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Коды (cheats) к игре » Star Control: Origins

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Коды (cheats) к игре Star Control: Origins

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Коды (cheats) к игре Star Control: Origins

Cheat Codes:
Tips & Tricks:
* While traveling in Hyperspace, you can see undiscovered Space Stations only
in your Minimap, but not in the Global Map. They will become visible in the
Global Map after you dock and activate them the first time. Same rule applies
for solar system travel.

* Minimap zoom depends on how good your installed Sensors are. better Sensors
will mean the minimap being more "zoomed out", allowing a greater view of
travelling Ships and undiscovered Stations.

* You can only see other Ships’ icons in the Minimap, but not in the Global one.

* Using the Autopilot function to reach another Solar System will allow you to
pass through planets, stars and also other solar systems eventually on the way.
It is way quicker than manually avoiding all these things. Hostile or hailing
ships will still block your path even with Autopilot.

* You will not consume fuel if you stand still while in Hyperspace.

* Fuel consumption in Hyperspace is calculated per-meter traveled. This means
having a faster Hyperspace Device will not consume more or less, but will
simply consume fuel faster as the distance will be covered in a shorter time.

* Every time you visit an undiscovered Space Station, a new part will unlock
in the Station Shop to be purchased. Such parts will also become available
to purchase in all other space stations and most traders.

* Some traders will offer unique items sold only by them. Even if discovered,
such items will not be available in other places, but only from that specific

* Going inside stars while navigating a solar system will not damage you: you
will bounce off or scan the star if on manual drive, or pass through if on

* If you run out of fuel while in space, a friendly spaceship will be called
and eventually rescue you, but this will take some time, and while this
happens some less friendly ships may come to you.

* The damage inflicted on a Lander when failing to land in the "safe area"
while attempting a planetary descent, is proportional to the distance you
landed from the safe zone. A landing quite near it will knock out some
crew members, while a landing very far will destroy the lander in most cases.

* You can mark important places on your Global Map using markers of various
colors, and even rename them, by clicking the "crosshair" icon when selecting
a solar system. They will be collected in a handy list on the right side of
the Map. This function is extremely valuable in marking planets with rare
resources to get later on, traders, and other things. Frequent use is suggested.

About Efficient Trading & Resource Management:
* Space indipendent Traders will offer common items on discount. Landers can
be found at 375 instead of 500 price for example, and sometimes also fuel can
be gained cheaper than normal Space Station or Planet rates.

* The selling rates of all materials are the same everywhere.

* Space indipendent Traders will accept buying Meat and Live Animals, they
are the only trader that accepts this type of items.

* You can get free fuel refills at a friendly planet found very early in the
game, and quite close to Earth itself. Absurdly, Earth itself will make you
PAY for fuel, but instead, this friendly alien planet will give it for free,
you just have to ask. This is a great way to save money.

* An efficient way of grinding money is doing so in a cluster of solar systems
with a Space Station or Trader nearby, to quickly sell stuff when needed and
resupply quickly without having to travel far.

* You can fast travel between discovered Space Stations at no fuel cost, and
instantly, when you are docked in one of them. This is a great way to save
time and money aswell, so discovering a lot of Space Stations is critical.

Useful Tips:
1.Not all planets are equal. Planets full of gray and blue resources are not
really worth messing with.

2.Generally, planets are worthwhile if there’s something else on them.

3.Your ship is, well, not really cut out for interstellar travel. As you will
soon learn, we humans in 2088 aren’t really ready for it. Use the Precursor
starbases you find to help you. You can upgrade your engines, your thrusters,
your weapons, and everything else about your ship and even your fleet.
Make use of this to make your ship more powerful.

4.You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. 1,2,3,4 are the camera hot
keys too. 4 zooms all the way out. 1 sets it to auto zoom.

5.If you are going to install the module that has the AI fight your battles for
you, pick a ship that is well, good. Early on, your ship is well see #3.

6.All of your dialog choices matter in some way or other even if it’s not obvious.
Under the covers, the game keeps track of those choices and it can affect what
other choices might show up. But choosing A won’t mean that later on option C
comes up but rather choosing enough of a certain type of reaction is likely to
result in gradual changes to how the universe treats you.

7.Planets are not your main source of income. There are plenty of aliens who
want help or lost treasures or things to salvage. If you do find a planet
with lots of green or purple minerals on it, then that’s great! But otherwise,
there should be a reason to land on planets unless you just enjoy collecting

8.You can enter a star system’s name in the sector map. We recommend setting a
thumbtack on that destination if you think you’ll be going back there.

Finding Starbases the Easy Way:
Written by HisEvilness

Scavenge those upgrade by finding all star bases.

-=Getting Started=-
Finding starbases is pretty easy when you know how to. To put is simply you
triangulate each starbase and they are all the rough same distance of each other.
In order to get you going you need atleast 2 starbases, below is a picture on 4
locations. You should have atleast 1 by now next to Sol, use that one as reference
to find a 2nd starbase.

Notice the arrows they are all copy and paste in Photoshop and are they exact same
size. Giving a exact number in mm/cm or inches would be pointless since you might
be on a different zoom level. However you can on your own screen use a ruler or
pencil to measure the distance. Then use that to give you the rough distance and
direction to the next starbase. Also worth noting they are also roughly next and
above each other.

Hope this helps save you fuel and time running around!

-=UPD: Map to All Starbases=-
Inner Source Starbase - Near Sol
Greater Void Starbase - Near Delta Pavo
Sanctum Starbase - Delta Xiphios A
Origin Survey - Alpha Gladius A
Perilous Range - Alpha Acroix
Erroneous Vector - Beta Ishikawa B
Monitor Deep - Beta Llvoren
Chrome Expanse - Alpha Domos
Vacant Fortress - Beta Uxor
Fluorescent Approach - Mu Wendigo
Spur Entry Starbase - Kappa Jutinim

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