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Коды (cheats) к игре » Sunset Overdrive

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Коды (cheats) к игре Sunset Overdrive

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Коды (cheats) к игре Sunset Overdrive

Cheat Codes:
Breaking Bad reference:
The "Breaking Booze" optional missions has you saving a boy called Jess from the
Scabs. He has barrels of ethanol required for his "special recipe" that you can
toss at them. Throughout the battle he also yells, "Yeah, science bitch!".

-=Hero AMPs=-
You can upgrade Hero AMPs by buying upgrades from Floyd for a minimum of 50
collectibles or arbitrarily in Chaos Squad mode. Complete the suggested task to
unlock the matching AMP.

Damage Dodge Roll
Complete Awesomepocalypse. Upgraded by Floyd for 50 camera lenses. While rolling,
you will create an aura taht does up to sixty damage to all enemies hit.

Personal Space
Complete Midnight Brew. Upgraded from Chaos Squad. Enemies hitting you with melee
weapons will receive 60 damage and get knocked back. Has a three second cooldown.

Purchased from Floyd for 10 toilet paper. Upgraded from Chaos Squad. Increased
damage when you are low on HP. The damage is further increased if you get Max

Spread the Love
Purchased from Floyd for 10 Fizzie balloons. Upgraded from Chaos Squad. While
running, a trail will appear behind you which heals all following allies.
The healing increases if you get Max Style.

Purchased from Floyd for 20 neon signs. Your pick-up radius is increased.

Air Power
Complete Ferry to Nowhere. Upgraded from Chaos Squad. Inflict increased damage
to all enemies while in the air.

Screw the Fourth Wall
Purchased from Floyd for 25 shoes. A personal announcer comments on your feats.

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