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Коды (cheats) к игре » Feudalism

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Коды (cheats) к игре Feudalism

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Коды (cheats) к игре Feudalism

Cheat Codes:
First go to the "new game" on the menu. Next select any character. Then right click
on the screen and press play. Wait a few seconds...... ... and there you have it a
level 50 charter and unlimited gold!

Unlimited gold:
To get unlimited gold, you must have at least ten troops in you reserves. Take any
unit and put them in the last spot for reserves. Click on the arrow on the right and
put the unit in that location.
Note: You can repeat this again, but it is not necessary to do so.

Then, move the unit next to the rest of the reserves. Save the game and close your
browser. Reload your saved game file and go to the barracks. Go to the end of the
reserves. If done correctly, a unit will be flashing between all of the unit looks.
Sell this unit back to the barracks and you will now have unlimited gold.

Lvl 50/ nan gold (unlimited gold):
Press "new game" at main page pick a character and then right click press forward and
it takes you to your first village.

What you do is at the screen where you select your hero pick any hero then right click
then the screen then click play(inside the white box when you RIGHT click).

You can skip a fight by right clicking and pressing play.

Easy Money:
Place a range weapon is your secondary weapon slot (keeping your melee weapon in the
first slot). Then Remove your melee weapon and drag it and drop it on the ranged weapon.
This should give you another ranged weapon of the same kind, keep using it until you
want to stop and sell them to shop. Better using Higher weapons (more money). Only if
you can equip.

When you want to capture a really powerful city but you dont have enough men try to
capture it but when you lose start over and you will have that city.

I don't know if this is a real cheat but if you go to alexandria and fill your entire
army with fire throwers and demolishers the when they are in battle sometimes swords
fly in the air and are blinking between diffrent weapons when they hit the ground they
dissapear i think whatever they land on is added to your inventory be cause i did this
and after a battle in the tracde camp reageon i had all of that reagons weapons in my
inventory and a shuriken.

First go to the "new game" on the menu. next select any character. then right click on
the screen and press forward.

----- go to a town you want and vs them intill you died and go to a new game and
choose a hero and then you press right click forward you got that town you want.

Press "new game" click any character and press forward.Capture the place of echigo
and use the black samurais to capture all the places.

If you attack a city and lose click rapidly on the screen, it will show a victory screen
with you having lvl.50 exp. and infaninite gold, keep clicking on continue because itll
pop up every 5 sec. but if you get in a battle youre frozen but if your troops win you
also have the city, otherwise the enemy kills you and im not sure where you end up if
you load autosave.

All these cheats dont work! but mine problably does. Start off with the viking guy,
then get as many troops as you can, do some quests get a lot of money and buy about
30 more guys (but you hav 2 do this quick because towns are very weak in the begining)
and then go attack 'kozuke' but make sure you hav some preists and archers with you,
if u win keep doing quests until you hav 15k then go build an army make sure you have
4k left buy about then go to medevo conquer it then go to the town next 2 it conquer
it then go conquer echigo. (This only works if you play feudalism on
thank you for reading ..bye!

How to get unlimeted gold easy using the race you chose:
Instead of using the right click button wich would take you to that sword guy you can
actually control it by clicking the character you want and click play game (dont use
any free points) while your in you r vcillage right click and press bak you will have
nan everything and still have the same race.

Get Your Hero to Max. lvl with CE (cheat engine).

1.Open CE
2.Go to process list and find feudalism.
3.Then you go to Hero Stats. type in the value 200, because you must do sometimes x8. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING.
5.Then you buy something, such as dual weapon upgrade 1 time.
6.Then you type in the value 192, cause 8x24=192.
7.As you find 1 value you click on it and you freeze it or you change to whatever
you like.
As you dont have 1 value you must repeat step 5 and 6.
Hope this help..

Unlimited Gold(NaN):
If you have a mouse then choose your character go to your village,right click then click
on BACK then return to the village and THERE!You get NaN(Infinite)Gold!

To do this it would be better if ur in battle theres 2 thing on battle screen right click
and press forwars will make more trees rewind will make you play on menu screen play.
well im not sure.

One cheat that works on any feudalism site is have 10 troops is reserve and move 1 troop
to the last reserve point hen back to their original spot the save click back click forward
then load the saved game go to the barreks and look in your last spot in reserve troops its
a flashing troop of all elements but wont fite so sell it and u get nan gold repeat if
needed on other characters.

All villages:
Go to the barracks and get a taekwon and put him in the last reserv spot then go to any
village and you will have it as soon as you enter it.

First find and equip a rune and then you will have all the weapons flashing on your player
and be able to kill the enemy much less harder.

email me at if you have any problems.

Choose any character, then invade the strong towns and cities but not in your territory
(for example: If your Karl The order oF tHE cROSS,then only invade the other towns but not
a town that is A member of The holy Cross)Even if your still weak, then after defeated, The
Town you invaded will be yours if you make a new player again.That Means: At level 1 weak
player, You own 2 towns!!!!invade as many as you want but be careful,If you invaded a town
you will have enemies.

Infinite gold and all 1000 skillz:
Ok you mit get 1005 or 1000 skillz in skill bar heres how it goes when you do your character
then when you pop on battle feild you right click then you push back and it will bee weird
then it will say nan then youll have nan gold and 1000skills.

How to get all place:
First fight a strong place then destory yourself and start a new game go on any player then
start adventure and you will have the place you got destroyed in. (you can reapeat it to get
other cities its not good to do all of them) ( not really tested).

How to capture a town without fighting:
First, you go to any city or town. Next, you go fight them.But you don't fight them first,
there will always be a prepare to battle sign.Don't click must right click on your
mouse. You will see a back.And then click it. (I tried it and seriuosly,it works.)

How to duel wield on a horse:
Ok so what you do is get on a horse and wield something like golden touches (which you can
get from wanderburg.) and put them in the first weapon slot on the left. then you wield a
one handed weapon in the second slot to the right. then you take another one handed weapon
and switch that with the golden touches. and there. you are duel wielding on a horse.
(Tip: you cant attack with both weapons, only one but it combines the total damage of both
together making it more powerful. also it makes it seem like its harder for the enemy to hit

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