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Коды (cheats) к игре Forts

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Коды (cheats) к игре Forts

Cheat Codes:
Building Basics and Tips:
Written by LynxCodMan246

This guide will teach you the some tips and tricks to building your fort in Forts.

----Prior Infomation----

Forts is a Base-Building, Multiplayer RTS game. In it, you must build a fort and research/
produce wepeaonry to try and take out the other team's reactors. it can be as small as a
1v1 or as big as a 4v4. While trying to destroy the enemy reactor, you must protect your own.

Matches in Forts can be different. they may include different mods and rules. Most games
use the two standard mods (Tons of Guns & Repair Station). Mods can add and edit the way
the game works. Maybe instead of a cannon shooting a cannon shell, it may fire trout.
Mods can also change pshysics and add new wepeonary and buildables in.

Unranked matches are the norm for this game, mainly consisting of those who just want to
play the game or those just testing it out. These unranked matches do no contribute to
your 'Rank'. To earn rank, you must play ranked matches. it's sort-of like a scoreboard
for Forts. the more rank you have, the higher up on the scoreboard you are. It shows that
you have a lot of experience and hours in the game and know what you're doing.

-=Building Basics=-
How to Build?
To build from your current fort, click (LMB) the middle of a beam and drag away. it will
have a preview shadow and you can release the LMB and it will start to be made. If you
want to apply applications in your fort. you would go through the menus down the bottom of
your screen and select which one you want to build. After which you will have to click
where abouts you want it in the fort. It too will have a preview shadow so you know exactly
where it will go.

-=How do I Unlock more Wepeaonry?=-
To unlock extra firepower you will need to build the buildings from the 'Technology' Tab
and then wait for it to be finished building. To unlock the heavier wepeaons such as the
20mm Cannon and the Fire beam, you will need either a Workshop or Factory.

-=How do I Upgrade my Current Buildings?=-
To upgrade your current buildings (only works on non-structual buildings) you will need
to build an 'Upgrade Center' from the 'Technology' Tab. After being built you will be able
to click on a building and then click the arrow that faces up and wait for it to finish

-=My fort keeps collasping on itself!=-
If your fort keeps collasping in on itself or breaking, it means there is too much stress
on a single area of the fort. There are pshysics in this game too (unless you have the no
gravity mod). You must support your bridges and entire fort. you can 'double brace' areas
and apply ropes into the ground from a connection point.
This will help in stablising your fort.

-=What is Double Bracing?=-
Double bracing is when you select the wood (background or not) and you connect it to form
an 'X' in a square/rectangle. You don't have to do it for just one square/rectangle.
You can also add it to multiple sections at once. Connecting all the sections together
make them stronger and less likely to break upon impact.

Tips & Tricks:
* Slanted metal can reflect bullets.
* Don't add batteries or repair stations near your reactor (they are explosive).
* Make sure that sheilds will not reflect lasers onto your own or a teammates fort.
* Make sure to build enough mines for minerals.
* Use background bracing when placing wind turbines so air can go through.

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