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Коды (cheats) к игре » Rules Of Survival

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Коды (cheats) к игре Rules Of Survival

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Коды (cheats) к игре Rules Of Survival

Cheat Codes:
Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks):
Written by Harry

Well hello there in this guide i will be telling you the basics within
Rules of Survival.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
Your probably wondering what could you do to further inprove your skills
when in gun battles "Yes!" then you have clicked on the right guide the
enemy is probably going to try to aim for your head to take you out
quicker so what i recommend you do is instead of jumping around loads
giving your oppenent the chance to stand still and hit his shots instead
hold "z" this will make your character go into prone which you then want
to have your shot gun out while he is shooting into mid air this will
allow you to use you shotgun and shoot him while he is still shooting
past you also if you are being sniped try to walk in a zig zag formation
so it is harder for the enemy to hit his shots.

Another thing you can try doing is if you are in a squad and your team is
getting shot at the enemy is more likely to aim for the driver than the
passengers by using "Ctrl" then following up with a number this will cause
your character to change seats this means you will avoid getting hit by
bullets this works really well if your four-wheeler that has a turret on
the back switch to the turret and melt through enemys like a hot knife
going through butter.

Try to be on the move constantly and stay away from supply drops when you
get to a low amount of people make sure to stick to houses that will be
your best chance at surviving till the end then try to keep a distance
from the last person and land shots on him so its harder for him to know
were you are if you have a sniper aim for the head.

Weapons to use i recommend you use a shotgun and a rifle when you get
below about seventy percent health heal try to get away as fast as you
can if someone does a lot of damage on there first shot.

Watch out for campers your most likely to come into contact with someone
else using these tactics what i recommend doing is not entering through
the doors but through the windows, i have caught a lot of people camping
doors but they never expect someone to enter through the window.

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