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Коды (cheats) к игре » Full Metal Furies

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Коды (cheats) к игре Full Metal Furies

· Все коды, советы, прохождение и трейнеры к игре Full Metal Furies

Коды (cheats) к игре Full Metal Furies

Cheat Codes:
Equipment Unlock Locations:
1 Aegis: Default
2 Riot Shield: Stage 2-2 – Completion Reward
3 Wind Shield: Stage 1-C – Completion Reward
4 False Ancile: Stage 3-6 – Completion Reward

1 Orichalcum: Default
2 Dragon Stone: Start (buy blueprint)
3 Cold Adamantite: Stage 2-6 – In the hedgemaze
4 Royal Titanite: Stage 3-7 – Go left past the dead end sign and follow the
path. After fighting the enemies, go right into the next screen. In the bottom
right corner is a gap in the wall, go through and the chest is under the wall.

1 Cloak of Wisdom: Default
2 Cloak of Strength: Stage 5-A – Completion Reward
3 Cloak of Dexterity: Stage A-A – Completion Reward
4 Cloak of Constitution: Stage 3-2 – Completion Reward

1 Bear Shout: Default
2 Ram Shout: Stage 1-B – Chest in forest
3 Winter’s Shout: Stage 4-5 – Completion Reward
4 Turtle Shout: Stage 4-1 – Completion Reward

1 Hephaestus’ Hammer: Default
2 Empusa’s Ender: Stage 2-B – Completion Reward
3 Maul of Mjolnir: Stage 3-4 – Completion Reward
4 Striker of Sharur: Start(buy blueprint)

1 Nemean’s Hide: Default
2 Leviathan’s Shell: Stage 1-2 – Hidden between some crates before the boss screen
3 Tunic of Nessus: Stage 2-C – Completion Reward
4 Thundercoat: Stage 3-5 – Completion Reward

1 Sandals of Talaria: Default
2 Jordanian Slippers: Stage 1-4 – Completion Reward
3 Helskor’s Heely’s: Stage A-C – Completion Reward
4 Puss-in-boots Boots: Stage 5-C – Completion Reward

1 Baetylus Core: Default
2 Thunderstone Core: Stage 2-1 – Follow the dead end path
3 Tide Jewel Core: Stage 4-7 – Completion Reward
4 Philospher’s Core: Stage 4- “The Gates” – Completion Reward

1 Brownie Terrier Pistol: Default
2 Mousse Shepard Pistol: Stage 3-A – Hidden behind breakable blocks in the NW corner
of the invisible wall maze
3 Dessert Beagle Pistol: Stage 1-4 – Hidden path in trees south of dead end sign
4 Hot Dogger: Stage A-B – Completion Reward

1 Plasma Shot: Default
2 Quick Shot: Stage 2-1 – Completion Reward
3 Vodka Shot: Stage 4-2 – Completion Reward
4 Hot Shot: Stage 5-G – Completion Reward

1 Vanilla Rollnilla: Default
2 Banana Rollana: Stage 2-4 – Completion Reward
3 Sushi Rollushi: Stage 1-B – Completion Reward
4 Roller Reloader: Stage 3-7 – Completion Reward

1 TRT-BUD: Default
2 TRT-LOCKDOWN: Start(buy blueprint)
3 TRT-ZONE: Stage 3-1 – Completion Reward
4 TRT-ANTIAIR- Stage 4-4 – Completion Reward

1 Arigato Rifle: Default
2 Ciao Rifle: Stage A-D – Completion Reward
3 Gute Nacht Rifle: Stage 2-3 – Hidded path between trees on right side after start
4 Good Day Rifle: Stage 1-“No Chance Encounters” – Stand on the arrow and use Meg to
shoot NW at a chest in the clouds

1 Remote Mine: Default
2 Donut Detonator: Stage 4-3 – Completion Reward
3 Enola Gay: Stage 3-B – Completion Reward
4 Gravity Well: Stage 2-“Crystals, Walls, And Stalls” – Hidden in the bushes above the
path, just before the crystal wall

1 Carbon Chain: Default
2 Preservation Barrier: Start(buy blueprint)
3 Chomp Chain: Stage 5-T – Completion Reward
4 Blood Chain: Stage 2-7 – Completion Reward

1 Incendiary Coating: Default
2 Burst Coating: Stage 1-A – Completion Reward
3 Electric Coating: Stage 3-3 – Completion Reward
4 SAM Coating: Stage 4-6 – Completion Reward

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