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Коды (cheats) к игре Blockpost

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Коды (cheats) к игре Blockpost

Cheat Codes:
All Console Commands:
Written by BallAsh

-=How to Activate Commands=-
To open the console press at any time of the game F10.
Press Enter to apply the command.

-=General Commands=-
showfps 1/0 - hide/show FPS.

clearprefs - clear all "prefs". i.e. clears data related to what kind of
sight is worn on which weapon, what skin do you have, etc.

lefthand 1/0 - for left-handers.

sun N N - rotate the sun on the map at given coordinates (x,y).

clearent - clear all "ents" (spawns) in the map editor.

fps_max N - sets the maximum FPS.

sens N - sets sensitivity.

zoomsens N - sets sensitivity in zoom.

quit - closes the game.

hud 0/1 - hide/show hud (interface).

hideweapon - hide weapon (switch the weapon so that it becomes visible again).

disablesun - turn off the sun (you can't turn on sun after this command).

-=Render Viewer=-
obj Name - place the model in .obj format into the scene in the "render viewer".
dof_enable 0/1 - enable/disable dof (depth of field).
Useful for arts/renders in the "render viewer".
dof_fl N - changes focal length of camera (works only if "dof_enable 1").
dof_fs N - changes focal size of camera (works only if "dof_enable 1").
dof_ap N - change aperture of camera (works only if "dof_enable 1").
dof_debug 0/1 - debug function for DOF.

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