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Коды (cheats) к игре » Vindictive Drive

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vindictive Drive

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Коды (cheats) к игре Vindictive Drive

Cheat Codes:
Guide to Endings:
Written by Lain

I recommend reading this guide after you've beaten the game once if you
want to see the other endings/scenarios.

-=Resolved Cartridge=-
This is the one you get to reach the real ending, you must kill Frankie,
trust Luna and talk to her again in Freija's office.

This version uses a Sniper Rifle, the crowbar and gains a Focus skill, which
instantly regenerates all stamina and recovers some little HP.
Goes well with any helper robot but it's just a bit more convenient to use
Ophelia because of their similar low aggro levels.

-=Merciless Cartridges=-
If you kill Frankie, don't trust Luna in the car scene, and ignore her again
in Freija's office, you will be guiding Arris through "Merciless Type 1 and
2" cartridges near the end and trigger a bad ending, it's the worst scenario
This version of Arris uses "Hex's Custom AR", an assault rifle as main weapon
and a "Terror Drone", which is basically like the micro drone but for attack
purposes as secondary weapon. She has less defense but more attack and aggro,
and goes better with Amaranth since they share the same type of ammo.

-=Pure Evil Cartridge=-
If you get "Becoming Sadistic", don't trust Luna, and ignore her in Freija's
office you will be guiding Arris through "Merciless Type 1 and 2" and this
will change to "Pure Unrestrained Evil" in the last chapters, this will
trigger another bad ending, it's the shortest ending after the final chapter.
This version of Arris uses "Seiten Commando", a better assault rifle as main
weapon, the terror drone and learns a reload skill(Similar to Amaranth and
Liz, except Arris' one has no secondary effect) She goes well with any helper

Things that can change those results:

If you talk to Luna in Freija's office but you decide not to give yourself
another chance you're forced into Merciless Type 1 and 2 regardless of what
you did before.
If you don't pass through Arris' suicide attempt(and survive) before Cyree's
rescue scene at Alicia's old house there's a chance you're forced back to
Merciless Type 1 and 2.
If you kill needlessly as Arris(robot helper kills don't count), for example
the employees at Freija's building in chapter 5, there's another chance you're
forced back to Merciless Type 1 and 2.

The cartridges represent Arris' mindset, without Luna's support, not much
changes in Arris' head since the beginning and she's just thinking about
taking revenge. In the main route she changes and regrets her actions
because she started to value her life and feel bad for others.

-=How to unlock Eureka=-
You can unlock Eureka as helper robot to help Liz in the last timed event
by talking to her and responding choices 2, 2 and 1. She's overpowered though.

Notice: You can't unlock Eureka unless you have "Resolved" Cartridge.

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