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Коды (cheats) к игре DARQ

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Коды (cheats) к игре DARQ

Cheat Codes:
Dream Journal Pages:
Use this to find all the Dream Journal Pages make sure to beat the game after
you get the pages to get the final achievement for 100%.

-=Chapter One=-
Before you get the 3rd gear make sure to go to the ceiling and follow the path
to the right in this puzzle room.

-=Chapter Two=-
After you put the “T” in the slot and activate the switch have the wall so you
can go on the ceiling and follow the path.

-=Chapter Three=-
After you put all the arms in place it’s towards the end instead of ending the
level going the normal way ( right) flip it so you’re going to the left.

-=Chapter Four=-
Solve the level when you are at the screen use the lever go back once and then
follow the path to the left.

-=Chapter Five=-
Solve the maze make sure the door is closed to the right and go to the ceiling
and follow the path.

-=Chapter Six=-
At the room where you find the guy looking around from time to time before you
enter the room use the right wall to get to the ceiling and follow the path.

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