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Коды (cheats) к игре » Assassin's Creed Origins

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Коды (cheats) к игре Assassin's Creed Origins

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Assassin's Creed Origins

Коды (cheats) к игре Assassin's Creed Origins

Cheat Codes:
Saving money:
Save your money early in the game. Do not waste it buying loot boxes or weapons
and gear from vendors. You will eventually come across a lot of gear at the
start. Save your money for later in the game. Note: You can scan areas for loot.

How to turn Beard / Hair / Hood On or Off:
You can change your beard / hair and hood on or off!

First Go to the Gear Section:
Press RT+Y for the beard (R2 for Playstation).
Press LT+Y for the hair (L2 for Playstation).
Press Y while choosing an outfit.

Easy attacks:
To make attacking a camp easier, do it at night so more guards are asleep and
less of a challenge than during the day.

Easy "I Can See My House From Here!" achievement:
This can be done in the "Black Desert" territory. It is to the south
of Siwa, the area where the game begins. This territory has a few high
mountains. Check the map for a question mark on the tallest mountain,
and go to that spot. You will get the "I Can See My House From Here!"
achievement when approaching the question mark location. You can see
the entire map from this spot.

Easy XP:
Purchase the following three skills to increase the amount of XP you can earn:

Headshot XP: Extra XP when killing an enemy with a headshot.
Assassination XP: Extra XP for assassinations.
Tool Kill XP: Extra XP if you kill someone with a tool.

Complete secondary quests (that are not attached to the overall main narrative
storyline) to quickly gain experience. While completing secondary quests, try
to defeat as many enemies as possible to gain additional XP. Additionally, when
selecting a quest from the menu, you can view how much XP you will get for
completing it. This allows you to decide if it is worth completing.
Extra side quests can also be found at the Informant Table.

How to Pet Cats:
Press (C) on Keyboard or (B) on Xbox Controller to crouch down. Now approach a
cat and Bayek will automatically reach out and pet it.

Enjoy it!

General Tips For Beginners:
* While playing the game and entering a new area, don't forget to unlock all the
Fast Travel Points. This will not only let you have an extra 100 XP but will
also increase your Senu's Perception skills, along with allowing you to travel
to long distance in a short amount of time.
* Well if you have got a lot of item in your inventory and you wish to sell them
then, all you need to do is just get to the shop and hold down the Down arrow
to sell everything at once.
* Don't just forget to upgrade your weapons from Blacksmith.
* Try to Unlock the Dawn and Dusk Ability at the earliest as it will make you
able to convert Day to Night and vice versa. Many quests will need this ability
and you can even attack many camps at the night time.
* Do unlock Both Bow Bearer and Weapon Bearer as this will let you swap between
two weapons at an easy, without going into the Menu.
* While you want to get to the desired location of the current quest objective
then your mount will automatically take you til there and all you need to do
is press X on PS4 and A on Xbox and just relax.
* Do you really miss the Old look of the Protagonist, then simply get into the
Gear Menu and take the cursor over the main character and Press RT + Y for
Beard and LT +Y for Hair.
* Well if you are tired of playing the game in-general and want to experience a
bit something else then you should surely go out and try the Chariot Racing.
For which you will have to Head to Alexandria and go to the massive hippodrome
to the East.
* While in the race you can increase the speed by staying behind someone else
and Stay to the center part of the sand and you will be able to refill your
Beast Meter.
* Craft awesome things by collecting corpses of animals like Hippo, gizzles,
crocodiles, after hunting them.
* Use your Eagle to Spot the Convoys traveling in Egypt to collect Cedarwood,
Bronze Money and some other resources as well after killing them.
* When you have too many of the resources you can sell them at the shops.
* Break the Ptolemy Statues to gain more XP.
* Use fire to light up your arrows with fire to make a heavy impact on the
enemies and even break red pots to make the area lit with fire, by letting
the oil to spill into the area and then lit it with the torch.
* Use the Animal taming ability to turn the animal into a friend.
* While in the Naval battle, when an enemy ship is a near hit in the center of
the sip rather than hitting it at the front or the head.
* While aiming at the ship turn the left joystick to know the Weak point, as
it turns red.

How To Easily Defeat Phylake:
* Try avoiding to battle with any of these, PHYLAKE unless you are as equal as
their level.
* If you are so eager to have a fight with them then you can approach and battle
with them when you are at least 2 levels lower to them.
* Try to start the fight with a Stealth attack. Doing an early damage with the
stealth attack is really good.
* Try using the smoke bombs, but don't just use them all at once.
* Try using the light and heavy attack when your enemy is down as using an overpower
attack will usually cause a perfect attack which can be used in difficult times.
* When your yellow bar is full, activate it to make yourself to get into fury mode
which will turn your regular damage attack in to the heavy damage attack. This is
only applicable on Blunt weapons, the Sickle Swords, and Scepters.
* Use the Yellow bar attack when the enemy is usually stunned.
* Use the Scepters in fury mode after unlocking a combo multiplier perks because
this will let you make a loop damage attack while causing more damage each time
you hit.
* Use your overpower attack with a bow as you will also fill your adrenal gauge
while staying away from the boss.
* Stay away and stop attacking and start tackling and dogging the attacks as your
third health bar is near to loose as this won't ruminate too quickly. So wait
until your health is rejuvenated with the help of regeneration Ability.
(Don't forget to take This ability).
* When your health is too low or up to the second bar try using the bow while
maintaining the Distance so that your health is been full and then get back in
a close combat.
* When there are some friends along with the Phylake then be smart and use the Dawn
and Dusk Ability.
* Use sleep dots to easily kill the extra enemies and against bosses to stun them
and make a nice and heavy combo attack, while they cant do anything against.

Using fire arrows:
Have any bow equipped and aim it. Then, get close to any fire source (fireplace,
brazier, torch) to light the arrow on fire and add fire effects to your next shot.
Since a fire source is not always available, you can always use your torch. Throw
your torch on the floor, then light the arrow on fire. If you shoot a fire arrow
into a red jar or container, it releases an oil that sets the nearby area on fire.
Lots of guarded areas have this, as well as all small boats. It is a great way to
quickly kill a lot of enemies.

How to Start the Trial of the Gods:
Written by DarkSwarm

Finally the awaited trial is here. The first Trial of the Gods seems to be that
of Anubis and it is only available for 6 days.

-=How to Start=-

* To Start the Trial activate you have to mage the Quest active first.
* As it is an event quest you can find it by looking under the Event tab in
your Quest screen.
* After that go out of the Animus.. hear the dialog and go back in.
* Head over to the Nearest point not far from the Quest by fast traveling to Siwa.
* Now you can see the icon where your Quest begins.
* Good luck!

Missing Phylake(s) Fix:
Written by Musso

-=How to Fix
If youre missing a Phylake on the map go to the region on the map where the
Phylake usually is and light one the braziers in any of the camps and the Phylake
will go to it.

-=Phylake Locations=-
Lake Mareotis - The Outsider (Level 20)
Sap-Meh Nome - Ptolemy's Fist (Level 22)
Ineb-Hedget Nome - The Iron Ram (Level 24)
Memphis - The Stranger (Level 28)
Faiyum - Ra's Mercy (Level 30)
Faiyum Oasis - The Hill (Level 32)
Haueris Nome - Bane of Hathor (Level 35)
Im-Khent Nome - Half Horn (Level 38)
Isolated Desert - The Galatian (Level 40)
Isolated Desert - The Iron Bull (Level 40)

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