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Коды (cheats) к игре » The Vagrant

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Коды (cheats) к игре The Vagrant

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Коды (cheats) к игре The Vagrant

Cheat Codes:
How to Get the True Ending:

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the true ending.

Within The Vagrant there are two endings, the normal one and the true ending.
In order to achieve the true ending the player must fulfill a few specific
tasks. This guide will give a step-by-step instruction on where and how to
get all the necessary pieces for the true ending. It is recommended you only
bother with these steps when you’ve reached Coffinhead, which will be late
in the game.

-=Step 1=-
While this step can be done before or after you get the keys, it’s recommended
to do it first simply because failing to do this step before facing the final
boss of this process will lock you out of the true ending.

Travel to the Living Quarter. Head left until you reach the room just before
the campfire before the mushroom boss. Ascend to the top and look left. Get a
running start and double jump as far as you can. You’ll be just barely out of
reach of the left platform at the top, so you’ll need to use the Heaven’s Fall
skill to give you the extra boost you need. There may be another way to do this
without the skill, but this is sure to work. If you need rage, drink a potion
or wail on some baddies. Once inside the cave on the ledge, you’ll have to
fight a cloaked miniboss with a lot of health.
After it’s defeated you’ll be given an item.

-=Step 2=-
The next few steps can be done in any order.

Go to the Bluereel Village travel point and head right until you reach a kid.
Look familiar? Time to finally teach this punk a lesson. Talk to him and trigger
the fight. After defeating the boss, you’ll get the Diamond Key.

-=Step 3=-
Go to the Throne Room travel point and head right until you reach another kid.
Once again, talk to the kid, trigger the fight, and defeat him. Victory will
net you the Heart Key.

-=Step 4=-
Go to the Seudor’s Church travel point and left until you reach the third and
final kid. You know what to do next. Pick up your Club Key and head back to

-=Step 5=-
Head to the Coffinhead travel point and go into the room on the left. Ascend the
few platforms until you see a cave entrance against a left wall. Inside you’ll
find a huge set of doors. Use the keys and enter. From here you’ll be progressing
through the stage as normal (the map provided shows the route). At the end you’ll
be facing up against a tremendously strong boss. While it doesn’t have more health
than average, it can easily kill you in one or two hits.

One way to easily defeat the boss is to chug an Adrenaline potion, which will give
you infinite rage for 10 seconds. Spam the Tornado Slash skill to eat through the
boss’s health quickly. You’ll likely need to use two potions here. Be careful,
while you’ll be keeping the boss stunned for the most part, she can throw out an
attack or two and end you swiftly.

With the boss defeated, all you have to do now is progress normally through the
game and hit up the final boss. After the credits roll, you’ll be given the true

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