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Коды (cheats) к игре » Unheard

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Коды (cheats) к игре Unheard

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Коды (cheats) к игре Unheard

Cheat Codes:
Endings Guide:
Written by Coover000


I highly recommend you to play through the story by yourselves, without
referring to any walkthrough. Here I am posting an achievement guide just
in case anyone has difficulties getting all achievements.

There are 10 achievements in total. Five of them are quite hard to miss
since you just need to listen through the audio of each level once without
playing with the progress bar. Three are achievements of different endings.
Only two achievements need special actions and can be obtained using level
select after finishing the game once.

When asked “WHO ARE YOU”, choose “NO. 68” then choose the ashtray
on the right side.

When asked “WHO ARE YOU”, choose any option other than “NO. 68”

-=Auditory Hallucination=-
When asked “WHO ARE YOU”, choose “NO. 68” then choose the sleeping
pills on the left side.

*Choose “DETECTIVE” to see an ending without new achievement

-=Sole Audience=-
Listened to Emily humming a snatch of a song from end to end. Obtainable
in level 5 (mental hospital); stay in the living room for Emily's whole
song. You can use fast-fowarding.

-=Sound Chaser=-
Checked each room in the five maps. Missable rooms include bathroom on
the top-right in level 3 (police station) and some small rooms in level
5 (mental hospital). You can use level select to do this; for me I re-
entered level 3, entered the bathroom and the achievement popped without
the level being solved again.

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