starts going in to nightside click them and ask them to be your friend then click go to your
friend then a loading circle will pop up when it's finished click retry then you will be at
nightside. Mark a marker there so you can teleport there if you want. To go to other places
like the Oasis get a high level friend and wait till' they go to the pplace and go to your
friend if it's another world on the spiral then it will take longer. Some places require an
acsess pass or upgrade so remember that. I hope this was helpful. By the way my name is
Alexandra Owlcaller.

More crafting items:
When you see an item on the floor or in water or anything of that matter before you go up to
it and hit "x" on your keyboard hit "x" very fast and quickly keep hitting it ( has to be fast)
and walk up to the crafting item and if you did it right you should get more than 1 of that
item or maybe even a rare item but don't think this is a bad cheat just because it doesn't work
the first time sometimes it doesn't work and sometimes it does.

Easy step to being a good Ice Student:
Ice Students get the best health right but they have weak attacks like life does. What you
want to do is have balance as your back up school for training points. The abilities balance
inhanced my cards to the fullest of what they could do. And since balance cards give you lot
more pips you still have time to hammer your opponent to oblivion making them use pixies back
to back. But first build up your attack shields enough to figure out a stradegy to drive an
finishing blow after the turns you have back to back.

Get Lots of xp in one fight:
To get lots of xp you should fight the scarlet screamer or the field guards.While fighting them
shield trap or use blade or heal yourself but dont use attacks that cost lots of damage.Look at
the left hand side when you chose cards it shows the no. of cards left out of how many.You should
wait till that no is less than TEN.
ANd if you have only attack cards to chose then discard some cards and pass.But try to discard
only cards that you dont want to use.

How to never die:
make a balance and life wizard you will get ups and sheilds from balance and life from life make
your deck to where you have from balance lots of ups and shields with some damaging attacks AND
for life put in tree life spells and the rest damaging do this with the antuique deck AND wear
robe of tribute cowl of tribute and shoes of tribute THIS IS NOT THE CLOTHES TO WEAR IF YOU ARE
OF LVL 15 if you are wear rainslicker quarter masters boots and profecient hat and your ring
should be band of the srewd HOPE I HELPED

How to get to nightside:
Getting to nightside is hard. You must beat all 3 streets (Not including colasus bolavard) And
Headmaster Ambrose will have to quests. Collosil problem and something else. Do the one that I
forgot. Once you do it go back to Headmaster. He will give you a quest with the word Nightshade
in it. Then you must go to triton ave. Beat lord nightshade and take the skelleton key. Then go
back to headmaster and he will tell you to go to rainbowbridge and then go behind the waterfall.
You will be allowed in. That is were the death school is. The suken city is not free.
(just saying)

Stuck in a barrel:
on Triton ave if you see somebody get a crystal barrel you will see it go away. stand where the
barrel should be and stay there till it comes back! than you should be stuck in it!! the only
way out is to Teleport.

Easier way to defeat field guards:
First become a myth student or choose myth as your secondary school. Then get to the point were
you have a troll, then if you have a myth trap. Use, then play a troll, then you should be able
to finish off a feild gaurd with those 2 moves. im john iceshard and im in level 11.:-)

Add damage to your spell:
When defeating a something (most effective on bosses), press either Shift or [Ctrl] (it doesn't
matter) then the up arrow key to increase the damage done on your opponent. Press either [Ctrl]
or Shift and the down arrow key to lessen tha damage on you. Press the shift/Ctrl keys when the
opponent is making the symbol. Press the arrow key when the spell is just about to hit you.

Code Effect
Shift/Ctrl+ up arrow keys - increase damage.
Shift/Ctrl+down arrow keys - decrease damage.
Shift+Ctrl+up - use on bosses.
Shift+Ctrl+down - use on yourself when attacked by a powerful spell.

Money FAST:
OK, first quikly make a wizard it does not matter what type then skip the tutoral and go to your
room. put all your your things in the shared bank then go on to your good person and collect all
these things sell them and you'll get money (gold) I did thins and saved $500 gold It really works.
My wizard name is Amber RubyHunter please add me i am a lvl 9 fire student.

Smiths location:
Commons-behind a big tree in the festival park (left side).
Raven wood-behind myth school behind myth school bench(behind myth school).
Unicorn way-hedge maze hiding on the left edge.
Shopping district-behind wand shop.
Colossus Boulevard-in hildreth perch next to statue(left statue).
Olde town-near gloria krendell (left side of house near gloria krendell) .
Cyclopes lane-tree behind nolan storm gate (festival park).
Triton avanue-way down on the left in water falls(about 68 steps away from duncan grim water).
Fire cat alley-next to statue(left) outside of fire globe theater.
Golem court-behind a tree (behind golem tower).

Skull Riders MiniGame:
On the skull Riders minigame, kill the baddies and DON'T collect the skulls. Wait for the
to appear as enemies again and kill them again when they fly. Do this over and over on a
level to rack up points.

Secret cave and bosses:
In the commons, near the rainbow bridge, there's a waterfall. Go in in, and there's a cave
leading to nightside. There, there's the death school, tower, and tree. There's also sunken
city and marla stinger, who gives you the sunken city quest. Sunken city takes a long time
and is hard, so get a friend or two to help out.
Also, in Grizzlehiem, when you kill frither (one of the first quests in the second time you
go there), go to where the boss was, and you'll see a cave. In the cave, there's another boss
(a pig i think) and another tunnel. Through the tunnel, there's the Boar camp. Gety lucky and
you can go around the second boss without getting dragged in.
Next, balance enemies (at least most of them) give boost to death, life, and myth and resist
balance, storm, fire, and ice. If you make one of your schools a spirit (death, life, and myth),
it makes it easier.
Yes, my name on the game is Kaitlyn Battlestalker, (level twenty-eight Death) and I usually
hang around Wizard City, but I also hang in Chamber of Fire. Friend me, but let me know what
level you are first. Have fun!

No wand or spell book, and skip tutorial:
Make a new character. After talking to Ambrose and his owl, go inside the castle when instructed.
When Ambrose tells you to confront Malistaires henchmen, do not. Press [Home]. This is the
Dorm Teleportation technique. The game does not disable it at the beginning. You will be at your
school's dorm. Go out and unlock Unicorn Way. You should be able to duel without spell cards,
wand, spell book, etc.
Note: It is not confirmed if you can duel, and what spellcards you use.

Cheaper Dragon:
If you want to buy a cheap dragon even lesser than 300gp then read this...
1.First head to the pet shop in the shopping district
2.Then talk the lady
3.Click on the dragon
4.Set all colors to brown (Main Color/Trim Color
5.Head to the paint shop
6.Paint your dragon of whatever color you want but it might cost 220-340gp
Happy Gaming!

XP Glitch:
When you get to level 5 and up, go to Unicorn Way. Battle lost souls, but don't defeat it.
After 6 to 7 rounds, defeat it. You should have more XP than usual.

Being a good death wizard and exp:
Be a death person and have life as your back up class use your healing spells. And the longer
you are in battle the more exp.

Floating house items:
Ok first get a maple bookcase and put it in your castle and then take the thing you want to
float and put it on the bookcase then take a burnt book and put it on the floor and rotate it
5 times or more and put it on the case then take the burnt book away and it takes the bookcase
to but not the items on it.

Get a really Cheap Piggle:
Okay so you know how Piggles are like a lot of gold. Well you can get one for only 224 gold
if you want! Here is what you have to do, Go to the pet shop select a piggle, Then you select
it all brown with a brown trim, then you buy it and if you do not like it all brown then go to
the paint shop and paint it the color you want!

Right talk a friend open your spell book turn off allow friend teleports. Run away when there
not looking sneak out in the arena you go join a like um. Rank then when your in the rank
press m on your keybord book opens and turn it back on.

Tip for grizzlehiem:
When you re level 20th to be able to go to grizzlehiem, make sure to have strength over 1,300
or else you will loose a lot of battles, so try to choose a good armor to give you more
strength. My fire guy is level 20th called as tanner ice hand and well his strength is 975.
So I loose almost all the battles so I had to make another guy who is now level 17th and its
strength already is 1,180.

A Way To Get Your Favorite Spells to Attack:
A way to get ALLLL your favorite spells like...
Balance:Hydra or Super Nova
Life:Centaur or Rebirth
Fire:Helephant or Fire Dragon
Ice:Ice Colossus or Frost Giant
Death:Wraith or Skeletal Pirate
Myth: Minotaur or Earthquake
Storm: Stormzilla or Triton

is to gain ALLLL uv your pips. like if the person has txt chat tell them to build up their
pips. if you r dueling wit ur REAL LIFE FRIEND on wizard101, tell them 2 build up ALLL uv
their pips. tt is a FASTER way to get ALLLL uv your favorite spells. even ur strong treasure
cards can be unlocked too. trust me. IT WORKED FOR ME. Me & my friend developed the method.
its pretty useful. TRY IT! and trust me ALLL uv ur spells will be unlocked. and if you die,
thats okay it happens to evryone. and a sneaky way to build uppips is to put on LOTS of
shields and blades. AND weaknesses on ur enemies.its PRETTY COOL!
If it doent work tell me at

Death School:
To find the Death School go to the Commons in Wizard City. Go near Unicorn Bridge and find
the waterfall. Go threw it and the Gate awaits. You can't go threw it unless you beat Wizard
City so send a friend request to a high level person or friend. Once in there you can train.

How to buy a cheap dragon:
Go to the shopping district and go to pet store and pick a dragon and put the color for the
dragon all brown and it will cost $288 the go to the painting store and paint your dragon a
different color if you don't like brown so have fun with your new dragon.

Colossus Boulevard Hint:
You need to beat the main boss of Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, and Cyclopes Lane to get the
letter to go in Colossus Boulevard.

The Grandmaster:
When you see people with badges like Initiate or Adept and you wanna know the order of
levels here they are:


These are the names based on the school:

Fire: Pyromancer
Ice: Thaumaturge
Storm: Diviner
Life: Theurgist
Death: Necromancer
Myth: Conjurer
Balance: Sorcerer

Easy xp:
if you run out of crowns, your supscription times out, or you haven,t gotten one yet,
here is how you get good xp. 1. if you have quests, do them. 2. Battle the hardest monster
you can reach.
Wizard City (no anything) Kraken, Triton avenue.
Wizard City (overall) Grubb, Sunken City, Night side (See below)
you must beat lord nightshade to enter the nightside. also, sunken city is very hard, and
it took me over 3 hours to beat.
Krokotopia (overall) Krokopatra- Tomb of Storms
Marlybone (overall) (forget his name) Big Ben
Moshu (overall) Jade Oni- Jade Palace
DragonSpyre (overall) Malistaire
GrizzlyHielm (overall) The King- Northgard (see below)
To reach the King, you need to beat ravenscar, an area locked to anyone below level 45.

I hoped this helped Blake Spellhorn Lv. 42 myth death Ps. I have a subscription.

How to float rugs and other items:
OK first you need to Buy 2 Crates Of Jellybeans,a couple of rugs or other items,a short
rug like small blue trim.Second Get the rug and small rug put the small rug on the edge of
the rug,put the crates together and move the small rug on top of the crates (ONLY move the
small rug or else it wont work)and move the crate under the small rug back once and the
small rug should be touching the edge of both crates.Then delete the small rug and the
item should be floating.Do the same thing to continue and make a cool glitch this is known
as "Floating House Glitch" My name is James Death Spear. If you see me then add me and
i will show you my cool glitch.I am grandmaster of life and have mastered storm and death.

Door behind the Rainbow Bridge waterfall:
Hey guys! So a lot of you are wondering "What's that door lead to?" The answer is Nightside.
Nightside is a small place that contains the Death school with the death instructor, Drorgyn.
Nightside also contains the death tree, Mortis. This tree is much unlike the other trees.
If you notice, all of the other trees are only good for treasure cards. This tree, however,
allows you to actually train for new spells! The first spell requires level 0. Thats good!
What it is is it is a charm used on the enemy. When the enemy tries to heal, the charm will
have a 50% reduction to the healing spell. The rest of the spells are things like taunt or
pacify. Nightside also contains the death tower, like the other schools. Dworgyn gives the
same cards as malshorn or whatever the dudes name is in ravenwood, and Dworgyn also gives
more! Malshorn or whatever's spells stop at the vampire. Dworgyn stops at the wraith, an
armed spirit that will attack your enemy hitting a solid 500, and healing you have of that.
Nightside also contains the entrance to Sunken city. Nightside is FREE for all players!
however, the only way to get access to it forever is to defeat the major bosses in Triton
Avenue, Cyclops Lane and Firecat Alley.

Lots of gold:
First you have to make a new character and skip headmaster ambroses tutorial.
Once you get to his house press your house button. When you get there pick up all you
house items and put them in your shared bank. Do this about 3-6 times and youll have
300-700 gold.

Farm Gold level and location:
level/number of wizards/ The boss or dungeon/

5: 2 or more wizards vs kraken.
10: 2 or more wizards vs nightshade
15: 2 or more wizards vs nightshade
18: 1 or more wizards vs nightshade
20: 3 or more wizards vs kroketopia final boss.
25: 3 or more wizards vs West or east counterwaight
30: 3 or more wizards vs big ben
35: 2 or more wizards vs big ben
40: 3 or more wizards vs oyotomi
42: 2 or more wizards vs oyotomi
45: 4 wizards vs ladybirth
48: 4 wizards vs malistare
50: 4 wizards vs ravens or oyotomi
hope it helps

Out of Place In Duels:
So, what you need to do is watch a friend go into battle. when the circle next to them is
still lit up, teleport to them and walk into their battle at the same time. Then, you should
apear right on top of the other person. it take a few trys to get the timing right, but
it works!

another way to do this is go into the second lvl of knowledge keepers tower in DS. kill the
enemies and while fighting you should get pushed over to the side of the dueling circle. after
the battle, you should be able to walk through the bars and the items behind the bars.

Try it out! My wizard name is Taylor GreenLeaf and try to meet me in the spiral! i will most
likely be in celestia or dragonspire.

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